Beach House Bonanza Part 1
An abomination of domination! Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Claudia and assland tom. Introducing the first time appearances of Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian from the Cock Mommie series. Filmed on location in Florida. Find out what happened at MIB Production's famous annual beach house retreat! Strict Female Supremacy. We begin with Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss ravaging a male slave in the bedroom who is wearing a spectacular rubber hood. Big dick gagging strap on training! Irene shaves his ass. He is harnessed in suspension for forced strap on blow jobs, electric plug insertion and spitting. The slave is bent over the dinner table Linda Lovelace style for a DP by the two Ladies. Scene two - Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian place the slave on the metal St. Andrew's cross in a humiliating jock strap mask. The Ladies engage in CBT, nipple torture, and strap on sucking. The slave is forced to worship creamy food off their shoes and boots for his supper. Thank you to for the jock strap gag, and a major thank you to Goddess Claudia and Dom for use of the beach house.