North Meets South
What happens when you get 2 strict Dominant Ladies together with a mouthy masochist male? Well - they feed off each Others sadistic energies! Leather bondage for the slave in this new feature with CBT, clothespins, face sitting, violet wand, 2 diabolical nipple stretching towers and a gas mask to muffle the the screams! Ladies love caning and they have the perfect masochist bent over the punishment box for Their lusts! He is strapped, tawzed and explores sensations from Irene’s single tail while They compare notes and play off each Other!

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Gagged & Plugged Mistress Irene disciplines a lousy housekeeper in the kitchen of Her studio. Her bare feet are very dirty from the slave's poor cleaning skills and She makes him lick them clean to prove it. Kitchen corporal and electric butt plug insertion. Over the knee spanking, caning and paddling. Foot dangling at the camera while Irene scolds. Follow Her and the slave up the stairs for a glimpse of Her naked behind. Mooning POV - She tells you exactly what you can do with your nasty fantasy because She knows all about it. The slave ismade to clean the bathroom under Her supervision. Irene decides to re-train the slave by inserting an even larger plug into his man-gina. He must do a better job!