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Slave 'edwina' returns, this time to be brutalized by Mistress Anastasia, Mistress Morgana, and the Boss! edwina's "punishment stay" begins with cross dressing in the interrogation room, where 'she' is placed into standing bondage for some heavy cbt, nipple play, flogging, whipping, body slamming and face slapping. A very physical over the knee spanking occurs and the Mistresses take turns squeezing edwina's head between Their legs. There is a lot of laughing. The action is severe. edwina is then taken up to the schoolroom for some very strict discipline and dt. Many implements are used. The three Mistresses take turns with 'her'. Next, edwina is trampled front and back by all three Mistresses and made to do foot and boot worship. The Mistresses actually jump up and down on edwina's back in heels. There is much face slapping, spitting, and verbal admonishment. For the heavy player. If you liked Gang Bang, you will love this!

New story in members! I scheduled my visit to the Compound to honor Mistress Irene on Her Birthday and to celebrate my fifth anniversary of service to Her. It was a chilly October afternoon in the burgh, I arrived punctually at the Compound, dodging a few squirrels as I crossed the street with presents in hand I made my way to the porch. Ringing the doorbell, I stood patiently, my heart rate starting to increase. I heard the door shut upstairs, my heart rate picked up a few beats.....with every click of Mistress Irene heels I could feel Her getting closer and my heart rate getting faster. OMG! Mistress Irene came into view, Topped in a Black Leather Jacket, Black Bustier Corset, Black Mini Skirt, Black Nylons, Black High Heeled Shoes....Mistress Irene looked wonderful....as I peered through the diamond window Mistress Irene gave me a little smile and nearly melted me right on the porch.

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New story in members! 

Mistress Renee at the Compound! (male sub)

Although I had seen Mistress Renee previously at her play space, I knew that a session at The Compound would unfold new experiences and a mistress as wickedly creative as Mistress Renee would render me unprepared and bewildered by what I was about to experience.  In retrospect, my expectations of a new, exciting and unbelievable session were met and exceeded. At the outset, Mistress Renee is simply captivating by her phenomenal beauty -- a ravishing redhead that would turn the heads of individuals of both sexes.  When she met me at The Compound’s front door she was dressed for a domination session by wearing a black and red shiny leather corset, ultra high spiked heels and her devilish smile.  Polite but firm – always in control – she led me up those agonizingly many stairs to the third floor where I disrobed in preparation for her pleasure and led silently to the dungeon or torture room.

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New story in members! A spanking Story! (fem sub) I slowly walked up to the door of the Compound, took a deep breath and pushed the doorbell.  My blood immediately began pumping.  Soon, I heard the high-heeled footsteps making their way down the staircase, and the creaky door opened to show the lobby now sporting a wooden table in the middle of the room. I heard Ms Irene speak in her incredibly sexy deep voice telling me to enter...She was wearing a sexy all black business suit that portrayed to me a combination of sophistication, professionalism, dominance, and beauty...She was carrying a large wooden paddle with Greek letters on it. My excitement of seeing her immediately mixed with the fear of what she was going to do to. I was caught off guard. She immediately began the session in her role as my supervisor...

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Beach House Bonanza part 2 Running time 55 minutes


An abomination of domination! Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Claudia, Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian (from the Cock Mommie), assland tom, heelslut and slave dave. Filmed on location in Florida during MIB Production's famous annual beach house retreat! Strict Female Supremacy. 4 Doms on 3 subs - the men are outnumbered during 3 simultaneous scenes presented in play party style! Here is what goes on...Hooded suspension in the Tetruss system with electric cbt and clothespins, hooded bondage on the St. Andrews Cross with heavy nipple play, hooded strap on sucking with strap on humiliation, foot worship, lots of corporal, a spectacular bullwhipping scene and extreme verbal humiliation.

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Thank you Erika! Running time 52 minutes


Hard working Erika tries to do all the right things, but it’s never good enough for her mean boss Tomiko. Wanting to punish Erika inappropriately, Tomiko attempts to humiliate her with leg strapping. Erika refuses to take this “bullshit from the boss” any longer and turns the corporate tables. Shackled, disrobed and bound, Tomiko must submit to Erika’s erotic wishes or be discovered. Scenes include leg strapping, ball gagging, nipple play, breast slapping, OTK bare hand spanking, rope bondage, verbal humiliation and self pleasuring. Short skirts and business attire round off this sexy office role reversal romp.

 Mistress Rene visited October 10 - 12th

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