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What happened in April 2005?  A whole hour of original video content was uploaded!

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30 minute video upload! "The Easter Egg Cunt"  

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Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Amazon of Atlanta, and slut josie. How many hard boiled eggs can a slave's ass take? You will be amazed at slut pig josie. Filmed on Easter, live from the Compound, Goddess Amazon and Irene decide to have an easter egg hunt. If you liked the film "Coolhand Luke" and enjoy food humiliation, this one's for you! The Ladies also demonstrate 2 voice activated shock systems on the poor sluts feet and clitty, and force psychological "subspace" with the Nova Pro system. Riveting! 9 lengthy .rmvb clips (30 minutes in entirety), 21 high resolution images, and 61 slide show action shots! 

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New! Recent session review: The electro play was just great.  I donít think I can ever get enough of that either (one of many such activities).  Starting from the suspension position, and continuing into the newly decorated room, where the soft mattress was topped by your new smother box.  I really appreciated the change in bondage positions.  Lying on a soft mattress bound by outstretched hands and ankles Ė I could have stayed there for days.   But that was not to be.  Off came your leather pants, and when you sat on the smother box, very effectively controlling my movements, view and breathing, I was in heaven.  More nipple clamps just added to the experience (which I couldnít see so that added to the sensation) and electro CBT.  Isnít that enough already?  Almost.  The climax of the session was another all time great.  cont. in members (read the rest!)


New in members! "My weekend at the Compound part 6" by slave dave: I hurried to ring the doorbell at the Compound. I was running a little late and it is not good to keep a Mistress waiting. I put out a cigarette. The beautiful Mistress Gemini opens the door. She is as good looking in person as She is in her pictures and videos. She wastes no time in getting started. She says "Someone smells like cigarettes!" She then orders me to get on my knees and kiss her feet. She orders me to follow her upstairs and tells me to remove my clothes and put my things in the chest in the schoolroom. She gets things ready, and I am also told to be on my knees waiting for Her. She comes back with a collar, and puts it on me. She says "I like my slaves to wear collars"! Mistress Gemini has me straighten up on my knees so She can look me over, and then she jerks on the collar and We/we head in to the black room. She surveys the room deciding on what equipment to use first while tweaking my nipples with Her sharp finger nails. She steps back to look me over again and asks me about a few of my tattoos then gives me a kick to my balls. A second kick is placed but I start to put my legs together. That gets me a hard face slap for moving. She has decided to use the OBGYN table. Cont. in members

New! Recent session review: I scheduled a session with Mistress Irene and Goddess Amazon months in advance, about a week before my session was to take place the anticipation really started to build. By the time Friday at noon rolled around I could barely stand it. During the months of waiting I decided to create some custom jewelry boxes for Mistress Irene and Goddess Amazon. I asked their permission to inlay the boxes with their OWK Coats of Arms and would present them to these two beautiful Mistresses at our session. 

I arrived at the compound, boxes in tow, rang the bell and waited patiently for my Mistresses. Mistress Irene descended the stairs looking beautiful as ever. My heart was pounding and my knees were shaking as I was allowed to enter. Ordered on my hands and knees to wait for the arrival of Goddess Amazon. Kneeling before two awesome ladies of the OWK was truly a humbling experience. What a contrast...Mistress Irene donning a big black cock and Goddess Amazon sporting a large white cock, I knew my ass was in trouble. I presented my Mistresses with their presents, flattered with the boxes their fun was ready to begin...

After sucking Goddess Amazons toes and licking her luscious feet I was ordered to take her whole foot, I opened wide and took as much of her foot as I could. Soon the table turned, it was time to worship Mistress Ireneís gorgeous feet. Not before Goddess Amazon decided to rub her sexy behind on my bald head, how lucky can a slave be. While giving Mistress Ireneís feet the undivided attention she deserves, Goddess Amazon spanked my already reddened ass. WOW! what a swing she has. I could feel my ass heating up while I continued to adore Mistress Ireneís feet (read the rest!).

New in members: 30 minute video upload! "Tickle Torture Interrogation" Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Amazon of Atlanta, and submissive nathalie. .9 rmvb clips, 24 high resolution images, and 115 slide show action shots from video (video captures). Order the DVD

Scene 1: East German Army officers Goddess Amazon and Irene Boss find out that sub slut soldier Nathalie is not wearing her army issue regulation  underwear. She has opted for black lacy frillies from Victoria Secret instead! She is placed in strict bondage and tickle tortured to confess on the Compounds new OBGYN table in the Gothic Dungeon. The Ladies finally extract that Nathalie has been performing sexual favors for other woman (for money) in order to afford the expensive luxurious underwear. The Ladies let her have it with unrelenting teasing and denial. She is brought close to orgasm many times, but not allowed to go over the edge. This becomes real torture for her. She is tied in many bondage positions, rendering her helpless anatomy strategically positioned for the Ladies extreme tickle torture! Hogties, gags, thigh to wrist restraints, breath play and orgasm control are some of the D/s treats that await you in this fun Girl/girl romp. Scene 2: Takes place in the Compound's chapel with Nathalie retrained in the sit sling, and you get to feast your eyes on all 3 Ladies in sexy lingerie while Nathalie endures further assaults to her soles, underarms, tender sensitive sides, thighs and pussy. Irene's hands in acrylic french manicure and Goddess Amazon's are au natural. What a nice combination of sensations! Join to enjoy!

New! Recent video filming review: I got back from Pittsburgh last night, completely limp from my intense first time at The Compound. Mistress Irene Boss was a wonderful host and made me feel at home in her dungeon, and Mistress Gemini, visiting the Compound from LA, was also really cool. It was a great atmosphere that I felt very comfortable in, and I was really impressed with the equipment and decor of her space- there was even had a little jail cell for me to sleep in ^_^. I was at The Compound to shoot a video with Mistresses Irene and Gemini, and the filming was really intense. I don't want to give everything away, but I need to blab about it because it was so much fun! I was astounded at how expertly skilled and energetic both Mistresses are, and they managed to carefully push me beyond where I thought I could go. The most difficult scene for me was the piercing scene- I'd done some light play piercing before and expressed interest in trying a little bit again, but "a little bit" turned into 9 needles in each nipple and 4 in my pussy lips! It was the first time I'd ever experienced the catharsis of crying during play, but Irene and Gemini each comforted me and cradled my (shaven bald by now) head while the other slipped more needles into my flesh. It was an overwhelming, intense experience, and I'm lucky to have had these two women guide me through it. Some of my favorite parts of the shoot were... God, just about everything. There was roleplaying, headshaving, clothes-tearing-offing, piercing, electro play, a little bit of trampling and boot licking, humiliation, corporal punishment, golden showers, medical play, ruby, um, stuff (yes, GrrrlPet was in heat *blush*), puppy play, bondage, face slapping, strap-on training, champagne spraying, umm... I think that's it. I had so much fun, my poor little head's still spinning...

Stay tuned for the upcoming new release: "B, P, and T"! and "Your appearance is in question"

         Mistress Gemini visited from Los Angeles!

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