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"Katattack!" DVD R Compound houseboy little johnny gets his comeuppance again, when he sasses the Kat. She suspends him in the interrogation chamber in frillies and ballet boots, verbally admonishing him throughout. Lots of nipple play, corporal, cbt, and teasing. he is then taken into the schoolroom and bent over for additional discipline! Mistress Kat wears corset, heels and hose with exotic makeup and long painted fingernails. She runs Her nails over him frequently. Shot in high quality digital. Order on line  Order phone or through the mail

"Private Sessions Spanking" DVD R Boss in various lingerie and marabou slippers giving extremely hard over the knee spankings and hair brushings to a New West/Leda devotee. The Boss prevails in disciplining him! Intense foot worship with Boss in many sexy slipper styles! All action take place in the schoolroom. Not scripted, just real action. Order on line  Order phone or through the mail

"Morgan's Revenge" DVD R A couple visits the Boss and Anastasia for guidance in their D/s relationship. The husband had become lazy, rude, and disrespectful to the young wife. Boss notices immediately, and asks the wife to give a demonstration of how she spanks with a hairbrush. Then, Boss and Anastasia tag teem him for a very thorough over the knee experience. He is taught to fear the whip, while his wife tortures his cock with a remote controlled shocking devise and cruelly twists his aching nipples. He is marched upstairs to the Gothic Dungeon, where he is placed into a stockade for more spanking, tickling, electroshock, cbt, and nipple torment. His 'oddesy' ends strapped over the punishment box; fearing the the three women, who verbally admonish him. Order on line  Order phone or through the mail