What happened in March 2004

New DVD release! 

   "Guess who's coming to Mistress

Irene Boss and Mistress Denetra get totally out of control with Transsexual Josie in this extreme journey into masochism. Josie is suspended in a chair, spanked, cropped, paddles, smacked and slapped. Josie is suspended with electroshock to nipples and clitty, with the violet wand and hollers so loud the walls shake! Josie is placed in the sit sling for strap on training and electric dildo treatment. Very heavy play! Gallery: 18 high resolution images. Video: 16 clips in Quick Time 6 and a trailer in 2 speeds for 56k and high speed connections - 3:30

Humiliation Hotty! What a butt slut - "The adventures of Ass Land Tom"

Domina Danielle visited March 12th - 14th. 

High resolution images and web movie "The Spanish Inquisition" coming soon!


Writing: Sardonic Soliloquy - "The Video Business"

Gallery: 25 images of Madame Ingrid

Writing: Get interactive with me!

Humiliation hangover! The irritating voice .wavs of "fog horn leg horn". Have you ever wondered about the voice mail messages a professional Domina receives? Here are some real doozies!

Writing: "A session with Domina Danielle and Irene Boss" - slave dave

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