Themes with cross dressing, gender play, transvestites, and transexuals

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Whore du jour "Whore Dejour - machine fucked, forced bi endurance, and fisted!" Want some sex, slave? Ha ha ha! Starring our very own slut Lynda (Rookie) in an audition, web whore (whore dejour as Mistress Samantha) Mistress Brianna and Myself Irene Boss, and various dildos and fuck machines. This new web series will totally amaze you...the things these sluts will do to amuse their Mistresses! Forced ball licking, electro play, full body orgasm, forced bi, cbt, breast worship, verbal humiliation, de-sensitization with the magic wand, and embarrassing sexual supervision. The Ladies wear gorgeous custom made outfits!  Order  View clips





Pounded Cheerleader Objectification! I dress the bitch up in a green cheerleader's outfit. I am very sexy in my latex, high heels, and shimmering stockings. The bitch is not. (Are you this bitch?) Lust after my luscious ass and strong muscular legs, slave! The bitch is positioned in upside down suspension for bizarre electrical insertions. First, I do her makeup. She needs some serious help! I discover that she has not shaved properly so I rip the hair from her groin and ass. How pathetic! A fingering is in order here! The first electrical plug goes in, while I chastise her about the tiny size of her clitty. It's the smallest dicky doo I have ever seen! It's the itty bitty clitty committee! Next, I decide to give her a GOOD HARD WHIPPING. I am very skillful, administering an intense brush burn but I don't draw any blood. Next, I place the slut in a humiliating position with her arms and legs off the ground, hanging like a side of beef in midair. EXTREME ANAL TORTURE! Watch me put on my strap on harness. It's so sexy. Watch me go to town on this bitch. Don't you wish that this was you? Order  View clips
The Easter Egg Cunt

Starring Irene Boss and Goddess Amazon (Atlanta Georgia). How many hard boiled eggs can a slave's ass take? You will be amazed at slut pig. Filmed on Easter, live from the Compound. Irene decides to have an Easter egg hunt. If you enjoy food humiliation, this one's for you! She also demonstrate 2 voice activated shock systems on the poor sluts feet and clitty, and force psychological "subspace" with the Nova Pro system. Riveting! Order  View clips


The adventures of rubber bob Frisky reporter visits the Compound in guise, and soon gets figured out. Mistress Anastasia and The Boss put him through his paces in every single room at the Compound. This tape is a must if you would like a tour, as well as voyeuring some fantastic action. Upside down suspension, NT, CBT, spinning bondage wheel, electro-play, inflatable rubber body bag, and punishment box just to name a few. Mistresses in strap-ons and full rubber with thigh-high leather metallic boots. Tons of rubber bondage gear and outfits! Inflatable rubber bondage ball, and forced femme on a latex sissy maid performing a fashion show at the end, in patent leather thigh-high ballet boots. For the rubber fetishist. Order  View clips


Irene Boss meets Mistress Denetra The Boss and Denetra conquer former Compound houseboy "little johnny" with the most extreme tickling and brutal bondage imaginable! Highlights include: 2 Duct tape mummification bondage scenes with breath control, feet tickling, side tickling, nipple tickling, face sitting, and foot smothering. The Mistresses are very verbal throughout. Mistress Denetra is the Black Power Ultimatrix! Johnny is restrained over the punishment box so the Ladies can enjoy his tender back and bottom. He is spanked, humiliated about his dirty ass, and treated like a sissy fairy. He is very verbal and animated throughout. Intense play! Order  View clips
Shaved by the Boss Full head shaving! Even his clothes get some treatment with the shears. The ultimate in humiliation! Witness slave ramona's defeat on the porch of The Compound in broad daylight. His clothing is torn off to reveal a corset and stockings. He is then taken upstairs and tied to the barbers chair and shorn and shaved. Forced femmed, he is marched up the stairs for light discipline in the corset stockade in the school room. He is used as a toilet at the end in the new potty chair. Lots of bondage and ballet boots. For the cross-dressing and humiliation enthusiast.  Order  View clips











The Masochistic Circus Starring Irene Boss, Mistress Shane, and slave Kermit. Part one of this series was filmed in October by MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com), on location at the studio of Mistress Shane in Antwerp Belgium. Mistress Shane’s slave Kermit is bound and determined to put on a show! We begin our journey with him standing in an archway outside in the courtyard showing off for the 2 Mistresses. You will not believe how many weights he can swing from his numerous genital piercings. The things he does are simply unbelievable! Kermit wears a red lingerie set, chrome collar, and high heels while he is spread in the archway. His nipples are tortured severely. He is cropped, caned on his lower stomach and cock. He begs while sucking a dildo, is tortured with a pinwheel, and manages to have an orgasm as a result of this cruelty. Irene decides to use him as a toilet while he lies on his back on the cold cobblestones, and Mistress Shane watches with amusement. He is unable to swallow Irene’s copious shower! In the subterranean dungeon, he is restrained with his back against the prison cell door to endure an intense genital caning from the two sadistic Mistresses. The Ladies discover that the slave has been hiding a large dildo in his ass, and he is punished extremely with many cane stripes. A great variety of corporal implements are used upon him, including signal and bull whips. The slave is forced to fuck a bundle of thorns that the Mistresses have hammered to a pillory and mutilates himself while doing so. The grand finale sees the slave on his hands and knees, drilled by a relentless fucking machine. The Mistresses take turns flogging him and making comments until he finally explodes in a series of combustions. Irene Boss and Mistress Shane wear lingerie, girdles, pantyhose, stockings and high heeled shoes. Extreme Action! Order  View clips








Jayne's Sex Change Are you a sissy? Then get this video so you can tour the Compound! Imagine being deliberately 15 minutes early to serve your Mistresses, because you were 15 minutes late the last time and want to avoid punishment. Imagine being a slave who finds it difficult to keep your mouth shut. slave jayne bungles again, in this 3 way extravaganza. Dominant Ladies wear leather, nurse outfits, and military gear. 1). Lobby: Mistress Morgana, Mistress Anastasia and the Boss decide to teach jayne a lesson by taking turns raping 'her' mouth for a full 15 minutes in the dark lobby. jayne is forced to sit on a metal spike mat while she sucks the strap ons. 2). Sissy Room: Next sassy jayne is taken upstairs where 'she' is forced to strip in front of all 3 Mistresses and change into a new outfit (jayne is forced to change 3 times during the video). 3). Interrogation chamber: Once properly attired jayne is placed standing in the middle of the room, fastened with 'her' arms in the air and legs spread. The Ladies make 'her' watch with virtual reality glasses, while 'she' takes some heavy corporal, cbt, and nipple play. 4). Clinic: The 'sex change' begins, with some intense cleaning to 'wash away the man'. jayne's tittie size is increased with a cupping set during her 'pregnancy' and 'period'. There is much nipple play and cbt. 5). Gothic Dungeon: jayne's 'treatment' ends in the sit sling, while the 3 Ladies take turns with 'her' poor pussy, and verbal admonishment ensues through out. Order  View clips



Morgana's Revenge A couple visits the Boss and Anastasia for guidance in their D/s relationship. The husband had become lazy, rude, and disrespectful to the young wife. Irene Boss notices immediately, and asks the wife to give a demonstration of how she spanks with a hairbrush. Then, Irene and Anastasia tag teem him for a very thorough over the knee experience. He is taught to fear the whip, while his wife tortures his cock with a remote controlled shocking devise and cruelly twists his aching nipples. He is marched upstairs to the Gothic Dungeon, where he is placed into a stockade for more spanking, tickling, electroshock, cbt, and nipple torment. His 'oddesy' ends strapped over the punishment box; fearing the the three women, who verbally admonish him. Order  View clips










Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne and Pigboy (Compilation of 2 films) Film one: Lady Cheyenne´s video debut at the Compound! Meet the legend from Columbus Ohio who is one of the first Ladies of the Internet! Irene invites one of Her best subs over so She and Cheyenne can work Their magic. The slave is led around on a leash, and is made to play bizarre counting games in the school room. he is completely mummified in the black room – smothered, sat on, trampled, stood on, hung upside down, electrocuted, and forced to endure cbt and nipple play. The scene ends with the slave undergoing psychological torture with the novus system while in stringent bondage, while Boss and Cheyenne discuss selling his sperm to a milking farm in order to make a little money. A nice foot worship scene with the slave and Cheyenne. Boss in skin tight sexy rubber cheek shorts, military hat, platform fetish boots, and exotic makeup. Cheyenne in electric blue rubber mini dress with bare legs and feet. Non stop action! Film two: Lady Cheyenne and the Boss finally get together to tame a wild pig beast with bondage, corporal, single tailed whipping, verbal, ice cubes up the butt, nipple torment, heavy spanking, foot worship, and a severe caning. Irene's sexy rubber covered ass and Cheyenne's amazing bare tanned legs working over the cross dressed slave will keep you very entertained. Mesmerizing foot worship scene with Lady Cheyenne while Irene watches, and severe bullwhipping with Irene while Cheyenne spectates as well. Do you enjoy being watched by one Mistress while another works on you? Then this hot video is bound to turn you on! Order  View clips










Let it rain Starring Princess Kali, Mistress Kat and Irene Boss. The GS never ends...if you liked A Visit to Dr. Boss, this ones for you! Scene 1 opens in the school room with dingdong pouring champagne for the Ladies. While dingdong is catching gnats which are attracted to the sweet smelling champagne (it was a warm rainy summer day) the Ladies verbally humiliate him. The Ladies drink quickly and the burping begins. Even thought they are dressed like Ladies, there is nothing Ladylike about their behavior. Mistress Kat applies some makeup to dingdong's face, and then Irene bends him over the punishment box for a single tail whipping. The Mistress share stories and belch loudly while this is going on. Scene 2: The action moves into the gothic dungeon where dingdong serves again but must be lectured on proper wine etiquette. Irene pees in a glass for dingdong's refreshment. The Ladies begin spitting on dingdong and pouring champagne on his breasts. Irene shoots champagne through a space in her teeth onto dingdong's giant tits. Princess Kali shoots an enormous amount of pee onto dingdong and dingdong must roll in it. Mistress Kat in gray rubber keyhole dress with vampire collar, and then sexy thigh high stockings, corset, and heels with short skirt. Princess Kali in 2 lovely rubber dresses, first blue and then black with boots and Princess crown, Irene Boss first in blue rubber cat suit and then in lingerie, stockings and heels with veiled hat. Order  View clips























The discount whore house Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne, dingdong, and house slut. Scene 1: The story begins with Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne admiring dingdong's fresh breast augmentation. Irene is dressed in a custom electric blue cat suit with silver fetish heels, and Cheyenne wears a pewter cat suit with key hole cut out and silver boots. Both Ladies wear gas masks. Dingdong is decked out in a rubber French maid's dress and restrained to the new black leather bondage couch. Irene paints dingdong's nipples with lipstick while Cheyenne applies his makeup. It appears as if a bazaar rubber transformation operation is in progress, and of course there is always Irene's taunting humorous sarcastic narration throughout. Dingdong is forced to suck Cheyenne's giant flesh colored cock while Irene pulls his hair and rams his face into the fellatio! Irene paddles dingdong's thighs and clitty. Dingdong is forced to suck Irene's big cock while Cheyenne slaps his tiny business around. This is guaranteed to be the most creative Fem Dom cock sucking sequence you have ever viewed on DVD! Dingdong's tiny balls are prepared to receive intense electro stimulation with the new Eros tech system. Irene selects the random "torment" selection for the Ladies amusement. Cheyenne whips Dingdong's nipples, while Irene canes his cock. Then the new Rimba electrical devise is demonstrated onDingdong's little clitty and more cock sucking takes place! Scene 2: "The audition of April Showers" (A cacophony of forced bi) The cross dressed slave "house slut" is placed on his back in spread eagle bondage in the center of the Gothic Room for sexual service. He is blindfolded. A jar of warm Mistress pee is balancing in between his spread legs. Irene wears a black latex skater skirt and black long sleeve latex top, panty hose and high heels. There are a lot of 'up the skirt' shots. Cheyenne wears a latex bra, corset, black lace panties, panty hose, and open toed shoes. The slave "house slut" is told he is going to perform full body worship. He is then briefly face sat by Irene. Irene brings "Mistress Samantha" (dingdong) into the room. The slave "house slut" is given the stage name "April Showers." Samantha is wearing a short green rubber dress. Cheyenne stifles her laughter at the sight of this. April is forced to lick Samantha's tits. Irene lies on the black leather bondage couch and dangles her shoes at the camera while this is going on. Samantha is ordered to lick April's balls while Irene laughs. April is ordered to suck Cheyenne's heels. Irene pees in a glass medical beaker for April's refreshment. Samantha is ordered to continue licking. Samantha drinks some piss, and then is ordered to lick piss off of April's face. Cheyenne sits on Samantha's back while 'she' provides oral service on April. April is ordered to suck Irene's heels. Samantha and April are both ordered to drink piss. April is then ordered to provide oral service on Samantha. Irene flavors Samantha's clitty with holy water for April. April is then forced to wear a dildo gag, which is also lubed with holy water, and to fuck Samantha's tits. Samantha sucks the piss soaked cock. The two slaves Samantha and April are then forced to trade places and feel each other's tits. Order  View clips












The adventures of Johnny Utah Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne, house boy, brat Bart, and Johnny Utah. Filmed at the studio of Mistress Jordan in Orange County California. The premise: Irene and Cheyenne are very angry, because they flew all the way out to Los Angeles to make a video with Bart and he has decided that he has retired because he has a new girlfriend! He volunteers Johnny Utah to be his stand in. This is unacceptable. Irene and Cheyenne don't know Johnny. The action: This simply will not do! Irene and Cheyenne decide to tackle Bart and force him to be in the video! They turn Johnny Utah into the camera man. Bart is wrestled to the floor and stripped naked by the two aggressive Dominas, and he is restrained and beat up with boxing gloves too! Bart is strapped to the spinning wheel, and taken for a ride. He faces some serious CBT from the 2 Ladies! This is guaranteed to be one of the funniest moments in BDSM comedy that you will ever see! The Ladies require some refreshment often during this workout, so the slave "house boy" is summoned and humiliated a few times. The ridiculous narration and sarcastic comments from Johnny Utah become so obnoxious that the Ladies cannot stand it anymore, and they finally drag him from behind the camera and conquer him! He is dominated on the pillory with severe bull whipping. His 'business' is restrained to the whipping post. He is caned and spanked over an inverted bondage table. Irene rips his underwear off with her teeth, and whips painful plastic clothespins off his ass. He is still wearing the marks one year later! The finale features worship of fetish shoes,  lovely toes and feet along with pantyhose smothering involving the two slaves; house boy and Johnny Utah. Johnny winds up being left alone in a cold marble coffin to atone for his smart ass behavior. Order  View clips
Unemployed by the Boss The Compound employees have been very competitive with each other lately, and causing friction. This problem is frequently a disciplinary issue. See spanking, caning, paddling, verbal admonishment, and eventual atonement from the employees. Order  View clips




Jail Bait A sullen slut sherri is taken from the jail cell and brought down stairs where 'she' is forced to provide service to slave jayne in the lobby (of all places). sherri is tied over the punishment bench in the Interrogation room and 'drilled' (strap on trained) by Boss while pleasing jayne. sherri wears virtual reality glasses, and you get to see what she sees. sherri is also placed in a tight leather arm binder and tied into the fetal position while she experiences electro hypno therapy, with more forced oral worship. Boss gets bored and decides to drill jayne too, who manages to 'spontaneously combust'. sherri is forced to eat jayne's cumbustion. Order  View clips



The victim slave 'edwina' returns, this time to be brutalized by Mistress Anastasia, Mistress Morgana, and the Boss! edwina's "punishment stay" begins with cross dressing in the interrogation room, where 'she' is placed into standing bondage for some heavy cbt, nipple play, flogging, whipping, body slamming and face slapping. A very physical over the knee spanking occurs and the Mistresses take turns squeezing edwina's head between Their legs. There is a lot of laughing. The action is severe. edwina is then taken up to the schoolroom for some very strict discipline and dt. Many implements are used. The three Mistresses take turns with 'her'. Next, edwina is trampled front and back by all three Mistresses and made to do foot and boot worship. The Mistresses actually jump up and down on edwina's back in heels. There is much face slapping, spitting, and verbal admonishment. For the heavy player. If you liked Gang Bang, you will love this! Order  View clips


Gang Bang Find out what happens when the Boss and Anastasia tag team a hapless male slave! 'edwina' gets 'her' just deserts in this very severe two camera shoot! Featuring: cross dressing, face slapping, nipple torture, dt, bullwhipping, spanking, caning, paddling, foot worship, shoe worship, trampling, and verbal humiliation. Filmed in the schoolroom. The spanking horse, punishment box, and caning stockade are made use of. Boss and Anastasia in heels and hose. Excellent depiction of heavy play on a submissive male masochist. Order  View clips








Edwina returns (Intellectual forced bi and ego demolition) The scene opens in the Compound's new OWK room. Edwina is securely fastened over a large whipping bench in bondage awaiting the Boss's torments. Mistress Anastasia in red leather and Irene Boss in black rubber with military hats. You are guaranteed to see Boss at her bitchiest in this video. Edwina is whipped, caned, spanked, flogged, punched, kicked, slapped and smacked. Watch Edwina volunteer to take even more when Boss dangles ass worship like a carrot. Anastasia explains and instructs Edwina on how to worship a Mistress's ass properly while beating his ass with a riding crop. There is also some cbt. Edwina is forced to exchange clothes with another slave, and has a breakdown when he is unable to follow instructions and suck the other slave's cock. The Mistresses change their outfits into new rubber and leather ensembles, and tickle torture the other slave. Edwina is bound and plugged and must listen to the other slave receive a good OTK spanking and caning. Edwina is forced to worship shoes and feet in great detail before masturbating under the stern gaze of the two Mistresses. Lots of shoe dangling, smothering and verbal humiliation! Order  View clips





Irene Boss meets Betka Schpitz (and the adventures of fuck-hole) The first sequence filmed by Irene Boss, and the second sequence is filmed by Betka Schpitz. Realistic session footage - very spontaneous. The Ladies had a field day with Dingdong! After being christened with a new name by Domina Betka Schpitz, Dingdong is dressed in a very provocative and slutty outfit with exotic make up and heels. Betka then takes Dingdong into the schoolroom so she can try out Irene's new signal whip on the bitch. Dingdong is bent over the punishment box and is severely thrashed. Irene also jumps in to apply a few lashes. You can hear Irene and Betka talking and making comments throughout. There is a hilarious segment where Betka forces Dingdong to suck cock while Josie's ears and nose are clamped. The second sequence feature Irene administering extreme electro play to an upside down Josie's genital and nipple area. Dingdong is then suspended right side up for some whipping, and the scene winds down with DT in the sling after electro toy treatment. Betka then administers a good caning to Dingdong, who cannot escape. Order  View clips


Guess Who's coming to Mistress! Irene Boss and Mistress Denetra get totally out of control with Dingdng in this extreme journey into masochism. Dingdong is suspended in a chair, spanked, cropped, paddles, smacked and slapped. Dingdong is suspended with electroshock to nipples and clitty, with the violet wand and hollers so loud the walls shake! Dingdong is placed in the sit sling for strap on training and electric dildo treatment. Very heavy play. Order  View clips



Poking and piercing Filmed by Boss. Is dildo training a favorite activity here or what? Examples of 'butt play' - toys and strap-ons - with cross dressed sissy sluts. Some medical (enemas) G/S, and cbt/nipple play. Nipple and 'clitty' piercing, forced strap on sucking and a messy partial fisting. Intense strap on play,and GS scenes too! Look through the eyes of the slaves, as you get to see everything they see (they wore virtual reality glasses attached to a tripod mounted camera through out the shoots). Irene Boss and a cameo with Mistress Anastasia. Filmed in the clinic and gothic dungeon. Order  View clips
A visit to Dr. Boss 2000 Jammed packed with 'procedures'! Mistress Anastasia and the Boss dominate little 'suzie' with some alternative therapies. Very bizarre and humiliating! Inflatable nozzle enema, cascade enema, strap on play, spiting, surgical steel sounds, dildo training, catheterization, electro play and two diabolical golden showers in two different potty chairs. Extremely verbal throughout. For the medical enthusiast. Order   View clips




jayne's addiction (footwear fantasia) The adventures of 'slave jayne' continue, with this strict, erotic journey into rubber and foot fetish. Bossy Irene walks into her shoe boudoir to find lazy jayne applying makeup instead of shining shoes. Rubber jayne is then punished when Boss decides to force feed the fetish. jayne wears extremely tight 'neck to toe' shiny red rubber. Boss in butch military gear - tight white leather corset and jodhpur pants. Many sexy shots of shoe, stocking and bare foot worship. Boss uses high heels on jayne's titties and clitty. jayne wears several pairs of extremely uncomfortable high heeled bondage 'hobble shoes'. jayne ends up in the sit sling (Gothic Dungeon); worn out by the Boss's big black cock. jayne does the unthinkable, and manages to combust as a result of the erotic dildo play. Order  View clips




The Boss's Bitch Private session footage with the infamous slut ding dong. Watch scenes of ding dong taking it like a good whore. Electric play. Lots of rubber, with very creative predicament bondage cbt and nipple torture. The nova pro system is put to good use too! Watch Irene administer Josie's monthly hormone shot. Amazing strap on scene in the sit sling, and deep throat gagging action. Dingdong tries to take it all strapped to the new black leather bondage couch...There is a nice additional electrical bondage scene with dingdong strapped to a metal bed enduring many bazaar forms of CBT and nipple play, with a stunning cameo appearance with Goddess Claudia from South Florida. Very intense! Order  View clips




Bullwhipped tranny bitch The story opens with 'macho bitch' suspended upside down in the Compound's new OWK room, wearing a red rubber dress, red pony tail hood, white patent leather boots, and a black leather arm binder. Irene and Anastasia assault him with predicament bondage, c&b, single tail whipping, flogging, spanking, intense dildo sucking, spitting, and forced body worship. Irene Boss and Anastasia in black mesh cat suits and strap ons, with military hats. In the gothic dungeon the slave is placed right side up and endures a lot of cbt and toy training. The Mistresses are quite merciless spanking his cock. The slave does time in the sit sling. Order  View clips

Let's be Girls together! Houseboy gets caught sneaking through the underwear drawer, so Ms. Irene Boss decides he should be forced to go all the way with it! Role play - Complete forced feminine transformation and male maid training. Takes place in the Schoolroom at the Compound, and in Irene Boss’s personal living quarters. Order  View clips



Tickled Tortured Tranny! Tranzilla has another thing coming when 'she' forgets to pick Irene up at the airport! Irene had to take a taxi all the way to the Compound's downtown offices only to find out that Tranzilla had sold all of the office furniture and equipment! Watch all "hell break loose" as Boss tackles Tranzilla, and empties all the suitcases that prove where the money got spent. Domination 'mafia style'! Tranzilla is taken back to the Compound and tortured in bondage with the most intense tickle torure imaginable! Boss in professional business woman's attire, and later in military costume. Tranzilla in various slut/whore ensembles. Order  View clips


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Irene Boss 1 and 2 Presenting the first two videos ever made by the Compound - now available as a compilation. Part 1: Errant husband gets caught watching the game without doing chores! OTK spanking with hand and hairbrush, caning, verbal and cross dressing. Ends with naughty house husband cleaning the house. Ms. Boss wears the pants in this video, with a white satin sports bra and sensible ankle boots. Takes place in the personal living quarters. Part 2: Errant husband gets caught watching the game without doing chores (again!)! Role play - OTK spanking with hand and hairbrush, caning, belt,bondage, smoking, and crossdressing. Sexy smoking scenes while slave husband is hogtied. Ashtray use of slave/husband too. 3 costume changes for Ms. Boss, including a black girdle with a see through back panel and black leather bra, and a skin tight PVC black catsuit with knee length black patent platform boots. Takes place in the personal living quarters.  

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Katattack! Compound houseboy little johnny gets his comeuppance again, when he sasses the Kat. She suspends him in the interrogation chamber in frillies and ballet boots, verbally admonishing him throughout. Lots of nipple play, corporal, cbt, and teasing. he is then taken into the schoolroom and bent over for additional discipline! Mistress Kat wears corset, heels and hose with exotic makeup and long painted fingernails. She runs Her nails over him frequently. Shot in high quality digital. Order
sissy for Morgana Strict school room fantasy! Mistress Morgana gives sherri an important lesson in corporal. Cross dressed sherri is disciplined with the paddles and cane over the punishment box and horse. Intensely verbal throughout. Ms. Morgan in short black 'cocktail style' dress, bare legs, and sexy open toed black patent leather strappy high heels. Order  View clips

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Panty boy Louise D., Mistress Anastasia and The Boss discipline an errant male for surfing the net and masturbating. Smoking fetish - cigars. Dominas wear full leather in the interrogation room while the slave dances for Them in a pink t-back. Brutal caning/kicking/bullwhipping sequence as well. If you liked "Sent to The BOSS", then you will love this 3 against 1 extravaganza! The power these 3 Ladies have over this slave is amazing. For the smoking and kicking enthusiast. Order

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It's Electric! Watch the Boss and Louise D. rock slave Mathew's world with this strict journey into suspension bondage and electricity! The tale begins with our naughty boy strapped up in the air for some serious electro and genital torture. The new voice activated electroshock system is demonstrated! rubber slave is ordered to change his attire several times and the Mistresses do as well. you will love Louise's gorgeous black leather custom designed corset and the Boss's skin tight black rubber cheek shorts. Louise wears 8 " platform heels and hose - Boss in knee length black patent leather boots with 8" heels and platforms. Phase 2 of Mathew's discipline sees him taking a good over the knee spanking from the two Mistresses, separately and together. Louise D takes some time do demonstrate proper foot worship to this slave. Irene decides to have Her armpits worshipped as well. The slave is forced to suck strap on dildos. There is an incredible golden shower scene in a see through Plexi glass potty chair. The ladies then place the slave in a leather body bag to undergo psychological electro play with the nova pro system. The wrap up involves some hard discipline over the spanking horse, where he is forced to worship Irene's rubber clad ass. Very verbal. Order 




Extreme lessons in Bullwhipping Severe whipping and suspension. At the Compound Room, Domina Irene is showing Goddess Claudia the new upside down suspension system. The creature "macho bitch" is hoisted in a thick leather arm binder for the most severe bullwhipping imaginable. Boss and Claudia take turns with the whips, and trade them frequently and move around the room to get better angles. Macho Bitch is dressed in one of Irene's old stripper costumes. The bitch is then moved to the whipping post and receives more of the same. In the gothic dungeon the bitch is suspended upside down for some electric cbt and nipple play. There is a nice flogging scene with the violet wand being used in conjunction. Order  View clips
sissy for Morgana Strict school room fantasy! Mistress Morgana gives sherri an important lesson in corporal. Cross dressed sherri is disciplined with the paddles and cane over the punishment box and horse. Intensely verbal throughout. Ms. Morgan in short black 'cocktail style' dress, bare legs, and sexy open toed black patent leather strappy high heels. Order  View clips






Bound at the Compound  A good example of a Mistress giving some positive reinforcement and praise to a submissive cross dresser. 'slut sherri' gives it up to Mistress Anastasia in this cross dressers/bondage lovers fantasy! slut sherri is dressed in a tight red rubber dress and matching ponytail hood with heels and stockingsMistress Anastasia in sleek red PVC with matching ankle boots. slut sherri is trained in the standing stockade and endures cbt, nipple play and spanking. Mistress Anastasia takes possession of sherri's 'pussy', and thus sherri is forced to wear a butt plug for the remainder of the scene. A trip to the sit sling where sherri is placed into predicament rope bondage for more cbt and nipple play follows. Mistress Anastasia then decides to place sherri in near suspension, with 'her' hands up in the air over 'her' head for some serious flogging and more edge play. The video ends with sherri orally worshiping Mistress Anastasia's black strap on and red ankle boots. Order  View clips

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Bondage and Tickling Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss take turns with a mummified slave in the Compound Schoolroom. Two duct tape scenes with breath control, tickling, and bondage. Implements are used, as well as Irene's lethal long nails. The ladies wear shiny tights sexy shoes, and platform fetish boots. Bonus footage featuring the short: Do you think we will get caught? One hot blustering August day (it was 98 degrees) Irene was in the mood to tie and tickle her girl out doors, so they went hunting in North Park for the perfect spot! She tied her to a tree and began her assault. She kept asking her if she thought we would be caught, and threatened to leave her there - while she went to a nearby bar to find a couple of people to handle her. The ladies wear shiny tights, boots, black leather jackets and bras. They eventually got caught by someone who was riding a bike through the park. For voyeurs and exhibitionists!  Order 

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This won't hurt did it? Domina Irene Boss's 4th video at The Other World Kingdom ! The premise: Domina Irene Boss had a terrible flight across the pond to OWK from America, because transfat (who sat directly behind her) kicked her seat constantly. Payback is a bitch Goddess from hell! Scene 1: The weather at OWK in the early summer is very tempting, so instead of filming indoors in the dark night club, Domina Irene decides at the last minute to play outdoors. She decides that her boys - dave and dorque - are going to pull her around the race track in a carriage while transfat walks behind in high heels carrying her refreshment. The carriage finally approaches the covered riding hall, and it is discovered that the ice has melted in the refreshment. She punishes transfat by dumping the whole pitcher of freezing cold water on his back after using him as a dismounting stool. Then she decides to give transfat some special refreshment right on his head. The naughty fidgeting slave is left to bake in the sun, wearing her piss. Scene 2: Domina Irene is disturbed with her slave's slow and slovenly trip around the race track! The pillory: Both dave and dorque are in stockades, and transfat is restrained to the whipping trunk. She commands slave dave to hold her shoes in his mouth and to not let them drop, or else! She begins flogging dorque who is made to recite the lord's prayer while wearing a rubber priest's robes. Next, transfat receives a very severe whipping. Irene hears her shoes drop to the ground, so gives her full attention to dave, with a cane. In the hot sun she has become thirsty, so transfat is released to be sent for refreshment to quench her thirst. Scene 3: The 2 slaves - dave and dorque are commanded to worship Irene's feet and ass to show their appreciation for receiving their punishment. She spits often into slave dave's mouth. The transfat is ridiculed during this segment, and once again doused with water. This is a moderate to heavy humorous production with some religious sarcasm and golden shower play. It is intended for a wide BDSM Fem Dom audience.

The Best of the Boss

Sample of every title ever produced by MIB Productions 1994 - 2004.

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Best of the Boss trailers! Samples from 55 current DVD 5 titles! Excerpts from all of the following titles - Masochistic Circus, A Dogs Day At The North Sea, Jayne’s Sex Change, Accidental Gardener, Blood Piss and Tears, Chopstix Torture and Domestic Servitude, Bondcon NYC, Breaking The Rules, Claiming of Orchid, Discount Whorehouse, For Women Only, It's Electric, Jailbait, Let It Rain, Pissboy, The Boss's Bitch, The Initiation, The Mark Of Amazon, Tickle Treat Smell My Feet, Extreme Electric CBT, A Hitchhikers Guide, X Marks The Spot, Your Appearance Is In Question, The Adventures Of Rubber Bob, Employee Blues/Sent To The Boss, Irene Boss Meets Lady Cheyenne/Pigboy, Irene Boss Meets Mistress Denetra, Irene Boss Meets Sabrina Belladonna, Morgana's Revenge, Over Her Knee, Shaved By The Boss, Taming Of Bess, Bullwhipped Tranny Bitch, Extreme Caning and Whipping, Extreme Lessons in Bullwhipping, Smoking Nuns, The new girl, Irene Boss Meets Ilsa Strix, Pantyboy, Rope Bondage , Unforgiven, Female Disciplinary Manual, Bullwhipped Bastard, Guess Who's Coming To Mistress?, OWK American Style, Rubber Grlz, Sexual Harassment, Super Concentrated Bitch, Unemployed By The Boss, Whipped By The Boss, You Don't Deserve A Break Today, A Visit To Dr Boss, Adventures Of Johnny Utah, Don’t eat the candy.  Order  View clips

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Bossy teacher at the OWK (VHS only - ntsc or pal) Filmed at OWK in the schoolroom. Heavy corporal discipline - interrogatory and fraternity style. The first Boss video at OWK!  Presenting Domina Irene Boss, Mistress Shane, and the ' 3 stooges ': transfat, jacob and oslo find themselves in a whole lot of trouble when they are caught goofing around by Mistress Shane in this corporal enthusiast's nightmare.  Domina Irene Boss comes into the school room at the OWK to find the 3 boys looking quite contrite, but realizes that severe punishment is in order for the very disrespectful picture that someone had drawn on the chalk board representing Her. Over the Knee spanking with a hand and paddle, tawsing over a horse, heavy wooden paddling, punishment lines, caning of the hands and bottom, and smothering are featured in this severe journey into strict classroom discipline. A remarkable scene where all three students are caned by Domina Irene Boss and Mistress Shane will keep you on the edge of your seat! Mistress Shane in long skirt with heels, and Irene Boss in tight corset, military hat and short skirt. Extremely verbal. Not for the novice or faint of heart.  Order 

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Chop sticks torture and domestic servitude This production flips back and forth between dungeon play and domestic servitude. It speaks of the difference between play sessions and real service. Two slaves are chosen as demonstration tools to highlight this educational endeavor. Dungeon Play: Irene invites her friend (the devious disciplinarian) Louise D. over to share some techniques in the use of kitchen appliances as dungeon tools AKA the frugal disciplinarian. Irene wears a beautiful rubber costume and Louise is striking in a black cat suit with white corset. Slave Dave is restrained on the pillory. The Ladies work him over with the tawse, slappers and whips. Louise makes a mixture of salt and water for his wounds, and sprays rubbing alcohol on his raw ass cheeks. He is turned face forward on the pillory for chop sticks torture on his nipples and genitals. He moans and screams. There is also some cock whipping with smaller implements. What a pain slut!Domestic Servitude: In the kitchen of the Compound Irene and Louise are enjoying tea. Irene is in her silk pajamas and Louise is in jeans and a sweater. Dingdong diddles about in his rubber maid's outfit while the Ladies discuss proper houseboy protocol and the trials and tribulations of lifestyle verses professional in female domination. (Irene's macaws can be heard during this sequence. One of Dingdong's  duties is helping to care for the macaws.) Louise decides to bend Dingdong over the kitchen table for a caning due to an infraction he has committed. Then Irene gives him 10 of the best. A butt plug is inserted and coffee is served. Dingdong is fitted with a remote controlled electric ball shocker and he is corrected frequently while cleaning out the oven. Lots of shoe dangling while the Ladies scold. Dingdong receives an over the knee hairbrush spanking and a birching from Irene and Louise. This is punishment, not playtime!