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The Warrior Women Weekend!   

A private event for submissive men who wish to attend.

A 3 day extravaganza of Female Domination in Pittsburgh PA!

Hosted by: Goddess Claudia, Dom Lady X, and Irene Boss. Guest Mistresses will be in attendance if the number of slaves determines it.

Taking place June 9th - 11th

             44 brand new images of Goddess Claudia!

The Warrior Women Weekend begins at 9 pm Friday night the 9th with a play party at Dom Lady X's studio and a sleepover, then the caravan arrives the next day at Irene's Compound for another play party. Onwards to our outdoor area for a barbecue with tiki torches beginning at 7pm and ending until everyone is exhausted. We will then set forth a group of "abusive strippers" on our boys. LOL We will camp out under the stars Saturday night!  10 am to noon Sunday - brunch and then back to Dom Lady X's studio for an afternoon play party sendoff (*appx. 2 1/2 hours). Note: If your flight arrives early on Friday it's OK. You can arrive at Dom Lady X's studio as early as 2 pm on Friday until the event starts at 9 pm - but you will be put to work!

Each slave is guaranteed 9 hours of intense One on one playtime during the weekend.

Beware! The 3 of us have a great deal of energy and we HAVE HELP! Airport pickup / drop off provided. Or, your vehicle will be stored at a downtown parking garage (transportation to and from event provided from parking garage).

Goddess Claudia:

 Irene Boss and Dom Lady X:

Irene Boss and Dom Lady X                    Click to enlarge:


Irene Boss          Click to enlarge:


                                    Dom Lady X        Click to enlarge

Excellent opportunity to worship us!

No laundry lists accepted - real FemDom BDSM. We will respect whether or not you can be marked, slut trained, or serve as a toilet - that is all! The rest will be up to us.

WWW is taking place at the world famous Compound and other exciting locations! (If I'm putting my name on it - you know it's going to be good. My "bad" reputation precedes itself. he he)

FAQ: (By Irene Boss)

How did the WWW get started?

Irene: I have had an interest in multi day play for quite sometime. One of my specialties is overnight and extended sessions. About 10 years ago I began traveling with a small band of my slaves for a weekend of training. Not everyone who wanted to attend was able to accompany me, so I started thinking about offering an alternative experience focusing on Female Domination which would take place over a weekend closer to home. 2 years ago I hosted a retreat called "Woods and Wankers" with Dom Lady X and Lady Cheyenne, and this year Goddess Claudia (who has experience organizing retreats herself) asked me to put together one that she could partake in. Goddess Claudia is a retired Domina (currently employed as an airline pilot) who has a great interest in the Fem Dom scene. She has tireless energy and brings something to the table with her fresh and innovative ideas. Dom Lady X recently finished the completion of a spectacular space large enough to hold such an endeavor, and along with my space (the Compound), plus our outdoor locations equipped with full suspension and other games, I feel WWW is something very special and worth attending.

What are the qualifications for attendees?

Having experience with extended scenarios is a plus, as well as a history of having attended similar types of events in the past and having enjoyed them. This type of event is geared towards the serious player who is looking for more than a typical session. I get my best ideas for scenes while organizing an event such as this one, and I am open to hearing about suggestions from those who will be attending.

How many slaves will be participating?

More slaves means more Mistresses!

What is going to take place?

The focus of WWW is going to be the extended play parties, of which 3 will be offered, along with other sordid events, predicament bondage games, and fun in the sun. There will be organized playtime, and time to serve as a real slave! Many different types of fetishes will be addressed. This will be a time to try some exciting things you have only dreamed of in the past. With 3 dominant women feeding off each other's erotic sadistic energy - the skies the limit (as Goddess Claudia would say). You haven't experienced a morning exercise drill like Dom Lady X's - I assure you. If your goal is to lose weight over the weekend, she will definitely make sure that you do!

Goddess Claudia             Click to enlarge:

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