Irene Boss and the "English Patient" Part 1


The famous British masochist "Stephen Paine" has flown across the pond for another visit to the Compound, and has entered the medical chambers of the evil Dr. Boss where one flies over the cuckoo's nest! Buck up and tally ho - it's time for your physical. You can look all you like, but don't touch. The cleavage of Irene is simply unbelievable! She is a tease in red rubber nurse attire with pantyhose and high heels, just so you can get yourself into trouble. Down boy! The impatient patient is laced into supple black leather bondage mitts and put to bed. The clothespins come out. His nipples, arms, face, ears, legs and cock are cruelly covered in a porcupine fashion. Irene taunts him with mock motherly sympathetic tones. His legs are spread and the swearing begins. He is gagged for much of the sequence. Filmed by Madame Nadine in dungarees who giggles throughout. You can see Nadine filming too. This is her first time with MIB Productions and she is quite the sneering dominant lesbian camera Lady. The miscreant is released to the Gothic room where he mounts the pillory, and Irene proceeds to whip the clothespins from his shaking frame with her 2 new short nylon bullwhips. Shut up and take your medicine now!

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