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Irene Boss

Excerpt from an on-line Interview with a Female graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University who is conducting a study on the scene here in Pittsburgh. Irene Boss attended CMU, and finished her education there with Honors.

How has your perspective on your line of work changed since you first became involved with it?

Boss: I am proud of what I do, and because of this the people in my life don't feel a need to try and make me 'stop'. If you feel good about what you do, those who care about you may not necessarily support you, but they will be respectful.

When I began professional domination of course I had no perspective - nothing to compare any of it to. It was an experiment for me to do professional domination. I approached it with candor. I had a sense of humor about it, and I still do. I have learned more about human nature than I did during 10 years of college. I have faced and conquered my 'issues'. I try to help other people with their issues too, but it does depend on where they want to go with it. I am evolving into wanting my sub clients to experience catharsis through the sessions, like I have. There are different reasons why a sub craves submission however, and it can be anything from "i just want to escape and get off, Mistress", to "i need behavior modification, Mistress". I don't think there are any bad reasons to want to be submissive. Sometimes ill-informed reasons need to be reshaped and directed into something more positive though; for instance if someone is being unreasonable in their expectations of what is possible in a professional domination session. 

Some would say that there is something insidious and harmful about this even existing- the whole decadence/fall-of-Rome thing. What is your slant on this?

Boss: If society was perfect there would not be perversions. We are imperfect in an imperfect society. We find pleasure in our perversions and eroticism in our taboos. Comparing Rome and the modern S/m scene is like comparing apples and oranges. There is no comparison that I see. We are now living in the age of technology; not the age of iron! Due to technology, we can now interact with thousands of people anonymously about our desires, and feel we have a kinship - even though most of us have to be very secretive.

How would you say professional domination fits into the term ‘sex trade’ or ‘sex work’?

Boss: This is 'sex work', because it is a sexual thing to people. There does not have to be sex in order for something to be sexual, however. 'Direct sexual contact' implies just that. To discourage clients that will not be happy with what I provide, I say "there is no direct sexual contact'.

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