The first annual Fem Dom Pittsburgh International Retreat was a success!

A "Fem Dom" event of Dominant Women over submissive men, took place August 21st to August 23rd at 3 pm. 

Read what people had to say:

"Permanent marks" from the retreat:


The retreat location was a very discreet gated facility (zoned for adult fun), and contained the following environments: 

10 guest rooms
huge indoor Jacuzzi
out door swimming pool
out door suspension
in door disco
in door play area
out door play area
in door dining area
out door picnic area
fishing pond
23 acres of land
indoor and out door bondage areas
indoor water sports area (GS)

I hired a professional chef to cater the event. 

7 slaves attended and 6 stayed the duration.

The entire event was very well coordinated and the slaves were kept busy. Special prizes were awarded to contest winners. The event fee included room, board, playtime and events.

Saturday schedule (5 events):

  • noon to 2 pm - They checked in at the slave hotel. Yes it was interesting! Their limits and interests will be ascertained for this 2 day trial! A 'P' was drawn on the right cheek of GS slaves (richard, chicago and josie), and scottie got a belly button piercing. 

  • 2 pm: feed and water

  • 3 pm: first event - CBT Olympics. 

  • 4 pm: second event - Iron Man I. 

  • 5 pm: third event - Iron Man II. 

  • 6 pm: fourth event - Whipped into shape.

  • 7 pm: Heels for heels. 

  • 8 pm: feed and water

  • 9 pm: Performance Art by Phat Mandee (no comment) LOL

  • 10 - midnight: Play party - what a blast!

  • 12:01 am - 3 am: We stayed up and had a few drinks, and then some of us sat in the Jacuzzi talking until the wee hours.

Sunday schedule (9 events):

  • 10 am: feed and water

  • 11 am: first event - egg and tomato toss

  • noon: second - event - Water boys

  • 1 pm: third - event - Footsie

  • 2 pm: fourth event - Houdini

  • 3 pm: feed and water

  • 4 pm: fifth event - Can you take it?

  • 5 pm: sixth event - Furniture Service

  • 6 pm: seventh event - strip tease

  • 7 pm: eighth event - talent competition

  • 8 pm: feed and water

  • 9 pm: branding and piercing demonstration by fire light, and candelabra (9th event).

  • 10 pm - midnight: Play party! 

  • 12:01 am: Lights out men!

Events will consist of:

  • CBT Olympics (pain game). Each slave was presented with a bag of 100 clothespins. The first slave to get 100 clothespins on his cock and balls was the winner. richard 50 won

  • Water boys (endurance - slave water balloon hunt - took place out doors). An area of appx. 100 yards was marked off with caution tape. There was a table with a note pad and pen. The slaves were hobbled with comfortable ankle restraints connected together by a 1 foot piece of chain. An air horn was activated and the slaves took off, while the Mistresses hunted after them with water balloons. Every time a Mistress broke a water balloon on a slaves body, she brought him over to the table and gave herself a mark. She then wrote her name with a magic marker on the body of the slave, anywhere she chose (included the face of the slave). The slave was released to be hunted again. At the end of 45 minutes, the Mistress with the most hunted slaves won The most caught slave had to clean the grounds of empty balloon casings. The least caught slave gave a foot massage to the First Place Mistress of the Hunt. Tie - Dom Lady X and Irene Boss. josie won the right to administer the foot massage

  • Talent Competition (entertainment service to Mistresses) - slaves entertained Mistresses and other slaves in anyway possible for 5 minutes. There was a 5 minute allowable set up time for slaves. Mistresses and fellow slaves judged. richard 50 won

  • Iron Man I (pain game - nipple clamp tug of war) Two slaves at once. Each slave was clamped facing each other. There were 10 tries. The slave left wearing the clamps the most frequently won, and went into the final round. richard 50 won

  • Footsie (fetish play). The slaves were blindfolded, and had to correctly guess the Mistress who's feet he was smelling. Each Mistress took a turn, and the slave who guessed right the most times won. The winner got the right to worship all the Mistresses feet in the evening at the play party. The losers lined up together face down, and the Mistresses walked on them. boston won

  • Pissicle (fetish play) They took the taste test! Each Mistress made a tray of pissicles (piss ice cubes). Each slave was given a cube from each tray and had to properly identify the owner. The results of whether or not the slaves were correct were privately written down. The slave who guessed right the most time won. The winner received a simultaneous golden shower from all 3 Mistresses in the evening at the play party. The losers got nothing. They were not even be allowed to watch. josie won

  • Houdini (bondage escape contest). Each slave was hogtied with 100 feet of rope. Once the slaves were all tied, they were allowed to squirm and attempt escape. If the slave managed to escape first, he was the winner with the right to kiss each of the Mistresses bottoms at the play party in the evening. The losers were tortured until they escaped, or until the Mistresses grow bored with them. john won

  • Can you take it? (A pain game - whip or cane - took place outdoors) Each slave who wanted to participate hung from his own weight by an iron bar and had the choice of whether to be whipped or caned. The Mistresses rolled dice to see who the punisher was, and selected a numbered card to see how many blows the slave should receive. If the slave managed to stay hanging after his blows, he was let down to participate again. If the slave could not stay hanging he was disqualified. The Mistresses took their time in delivering the blows. The winner was the last slave left in the contest. He received the right to be smothered full weight by the Mistress who last punished him, at the play party in the evening - until he cried uncle. chicago won and was smothered by Cheyenne

  • Iron Man II (an endurance game - weight lifting and running - took place outdoors) Each slave crawled uphill with a Mistress on his back and then ran down the hill with the Mistress on his back, in groups of threes. The Mistresses rode all the slaves. Score was kept with a notepad at the bottom of the hill. The race started each time with the firing of a cap gun. The Mistress with the most wins took the contest, and received a back massage at the play party in the evening from the fastest slave. The fastest slave had the right to drink a beer after the play party from the winning Lady's shoe. *Knee pads were be provided for the slaves. john won and gave Irene a massage, and then drank beer from her shoe

  • Candelabra (an endurance game - took place outdoors) Each slave held out a heavy candle in each hand with arms out stretched, and lit the area for the Mistresses who were comfortably reclined and enjoying cool drinks. The last slave standing was the winner. He had the right to lick beer off the 3 Mistresses feet in the evening after the play party. There was a tie between 4 slaves while josie was being branded, so all the winners got a hug from all 3 Mistresses

  • Whipped into shape (Boot Camp exercises + Calisthenics and discipline - takes place outdoors). Each Dominant Lady had her own 15 minute "exercise program" to share. The other Ladies helped maintain order during the drills. Irene made the boys run around the pond holding raw eggs in their mouths. Dom Lady X did a BDSM calisthenics segment, and Lady Cheyenne had them diving in the pool for quarters. scottie won

  • Striptease (the best slut won - took place in the indoor disco). Each slut gave a 5 minute erotic performance to be judged by the Ladies and other sluts. The winner slept in the panties of the Lady who gave him the highest mark.  john won and slept in Dom Lady X's panties

  • Heels for heels (Walking the plank - takes place outdoors). Each slut walked a plank elevated by cinderblocks surrounded by foam pads. The Ladies threw water balloons at the slaves. The slave who stayed on the plank the longest, won. The winner  received a "Best of the Boss DVD". chicago won

  • Egg and tomato toss (Humiliation - takes place outside). Slaves got to choose eggs or tomatoes. Each slave was placed in a stockade, and each Mistress got 10 tries to hit him from 20 feet. The Mistress who made the most points wins. Slave could not move. The winning Mistress received 5 minutes of compliments from all the slaves simultaneously. The slave were then allowed to throw eggs and tomatoes at the stockade (5 each) to see who had the best aim. Irene and josie won

  • Furniture Service (endurance) Slaves picked out of a hat the chance to serve as living furniture. For example: chair, pillow, thresh hold, ashtray (object), foot stool, arm rest, or table. The Ladies leisurely relaxed and talked while ignoring the slaves. The slave lasted the longest without breaking character won. The winning slave had the right to shine the shoes of the last Lady in the contest. There was so much to do, there was no time for this contest

Ongoing "fun":

  • Toilet servitude (piss boy)

  • Play piercing and branding (if you can have it)

Monday schedule:

  • 10 am: brunch

  • noon to 2 pm: There was more playtime.

  • 2 pm to 3 pm: A few boys helped us to clean up and pack the van. 

  • 3 pm: We went home.

There were 14 well planned events. Some were based on endurance for those who couldn't have marks, and others were based on handling pain, while still others were based on humiliation (with respects to exhibitionism). Everyone had a chance to win something! 

Hosting Dominas were:

Lady Cheyenne Rhode Island 

Dom Lady X Pittsburgh

Irene Boss Pittsburgh

The event rules were: No cameras (still or video), no cell phone cameras, no drugs. Cell phones were allowed for those who need to make calls from their cars.