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Filmed at the Compound. The video debut of Lady Sage. Irene invites Her Friends Mistress Anastasia, Lady Cheyenne, and Lady Sage over to see Her OWK room, and experiment on a living figurine with implements.


57 minute full feature - online for you right here!

Unfortunately, the slave Irene summoned for the Ladies entertainment is behaving in a rude and sullen manner. Boss sequesters him in the jail cell area, and you get a worms eye view of each Lady ascending the stairs to lend Boss a hand in his discipline. Since he refused to eat his dinner, the Ladies take turns with his food bowl and mouth; making use of them as an ashtray. The slave is made to lick the ashtray, and the bottoms of the Ladies shoes to atone for his sullen behavior. Fantastic smoking scenes! The film is backlit with glass block windows, allowing you to see all of the smoke, smoke rings, and sexy lipstick stains on the butts. Didn't your Mother tell you that bad women like to smoke? The prisoner is marched downstairs into the new Interrogation room to undergo some of the heaviest corporal discipline imaginable! Extreme heavy paddling, tawsing, caning, smacking, and bullwhipping will cause you to wonder how this slave will ever be able to sit properly again! The Ladies all take turns with the subject, who is securely fastened over a high black spanking bench, and then tied to a punishment box with his posterior in the air. If you liked "Smoking Nuns", this ones for you! The male creature is forced to worship feet, shoes, and boots after his discipline.

The Prisoner returns! Huge gallery - Join to view the fullsize!


Whipped by the Boss

45 min full feature online!

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See bart being his typical uppity sassy self. See Irene make the necessary attitude adjustments!

Upside down suspension, spanking, double flogging, single tail whips of many lengths, and verbal admonishment all conspire to give bart the comeuppance he deserves! A spinning bondage wheel, and padded spanking bench feature prominently in conjunction with nipple play, cbt, and clothespin cropping. The saga ends with a stern caning.

creature ronb's odyssey at the Compound with Irene Boss and Madame Nadine. Join to view the fullsize!

"Vanessa's electrical education" educational

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Meet Vanessa!

She had been watching too much TV again and needed to be "reprogrammed", so when the Rimba company asked MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) to film an electrical commercial for their toy business, Irene was just too happy to put Vanessa through her paces in this electrical educational endeavor. Irene demonstrates many new electrical devises by the Rimba company and lots of toy attachments too. All her naughty bits are explored. The experiments were a success and Vanessa is all better now thanks to kinky Dr. Rubber Boss and Rimba!

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Members writing! "Savoring Sensations" (My first BDSM experience) by slave j

I had just made it within 15 minutes of start time. I had trouble finding the house at first but I figured I would find it once I got out and walked. I found a place to park less than a block away and I was definitely nervous about what I was getting myself into. (I had just driven at least three and a half hours down to Pittsburgh through the rain.) When I arrived the air was cool but it was not raining anymore. I found the house, but walked by it until it was just about noon. I went to the end of the street and turned around.  My time had arrived. I went to the house and rang the door bell. I could hear the sound of heels coming down the stairs. I looked through the window and I saw Mistress Irene walking towards me with a sadistic grin on her face. She opened the door and said come in. Once I was indoors I immediately dropped to my knees. I was lectured for this and instructed I was no longer in control of what I wanted to do. I was ordered to sit on the bench by the front door. At that time I was told to take off my shoes, which I did with undue haste. She was wearing a leather jacket and allowed me to smell the leather. The leather scent was absolutely wonderful to my senses. Mistress was simply stunning in her outfit; I immediately felt overwhelmed and weak. Mistress told me to follow her upstairs. Before I made it up the stairs I was asked if I needed to use the restroom. (I sipped on water during the drive down so I had to.) I stated to her, in a phrase I would be frequently saying the next two hours, "yes, Mistress." I was lead to a small room and instructed to go into an even smaller room set up like a jail cell. Mistress locked me in and asked if I was ever in a jail cell before. "No, Mistress," I said. I was then told to take off all my clothes. Everything. I did so. Mistress came back and told me to put my head through the bars and look at myself in the mirror to the right. I complied. She made me kiss her bottom, and I was instructed to take my head out from between the bars. The cell door was opened for me. She instructed me to crawl on my hands and knees out to the hallway. She told me to be mindful of the floor and my knees but I hurried as best I could. Once I arrived in the hallway she advised me that I could use the restroom now but that I would have to crawl over to it. I did just that. After using the facilities I crawled back out to the main hallway where Mistress was waiting.  She then told me to kneel upright where at that time a collar was placed on me. I wasn't worried as I knew I was no longer in control. It felt great. But it was only the beginning. Read the rest in members! 


"Super Concentrated Bitch"

51 min full feature online!

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All alone on her birthday, this young lady pretended that she had a pre arranged audience with Irene.

Irene goes along with it at first for some fun, but then decides to interrogate the girl who is found smoking by the window in the schoolroom, with the disposition of a brat! Very intense tickle torture in interesting bondage positions. She is face sat often and smothered as well before she gives up her secrets. Her clothes are ripped off. Spanking too!

Members writing! "Domina Irene Boss and Mistress Persephone at the Compound" by nail slut

'In which nailslut experiences his first double session, receives an electro-medical examination from Dr. Boss and Dr. Persephone, and has his cock and balls tormented by their alter-egos Domina Irene and Mistress Persephone.'

I've previously had the privilege of submitting to Domina Irene and Mistress Persephone, but on separate occasions. Among my BDSM interests, I have a nail fetish, so when I read that Mistress Persephone would be visiting the Compound, I couldn't imagine a better way to find out what a double session would be like, and quickly contacted Domina Irene to book a session. On the day, I arrived at the Compound at the agreed time, and with a delicious mix of nervousness and anticipation at what would be my first double session, I rang the door bell. Domina Irene soon descended the stairs to open the door and greet me. I was very pleased and honored to see that she'd had a manicure, and quickly assured me that she'd be using her red nails on me. I was led upstairs, directed to undress, and report to the medical room for an examination. At this point I realized that things weren't going to go quite as I'd imagined from my earlier email exchanges with Domina Irene. On entering the medical room, Dr. Boss, in a hot red rubber outfit, showed me one of her new toys, a fucking machine, and then proceeded to dress me in a black corset, stockings, and a pair of red high heels, and ordered me to lay down on the bed for my examination. Ankle supports and straps were applied, and Dr. Boss quickly threaded the attached ropes through the conveniently placed ceiling shackles, and my legs were gently hauled up and apart, and the ropes tied off. Next my hands were placed into bondage mitts, and attached to my raised feet. Dr. Boss's medical bed is motorized, so she raised my head and shoulders so I could get a good look at what was coming next. Read the rest in members! 


"Sent to the Boss"

30 min full feature online!

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Smoking is a filthy disgusting habit and you will be punished! Reform school style discipline.

Lady Victoria and Mistress Kat find a student smoking in the schoolroom. They push him down, shackle him, and march him down to the office. Irene Boss makes him eat a cigarette. The Ladies take turns spanking. Extreme face slapping. Punishment lines, paddling, and spanking - many implements used.

Members writing! "Thrashing" by fem spanking sub

I was hurting. I had one of those weeks from hell where every button of mine was pushed, everything that could go wrong, did. At least it seemed that way. I needed an outlet, a release, and some fun to renew my spirit, so I contacted Domina Irene and scheduled a session. It would not be a long session, because my finances were tight, but it would be a wonderfully painful scene that I will not soon forget….I arrived to the Compound with a pit in my stomach. I am not sure why I was so nervous for this session in particular. I had seen Ms. Irene multiple times over the past year, and with each session my anxiety seemed to lessen for the following visit, but this session was an exception. I was nervous, very nervous. Ms. Irene had told me in our pre-session contact that I was “really going to get it.” I had a few days prior to our meeting to wrap my head around what “it” was going to be. Would Ms. Irene use more straps this time? Would she tear me up with “Little Bear?” Would I get a splinter from all the wood I was about to experience on my backside? Would the cane be her weapon of choice? I knew I was going in for a spanking session, but with Ms. Irene, no spanking session is ever the same. Every time I venture to the Compound I am walking into the unknown, and this experience would be no different. I arrived at the Compound about ten minutes before our session time. As usual, I parked on the street and began to do some last minute mental preparation in my car as I watched the clock tick closer to 3pm. My heart began to race and my hands became clammy; like my mind, my body knew it would soon be in Domina Irene’s sadistic control. The clock ticked 2:59 and in order to ring the doorbell at exactly three, I got out of my car, grabbed the flowers I had bought for Ms. Irene, and headed to the porch of the Compound. I took two deep, slow, breaths and on the second exhale pressed down on the doorbell. In moments, I could hear Ms. Irene’s heels walking on the hardwood floors of the Compound. I am short, measuring in at only about 5’2,” so when I wait for Ms. Irene to descend the stairs, I usually stand on my toes, so I can see through the front door window. Once I see that first glimpse of Ms. Irene’s sexy shoes and legs descending the stairs, I usually then fall back on my heels, smile from ear to ear and put my head down, looking at my toes. From that time until the Compound door opens, I am busy clearing my mind and catching my breath for what is about to happen. Read the rest in members! 


"Milked by the Ma'ams" Slave hardenough has no idea what he has gotten himself into by volunteering to fly out to the Compound at the last minute to appear in a video with the illustrious Mistress Renee of Philadelphia and Domina Irene Boss. He is bossed into seated suspension electric CBT style including legs spread wide with electric nipple torture, catheter and butt plug. The Ladies have no mercy for his cock and balls. Who would have thought? He receives a punishment on both thighs of tandem birching and caning. He is whipped and flogged while hanging in midair. Ladies in tight rubber mini dresses, hose and heels. LEGS LEGS LEGS. Scene 2 features heavy duty full body restraint, face sitting, crotch sniffing, mouth to mouth spitting, electric cock ring, head bondage, CBT, breast worship teasing and nipple play. He is forceably milked by hand to orgasm by the cunning cougars and made to eat his liquid lunch after a bizarre "deal" he makes with the Boss. Lots of teasing and sexual innuendo, graphic sex and body part talk. HOT HOT HOT for you verbal humiliation whores and dirty panty sniffers. Irene and Renee both in classy see through lingerie for fetishists of panties, stockings, hose and heels, garter belts, sheer robes and open toes shoes. MESS YOURSELVES!




"The firey Rule of Domina Snow!" Slave sally gets a hard lesson in protocol while visiting Domina Snow when she applies for the position of housegirl. Domina Snow is appalled with Sally’s attire not to mention her smart ass attitude. Strictly questioned and stripped to her horrid green panties, Sally crawls the hard wooden staircase only to be stopped on the third floor landing just outside the sacred Compound dungeon. A good bare hand spanking starts things off, with Sally being reminded of how to properly address the Mistress. Up against the wall in the prone position, sharp swats are delivered by various paddles culminating into a fine strapping. Panties removed for inspection, Sally is then sent to the medical room for a proper pussy shaving at the steady hands of Domina Snow. Properly prepared, sally is now ready to be put through her paces in the Gothic Dungeon. Bound to a one of a kind custom tilting St. Andrews cross, Domina Snow delivers a delight of corporal correction to the now reddened rear of the whimpering wench. Flogged, birched, cropped, metal paddled, caned and single tailed by Domina Snow...what a rush for a newbie! MIB Productions welcomes He Inferna (AKA slave sally) to the ranks. See more of this masochistic misbehaver in upcoming MIB releases! Domina Snow in long firey-red latex dress with matching high heels and surgical blue-green apron for shaving scene. Hel wears black leather corset, black fishnets, and black and white piped heels. Great Girl/girl chemistry in this strict and sexy fun corporal feature!

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