Not Tonight, We Have A Session


Scene 1: (20 minutes) Ms Boss suspends her slave in a leather body bag. She sits on him

and sensuously rubs him while he is experiencing electroplay and then takes him off the

ground by means of a chain hoist. His nipples are completely at her disposal. She adjusts the electricity, flogs him, clamps his nipples and paddles him. She opens the body bag to

reveal that he is wearing a leather hood. Ms Boss is getting wet from his suffering, and wipes her juices on his face.

Scene 2: (40 minutes) Ms Boss as Harriet Marwood in a strict CP scene, including a long

silk robe with hood is absolutely terrifying! "Richard" is tied face down spread eagle on

the bed and lectured severely while classical music against a sea scape plays in the

background. Very romantic! Ms Boss begins with the convent strap and progresses to

many other different straps, tawses and canes. Ms Boss improves upon the bondage and he is gagged.

Scene 3: (10 minutes) Ms Boss places her slave in a rubber vacuum bed and teases him

mercilessly with a Hitachi magic wand.