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X Marks the Spot! Scene 1: Irene invites her friend Dom Lady X (piercing specialist) over to the compound to have some fun on a bound slave. We begin with Dave in upright suspension while Dom Lady X prepares his nipples by shaving them. His nipples are then thoroughly tortured with heavy clamps, cord, and weights. He is forced to wear a spiked CBT shield on his pathetic penis. His backside is paddled too. The Ladies are wearing very sexy stretchy dresses to outline their curves and high heeled shoes. Dave gets quite excited looking at them, except he can’t do anything about it. Scene 2: You have all been asking for years for Irene to face sit a slave during a production. Here it is! Irene holds his face down frequently with her gorgeous ass (which is nude under pantyhose) while he screams. Dave is restrained to a bondage table with a waist harness, bondage mitts, a leather “bite” gag, thigh to wrist restraints and ankle restraints. While Irene face sits him, Lady X pierces his nipples. The Ladies take turns sticking the needles. The piercings are deep and the Ladies decide to suspend them. His feet are torture bastinado style. His entire body is cropped, whipped, and worked over with various small implements. Now, it’s time to brand the boy! Dave is strapped face down on the table in a straight jacket. His legs are restrained. The Ladies lather up his ass with shaving cream and shave it smooth. Irene draws her OWK coat of arms design upon his left butt cheek with a marker, and the Ladies begin to draw upon the flesh with the (2200 degree) branding pens. Mmmm...smells like steak. Don’t try this at home! Order    View clips






Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne and Pigboy (Compilation of 2 films) Film one: Lady Cheyenne´s video debut at the Compound! Meet the legend from Columbus Ohio who is one of the first Ladies of the Internet! Irene invites one of Her best subs over so She and Cheyenne can work Their magic. The slave is led around on a leash, and is made to play bizarre counting games in the school room. he is completely mummified in the black room – smothered, sat on, trampled, stood on, hung upside down, electrocuted, and forced to endure cbt and nipple play. The scene ends with the slave undergoing psychological torture with the novus system while in stringent bondage, while Boss and Cheyenne discuss selling his sperm to a milking farm in order to make a little money. A nice foot worship scene with the slave and Cheyenne. Boss in skin tight sexy rubber cheek shorts, military hat, platform fetish boots, and exotic makeup. Cheyenne in electric blue rubber mini dress with bare legs and feet. Non stop action! Film two: Lady Cheyenne and the Boss finally get together to tame a wild pig beast with bondage, corporal, single tailed whipping, verbal, ice cubes up the butt, nipple torment, heavy spanking, foot worship, and a severe caning. Irene's sexy rubber covered ass and Cheyenne's amazing bare tanned legs working over the cross dressed slave will keep you very entertained. Mesmerizing foot worship scene with Lady Cheyenne while Irene watches, and severe bullwhipping with Irene while Cheyenne spectates as well. Do you enjoy being watched by one Mistress while another works on you? Then this hot video is bound to turn you on! Order  View clips
Morgana's Revenge A couple visits the Boss and Anastasia for guidance in their D/s relationship. The husband had become lazy, rude, and disrespectful to the young wife. Irene Boss notices immediately, and asks the wife to give a demonstration of how she spanks with a hairbrush. Then, Irene and Anastasia tag teem him for a very thorough over the knee experience. He is taught to fear the whip, while his wife tortures his cock with a remote controlled shocking devise and cruelly twists his aching nipples. He is marched upstairs to the Gothic Dungeon, where he is placed into a stockade for more spanking, tickling, electroshock, cbt, and nipple torment. His 'oddesy' ends strapped over the punishment box; fearing the the three women, who verbally admonish him. Order  View clips










Blood, Piss, and Tears Scene 1: Private Nicola has been a lazy soldier. She isn’t in her military regulation clothing when Officer’s Irene and Gemini storm her barracks in search of contraband. They find chocolate, dildos, S/M paraphernalia, and OWK magazines! Private Nicola’s hair is not military regulation. She looks like someone’s college aged daughter who just dropped out of school with that silly mow hawk she’s sporting! Irene and Gemini wrestle her to the floor tearing her clothes off. Next, she is interrogated about the contraband and told what she must endure if she wants to avoid court marshal. Nicola is made to bark like a dog, grovel and beg for the two female officers. She is kicked in the ass repeatedly and slapped across the face. This is rough treatment and she really deserves it. The private is a sassy brat who likes to talk back. The bitch is on her period! You will lust over the uniforms of Irene and Gemini. Custom made leather and green jodhpur pants, corsets, ties and military hats with riding boots. Attention! Scene 2: Nicola is nude and restrained to the OBGYN table with heavy bondage mitts and thick leather ankle restraints for her head shaving. The Ladies take turns shearing Nicola with various razors, and make humiliating designs on her head. Finally, her head is lathered and shaved. Her mouth is duct taped shut. Her tampon is exposed and her breasts are slapped. She endures breast bondage and electricity on her nipples and pussy. Irene and Gemini take turns fingering her front and back at the same time. Gemini spits on her pussy and Irene inserts a speculum. An electric dildo is used to fuck the filthy hole. Nicola is then pierced through her nipples and pussy and begins to cry. Her piercings are placed in suspension while Irene takes her brain for a ride under the Nova Pro, and she experiences voice activated electro genitorture. Both Ladies take turns cracking the whip to set off the sound activated electroshock system. Scene 3: Hasn’t this soldier had enough? What a good trooper! The two Female Officers change their clothes into sexy lingerie ensembles featuring garters, stocking, hose, heels, and gloves. Nicola is on the spanking horse. The Ladies drink a magnum of champagne and burp on Nicola. She drinks champagne from her dog bowl. She is collared, gagged, leashed, and teased with dog toys, and is forced to play fetch. The two commanding officers then use the soldier as a toilet. It’s so wrong! Order  View clips





Jayne's Sex Change Are you a sissy? Then get this video so you can tour the Compound! Imagine being deliberately 15 minutes early to serve your Mistresses, because you were 15 minutes late the last time and want to avoid punishment. Imagine being a slave who finds it difficult to keep your mouth shut. slave jayne bungles again, in this 3 way extravaganza. Dominant Ladies wear leather, nurse outfits, and military gear. 1). Lobby: Mistress Morgana, Mistress Anastasia and the Boss decide to teach jayne a lesson by taking turns raping 'her' mouth for a full 15 minutes in the dark lobby. jayne is forced to sit on a metal spike mat while she sucks the strap ons. 2). Sissy Room: Next sassy jayne is taken upstairs where 'she' is forced to strip in front of all 3 Mistresses and change into a new outfit (jayne is forced to change 3 times during the video). 3). Interrogation chamber: Once properly attired jayne is placed standing in the middle of the room, fastened with 'her' arms in the air and legs spread. The Ladies make 'her' watch with virtual reality glasses, while 'she' takes some heavy corporal, cbt, and nipple play. 4). Clinic: The 'sex change' begins, with some intense cleaning to 'wash away the man'. jayne's tittie size is increased with a cupping set during her 'pregnancy' and 'period'. There is much nipple play and cbt. 5). Gothic Dungeon: jayne's 'treatment' ends in the sit sling, while the 3 Ladies take turns with 'her' poor pussy, and verbal admonishment ensues through out. Order  View clips








The Masochistic Circus Starring Irene Boss, Mistress Shane, and slave Kermit. Part one of this series was filmed in October by MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com), on location at the studio of Mistress Shane in Antwerp Belgium. Mistress Shane’s slave Kermit is bound and determined to put on a show! We begin our journey with him standing in an archway outside in the courtyard showing off for the 2 Mistresses. You will not believe how many weights he can swing from his numerous genital piercings. The things he does are simply unbelievable! Kermit wears a red lingerie set, chrome collar, and high heels while he is spread in the archway. His nipples are tortured severely. He is cropped, caned on his lower stomach and cock. He begs while sucking a dildo, is tortured with a pinwheel, and manages to have an orgasm as a result of this cruelty. Irene decides to use him as a toilet while he lies on his back on the cold cobblestones, and Mistress Shane watches with amusement. He is unable to swallow Irene’s copious shower! In the subterranean dungeon, he is restrained with his back against the prison cell door to endure an intense genital caning from the two sadistic Mistresses. The Ladies discover that the slave has been hiding a large dildo in his ass, and he is punished extremely with many cane stripes. A great variety of corporal implements are used upon him, including signal and bull whips. The slave is forced to fuck a bundle of thorns that the Mistresses have hammered to a pillory and mutilates himself while doing so. The grand finale sees the slave on his hands and knees, drilled by a relentless fucking machine. The Mistresses take turns flogging him and making comments until he finally explodes in a series of combustions. Irene Boss and Mistress Shane wear lingerie, girdles, pantyhose, stockings and high heeled shoes. Extreme Action! Order  View clips





Don't eat the Candy Games people play…Domina Irene the Boss has hired valley girl Spanky to be her new secretary, but Spanky has ideas of her own. Irene eavesdrops to hear Spanky attempting to steal her clients with cut rates and suggestions of inappropriate activities! Irene decides to send Spanky on a break. While Spanky is away, Irene sticks a sucker up her bottom and calls her clients back, arranging for them to watch her nonconsensually dominate Spanky at a later date. The candy is rewrapped and returned to the jar. Irene in a business suit and Spanky in school girl attire. Later that day, Spanky is waiting for Irene in the dungeon. Irene is late on purpose to make Spanky miss her “appointments” and fidget. Spanky continuously looks at the clock while Irene places her in bondage in a ‘shoe chair’, and goes off to change into rubber while she struggles. Irene in a short shiny dress, jacket, and thigh black leather fetish platform knee high boots. Spanky in a very tight Collette corset and ankle high black patent leather ballet boots.Irene returns to place Spanky in upside down suspension bondage, spread eagled. Spanky is flogged and whipped for her misdeeds. Her panties are cast aside. (Irene in a black rubber policewoman’s costume and patent leather black high heels.) Spanky is then severely bullwhipped. The story ends with the 2 women sharing pleasantries in the office while Spanky unknowingly places the ass candy in her mouth. Devious! Filmed at Mistress Jordan's studio in Orange County California. Order  View clips








A hitch hikers guide to the Compound Scene 1: Irene Boss and Goddess Claudia like to play with their guns (Glock and  Beretta to be exact). They are bored and therefore are planning the abduction of a male hitch hiker in broad daylight. While sitting on the porch at the Compound in their leather pants, they stroke their guns suggestively and talk about gun fetish right to the cameras. Scene 2: They take off in Irene’s big black envoy and heads towards the fruit loop which is a favorite Pittsburgh hangout for male prostitutes. They find a regular guy instead in the Frick Park area, and seduce him into the vehicle with the hope of sex. He thinks he’s going to get some, but the Ladies have other plans! Their guns are drawn and he becomes a quivering mess. He is told that he will be their entertainment hostage for the evening. Scene 3: The Ladies change into dominatrix costumes with Irene in rubber corset, hose and knee high black leather boots and Goddess Claudia in a black leather corset and black leather pants with open toed high heels. The hostage is in bondage on the floor with thigh to wrist restraints, bondage mitts, and very tight straps. The Ladies go through his belongings and poke fun at him. They take his money from his wallet, and then they find a gun! They dominate the front of his body with various small implements, including short whips and riding crops. The punishment is excruciating. He is turned over for more of the same treatment on his backside. He screams and struggles during the genitorture and bastinado sequences. Claudia flips him over, kneels on his chest, and face sits him. Irene then face sits him while cruelly twisting his nipples! She teases his mouth with her sexy boots.  Scene 4: The hostage is suspended spread eagled upside down for electro nipple and cbt treatments. Goddess Claudia manipulates the settings on the electrical boxes while Irene goes to town on his back and ass with signal and bullwhips. The Ladies indulge in a tandem bullwhipping scene. Extreme and brutal!  Order  View clips













Your appearance is in question  Three scenes! Scene 1: ‘Office boy’ Dave is being scolded about his appearance by CEO Irene Boss. Dave has been stripped down to his black boxers, but Irene looks sharp and snazzy in her expensive suit, lace topped stockings, and sexy pinstriped pumps. Her hair is long and flowing too. Dave’s hair is the problem here, and his nails. His appearance is substandard and an embarrassment to the Boss. He is forced to indulge in an extremely humiliating foot worship scene with creative verbal onslaught, as only Irene can do. Irene removes her jacket. He is restrained over the punishment box for intense paddling, caning, and strapping (razor strap and tawse). Many different rattan canes are used upon him, including the white lightening, nasty bastard, and carbonite (indestructible) implements. Irene finishes with a steel martinet. He must either shape up, or it’s a head shaving for him on the auction block next summer at the OWK! He is given a timeline to make the corporate changes, and he fails to achieve them. Scene 2: Enter Mistress Gemini, Irene’s British friend visiting from Los Angeles. The following scene opens in the Compound’s Gothic dungeon: Both Ladies are decked out in rubber. Irene is in a pewter cat suit with fetish boots, and Gemini in a shiny black one piece, short red rubber skirt, black corset, garters, clear rubber stockings and red knee high boots. Va va voom! Dave is restrained on the OBGYN table in the smother box with a giant funnel gag and must endure one of Irene’s voluminous showers. Gemini uses him next. He is completely unable to swallow the enormous amount and gags. The Ladies then decide that it is time for Dave’s ‘medical treatment’. He is placed in a stainless steel chastity devise and gagged to prevent any erections and noise. The Ladies warm his nipples up with lots of piercing suspension. Then they decide to play a voice activated electroshock CBT game with him! Many electrical boxes are demonstrated. You can also see that Irene decided to paint Dave’s toenails since he refused to keep them trim. Scene 3: The Ladies are seated on a small couch in the school room with Dave kneeling before them, questioning his appearance. Birching and face slapping takes place. Dave strips and removes his jewelry upon command of the two Mistresses. He is humiliated with an embarrassing hairstyle and sheer black panties. He is restrained over the punishment box for tandem paddling, strapping, and the tawse. The Ladies are wearing lingerie, girdles, hose and heels. Sexy and strict! They move Dave into the caning stockade for reform school style discipline. His ankles and wrists are cuffed in steel and he is made to wear another steel chastity devise. The discipline is extreme and frequently goes over 100 with each implement. Tandem caning and tandem birching take place! Don’t ever let your appearance be called into question! Order  View clips



Irene Boss meets Sabrina Belladonna Filmed on location in Los Angeles at the studios of G- Force. Boss and Belladonna light up the cigars and dominate 2 submissive male creatures in this journey into hell. slave robert gets way more than he bargained for when the Mistresses decide to use him as a scale, chair, cushion, ashtray, and eventually train him as a domestic house cat! Big time cigar smoking fetishes here! The poor cameraman 'workhorse' is even drug into the shoot to participate and gets used and trampled as well. Bondage, cbt, humiliation, vaudevillian humor, evil laughter, smoking, 'big top' whip cracking, and foot fetish are among the D/s delicacies that form this remarkable video. A smothering scene by Boss, and Sabrina tramples and scratches the slave with Her long lacquered toenails. Boss in skin tight black buckskin mini dress with keyhole cutout front for maximum cleavage show. Sabrina Belladonna in sexy tight shiny black patent mini dress and matching thigh high fetish boots. Exotic makeup! Order  View clips

Shaved by the Boss

Full head shaving! Even his clothes get some treatment with the shears. The ultimate in humiliation! Witness slave ramona's defeat on the porch of The Compound in broad daylight. His clothing is torn off to reveal a corset and stockings. He is then taken upstairs and tied to the barbers chair and shorn and shaved. Forced femmed, he is marched up the stairs for light discipline in the corset stockade in the school room. He is used as a toilet at the end in the new potty chair. Lots of bondage and ballet boots. For the cross-dressing and humiliation enthusiast.  Order  View clips


Over Her Knee Filmed by Irene Boss. This young man was so naughty, Boss had to step in occasionally from behind the camera and kick him in the ass and apply the cane! A new spanking video. Mistresses (Morgana and Anastasia) in long skirts disciplining naughty charge OTK with different implements (paddles, hairbrush) and bare hands. Panty training is forced upon him, as his male underpants were substandard upon investigation by the two Mistresses. Punishment lines are given as an assignment, and he even manages to bungle it, which sends Mistress Morgana in a verbal assault. The positioning of his fanny over the spanking horse makes it incredibly easy for the Ladies to give him everything he deserves, including a stern caning. The charge is a sassy brat who likes to talk back, but does get his punishment and is thankful afterwards. Order  View clips


Extreme Electric CBT - The pantyhose prisoner The Pantyhose prisoner is made to wait on the porch of the Compound in broad daylight wearing a gas mask while Dom Lady X and Irene finish getting ready. He is then commanded to enter the building, strip, and don a pair of pantyhose. He is placed in a metal chastity devise, handcuffed, thumb cuffed, and ankle cuffed and led up the stairs to the Gothic Room where he is placed in a head harness on the OBGYN table and restrained with bondage straps. Dom Lady X and Irene torment him and perform experiments with the violet want and whartenburg wheels. He is connected to many different boxes for special procedures. Many new and unusual ideas for electric CBT! Electric butterfly board, electric nipple play (bi polar) and strict bondage. A nice pantyhose covered foot worship scene at the end, with sniffing. A pantyhose frenzy! Order  View clips






The accidental gardener Scene 1: Irene Boss is visiting Mistress Shane in Antwerp Belgium. They are sitting in the courtyard outside Shane’s studio on a lovely October evening making conversation while wearing leather corsets, skirts, girdles, heels, boots, and hose. They look divine and you have just entered heaven. Suddenly, they notice that the gardener has done a very poor job maintaining the grounds. Mistress Shane is embarrassed by this. Something must be done! Irene and Shane make a ‘tree’ out the gardener by commanding him to hold branches between his legs and arms. Then the ladies punish the tree with their whips! The slave is then left to stand in the courtyard all night long bearing the marks from the implements.  Scene 2: On the second floor of Mistress Shane’s new modern dungeon (one of the loveliest play spaces on earth) the gardener is restrained to a St. Andrew’s cross for weighted CBT, and genitorture. Clothespins are whipped from his body. The ladies stretch and grab his cock and balls frequently. Scene 3: The gardener is restrained over a large spanking bench for tandem heavy paddling, flogging, dual caning, ass cropping, and single tail whipping. How much can one slave take? Scene 4: Bonus short “The Punkin’ head slaves”. Watch Mistress Shane and Irene murder a pumpkin, eggs, and tomatoes, while they talk about you. All the bad qualities about slaves are discussed as they take out their aggressions in a positive way on food. This was filmed for fans of crush fetish, giantess, strong legs and verbal humiliation. Something different Order  View clips
Irene Boss meets Mistress Denetra The Boss and Denetra conquer former Compound houseboy "little johnny" with the most extreme tickling and brutal bondage imaginable! Highlights include: 2 Duct tape mummification bondage scenes with breath control, feet tickling, side tickling, nipple tickling, face sitting, and foot smothering. The Mistresses are very verbal throughout. Mistress Denetra is the Black Power Ultimatrix! Johnny is restrained over the punishment box so the Ladies can enjoy his tender back and bottom. He is spanked, humiliated about his dirty ass, and treated like a sissy fairy. He is very verbal and animated throughout. Intense play! Order  View clips
The adventures of rubber bob Frisky reporter visits the Compound in guise, and soon gets figured out. Mistress Anastasia and The Boss put him through his paces in every single room at the Compound. This tape is a must if you would like a tour, as well as voyeuring some fantastic action. Upside down suspension, NT, CBT, spinning bondage wheel, electro-play, inflatable rubber body bag, and punishment box just to name a few. Mistresses in strap-ons and full rubber with thigh-high leather metallic boots. Tons of rubber bondage gear and outfits! Inflatable rubber bondage ball, and forced femme on a latex sissy maid performing a fashion show at the end, in patent leather thigh-high ballet boots. For the rubber fetishist. Order  View clips




A dog's day at the North Sea MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) traveled all the way to the North Sea to film this feature! Irene is building sandcastles near the ocean in an electric blue latex cat suit, while “alpha dog” is playing fetch with his owner Sublime Lady Amazon of OWK (Holland). Lady Amazon is attired as a strict military Guardess and makes her dog run into the cold water many times to retrieve his toys. He gets playful and decides to run through Irene’s sand castle, tries to dunk her, and also buries her shoes! It is obvious that alpha dog mush be punished for this behavior, so the Ladies drive him to a private dungeon. There he is caged and prodded. He is placed high in the air in suspension rope bondage and hung to be whipped, flogged and cropped.  He is forced to wear an inflatable gag. He is place in upright suspension (in a mask), wrapped in cellophane with roses (many thorns), and Irene whips the heads off the flowers. His back, chest, and torso are flogged by both Ladies. Lady Amazon wears shiny black PVC, and shiny black thigh high stiletto boots. Irene wears a black rubber policewoman’s ensemble with black patent leather fetish platform ankle boots. Do you want to lick these boots, slave? Order  View clips





The taming of Bess The debut of Bess. Watch the Boss and Anastasia handle the worst brat who has the sexiest behind you ever saw! Bess was supposed to have the kitchen clean and dinner ready for Boss and Anastasia when they came home from a long night of carousing at the bars. Instead they find the brat having a little chat with her master on the phone. The kitchen gets smashed to smithereens as Irene shows the new girl who the Boss is. Anastasia grabs bess and gives her a sound over the knee spanking! Bess is forced to pick everything up, and then crawls up stairs to be quickly fastened with spreader bars. Surprise! The ladies want to play - so they tease her with double and two handed flogging, pussy-cropping, electricity, spanking, nipple play, gagging, and elecro-hypnotherapy. Placed on the whipping post, she then fears that Irene Boss is going to rip into her with the bull whip.  The climax of the video finds her in the schoolroom, receiving a sound birching from the Mistresses while she is strapped over the punishment box (a New West/Leda design) and some intense tickle torture. Her poor feet are tormented by  2 inch long fingernails. Our story ends with poor Bess straight jacketed and tightly tied in a chair, and you hear her recite her house rules (voice-over) while watching her squirm. Order  View clips