CockMommie 5: The Fuck Farm


THE FUCK FARM: Country style R&R goes awry. While on a vacation with Cockmomie,

Muffy marvels at the oversized farm machinery and desperately wants a tour of the grounds, but all she gets is Cockmommie’s stiff rod action over the hayseed hide-a-way. Fingered and fucked in the barn, Cadillac hood banged, wood cart cocked, fishing fellatio and the hottest poolside muff dive and dicking you’ve ever seen. An intense cock sucking stripper dance and a self cleaning hand held shower scene round out this latest Cockmommie classic.

DIRTY GIRL: Filth encrusted kennel crammed Jillian is set loose in Cockmommie’s

very dirty basement to be chained to a sewer pipe and humiliated as usual.

TWISTED SISTER: Jillian loves to play the popular 60’s game ‘twister’, but Cockmommie

changes the rules by blindfolding her. Nice face down ass up leather paddling scene.

MUSTARD FACE: Making sandwiches was never so much fun. Cockmommie makes lunch

right in Jillian’s mouth. Using mustard for skin lotion, Jillian is force to lick the thick gooey condiment from Cockmommie’s legs and feet…horseradish hot!

BATHROOM HABITS: A soaking wet flogging and hot ass to shower glass, Jillian is forced to clean herself up.