What happened in July?   

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VIDEO "Substitute Whore!"

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Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid are angry! The whore house has not provided the whore they wanted for their amusement. They wanted a whore who could poop on cue and take large toys and a good whipping, but instead they got a low ranking "substitute whore" who can take very little. Listen to Irene shred his ego in a verbal onslaught of humiliating tyranny. Many activities are explored...strap on sucking, strap on, bondage, humiliation, kissing Mistress's beautiful ass, and foot worship. Join to view  Clips4Sale  Order

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VIDEO "Toilet during Electrical Storm!"

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 The slave is encased in pantyhose and it is the first time Irene has done this type of bondage, so she is very excited about it. She uses 10 pairs of hose! He is made to perform shoe worship. He must clean his precum off Irene's favorite heels. (His first time performing shoe worship) A humbler is placed on his balls. She holds him down with her foot after peeing all over him and shocks his balls repeatedly with the violet wand. Join to view  Order

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VIDEO "Electric Debauchery Diabolique"

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 The slave is bound to the new multi bench in the CBT position. He cannot move anything but his high heeled shoes. He is gagged, corseted, and collared taking a myriad of Irene's torments. He is a leg fetishist. First she teases him with her strong pantyhose covered stems, and once he is excited she experiments with one of her own electrical devises (she designed) on his nut sack. He is catheterized with a sparkler and electric bi-polar nipple vices are attached for a ride you won't believe! Join to view  Order

WRITING + IMAGES "Due Bello Dominante!" i made my way through rush hour traffic hoping that i wouldn’t be late for my cheffing ass-singment with Mistress Irene and Dom Lady X. Breaking through the tunnels i actually found myself a little early. With cooler and Trough legs in hand i approached Lady X’s door and rang the doorbell. A moment or two past and the door slowly opened….”Come in, sucker of the foot” it was Mistress Irene’s seductive voice. “You’re a little early” mentioned Lady X. “Yes Ma’am, i wasn’t sure about the traffic” i humbly replied. Setting down my things i asked for permission to go back to my car to get the vessel of the P Trough, “Hurry Up” was my command. Dashing back to my car i quickly returned with the four foot trough. naughty "X" rated photo gallery in members...read the rest!

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"Sissy for two!" Filmed by Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss

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The pink sissy is made to crawl across the room to the gorgeous Goddess Claudia. She suspends him in a spread eagle bondage position. She plays with his nipples and humiliates him about his erection, cropping clothespins off of it. She crops his cock and nipples repeatedly and then moves him to the pillory for a good flogging - double and Florentine style. Then she puts on a strap on dildo and fucks his face!

Enter Irene, who decides to "enter" the slave! He sucks Irene's cock and then she plugs him. Irene suspends him upside down with electric CBT. He receives a good upside down strap on fuck while Goddess Claudia laughs, and then he is transferred to the sling for an electric toy treatment. A split scene at the end and he is made to consume his nasty cumcocktion. Join to view  Order

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