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New private play account in members! Arriving a bit early I waited in my car until it was time, then crossed the street and rang the bell with nervous eagerness. After a short wait that felt like an eternity, I was rewarded with the distinctive sound of Her heels coming down the stairs, through the diamond shaped window I glimpsed the slender form in black descending as if from on high.

"Takeover over in Berlin"
1) Irene enters the hotel room of this German slave in Berlin and takes charge. It's a prime example of hotel hell and there is a masochist at her service! Bed bondage, extreme CP, face sitting and a very lengthy whipping up to and beyond his limits is what transpires. She describes everything she is going to do while the slave stands nude in front of the camera exposing his ass. She describes what she did to the slave the night before, and how she needs to "even out" her canvas, and she brought all the right tools to do it. She proceeds to wrap him in saran wrap very tightly. Excellent views of Irene's strong muscular legs and firm rubber encased ass. She then begins covering the saran wrap with duct tape for an extremely tight fitting bondage cocoon. It is very hard for the slave to stand still while this is happening because he is so tall. She is a small woman so the difference between them is very interesting in this power exchange. Once he is completely bondaged, she admires her work and instructs him to wiggle over to the bed while she giggles. "What's wrong?" She asks - "Do you have a fear of falling?" You certainly don't have a fear of flying! Get on the bed!" "Yes Mistress" he mumbles. She proceeds getting him onto the bed by knocking him over. She continues applying tape. She then sits on his head. He begins to get very excited and she is worried he is going to hyperventilate so she instructs him to slow his breathing down. The excited slave must be made calm before she can continue his scene.  He is bondaged much tighter than ever before so he is panicking. She starts warming him up with a good old fashioned hand spanking on the bed. Then she starts breaking out the different implements she has brought to warm him up for his whipping. She stands up to paddle him with more force.
2) She watches the slave feet to determine what he is experiencing since he is able to wiggle them and they are the only thing that is not bound. She starts paddling him harder and changes the rhythm frequently so he cannot anticipate. She suggests that he be made to assume this position on her table at the trade show her company is currently attending, so any woman can come by and take out their aggression on his posterior. It has also been one of Irene's fantasies to ship a slave in a box. She begins to laugh and gets out the convent strap and then a double flogging. The flogging is intense. She moves back to the straps. The slave begins to squirm and make some noise. Finally! She likes the fact that the slave is finally responding to the corporal and gets wound up increasing the pace! "Quit wiggling around so much. I'll teach you!" Irene applies rope bondage over the tape and the slave is forced to stay still while she continues her onslaught. She ends this sequence by forcing him to sniff her sweaty pantyhose crotch. He is in endorphin heaven and is very still now. She wore these pantyhose for several days, and after wearing a rubber dress for a few hours it is assured that the pantyhose are quite fragrant. He recovers quickly and she informs him that it is now time for the riding crops and another double flogging. This prepares the slave for a caning with the "white lightening" a cast polyurethane favorite. What is all of this leading up to? Isn't this slave going to be whipped? It appears that the slave must be patient. She picks up her dragon cane and the slave becomes very fearful. He is forced to take a few strokes with the dragon cane (referred to often by Irene as a golden rod). The slaves "ass composition" must be balanced on each cheek. He is struggling mightily so She gives him some verbal instruction and encouragement to take it like a man. She then sits on his head, squeezing it between her thighs so he can have some vertical caning, with a much longer rattan implement. The slave is caned until she is satisfied and then is forced to sniff her pantyhose crotch and ass. A raunchy pantyhose treat while she laughs right at the camera. She does some close-ups of the slaves poor damaged behind. 3) Irene gives him a nice soothing flogging with a heavy leather implement. It is finally time for the whipping, and the slave is tied in a standing rope body harness looking out the window of the hotel into the courtyard. She breaks out her signal whip and begins practicing her aim on the slave with a side throw and then moves around the room until she is satisfied with her stance. She begins his whipping with light taps to his posterior. She increases the intensity. She teases placing her ass in front of the camera. She does some close-ups of the slave's whipped ass, commenting on their afternoon date. Who needs a boring vanilla date? This is much more fun! It's still not enough to satisfy Irene and the whipping must continue until she is happy. She lays it on thick. She doesn't care that he is suffering. In fact it excites her to no end. He is whipped and then caned. She then places him in bondage on the bed and face sits him while she fine tunes his nipples. She pans over his helplessness showing the bullwhip marks he had received the day previously on the front of his body. He is forced to kiss her superior ass at the end. Order DVD

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90 minutes (Intellectual forced bi and ego demolition) The scene opens in the Compound's OWK room. Edwina is securely fastened over a large whipping bench in bondage awaiting the Boss's torments. You are guaranteed to see Irene Boss at her bitchiest in this video. Edwina is whipped, caned, spanked, flogged, punched, kicked, slapped and smacked. Watch Edwina volunteer to take even more when the Ladies dangles ass worship like a carrot. Anastasia explains and instructs Edwina on how to worship a Mistress's ass properly while beating his ass with a riding crop. There is also cbt. Edwina is forced to exchange clothes with another slave, and has a breakdown when he is unable to follow instructions and suck the other slave's cock. The Mistresses change their outfits, and tickle torture the other slave. Edwina is bound and plugged and must listen to the other slave receive an OTK spanking and caning. Edwina is forced to worship shoes and feet in great detail before masturbating under the stern gaze of the two Mistresses. Lots of shoe dangling, smothering and verbal humiliation!



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Beach House Bonanza part 1 Running time 70 minutes

An abomination of domination! Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Claudia and assland tom. Introducing the first time appearances of Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian from the Cock Mommie series. Filmed on location in Florida. Find out what happened at MIB Production's famous annual beach house retreat! Strict Female Supremacy. We begin with Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss ravaging a male slave in the bedroom who is wearing a spectacular rubber hood. Big dick gagging strap on training! Irene shaves his ass. He is harnessed in suspension for forced strap on blow jobs, electric plug insertion and spitting. The slave is bent over the dinner table Linda Lovelace style for a DP by the two Ladies. Scene two - Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian place the slave on the metal St. Andrew's cross in a humiliating jock strap mask. The Ladies engage in CBT, nipple torture, and strap on sucking. The slave is forced to worship creamy food off their shoes and boots for his supper. Thank you to for the jock strap gag, and a major thank you to Goddess Claudia and Dom for use of the beach house.


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Fuck or be fired Running time 45 minutes

First time MIB appearances for Natali Demore, Maya Sinstress, Kendra James and Caroline Pierce. All female office sex scandal! High powered with sexual agenda. Make out parties and dirty conference calls are common place. Penetration a must for promotion. Lunchroom gangbangs a normal occurrence. Big dick strap-on contests overshadow productivity, and so called meetings are an excuse for masturbation and fucking subordinates. Corporate cunt club gets shut down. Taped boardroom orgies sold to highest bidder and record internet downloads. Talk of DVD sales but no comment from Execs. Victims refuse to talk and want to keep their jobs. Lives ruined and humongous lawsuits are pending. The company is overwhelmed with new job apps. Orders from the top are fuck or be fired! Suck a dick and get a raise mentality. Car pool or cum pool. Hint of a Pro Dom connection. Demore and Sinstress are named as ringleaders. James and Pierce want bosses freed - say no harm done.


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