Electric Cock Control
Irene Boss knows...control the cock - control the man! The human body is comprised of water and muscle, so adding electricity to the mix only adds to the domination. The male slave is restrained on the CBT chair in a leather harness wearing a heavy leather face restraint and parachute with custom brass weights. A good scrotal and ball stretching is in order here. Irene goes to town with the violet wand on the erection preventing metal chastity devise he is forced to wear. His thighs are included. A metal egg shaped electric butt plug is inserted and electric bi polar nipple clamps are applied. He is double flogged and thigh cropped. Irene removes the chastity devise to see how many clothespins she can apply and places the head of his penis in predicament bondage attached to his head gear. A very interesting electric butterfly board is demonstrated. Many electrical boxes are put to good use. Special thank you to foot sucker for appearing in the film and building the weight set and custom electrical butterfly board. Special thank you to slave AC for commissioning the video!