The Penetration Of Angela
Angela has signed on to be Irene's new domestic servant, and since Irene has had a lot of problems with these mischievous girls in the past, Angela indeed seems like a breath of fresh air! While cleaning Mz Fawn's guest room she comes across a strange stash of pornography! Since Fawn and Irene have left for the day, Angela decides to explore the stash. She gets *very comfortable* on the bed and starts lasciviously savoring the smut! She lingers over certain pictorials and dog ears the pages. Mz Fawn has forgotten her cell phone and must return to the Compound. Irene and Fawn go right up the stairs into the Guest room to find Angela laying on the bed with her legs spread wearing a corset, stockings and bondage ballet boots! She is wet! Angela must be punished! Irene and Fawn interrogate the girl, put her in bondage, tie her tightly to the bed face down with pillows elevating her bottom in the air and proceed to give Angela a very thorough bare bottomed hand spanking until her posterior is a lovely rose red. She is then fingered by one Mistress and her bottom is rubbed, while the other explores the dog-eared pages of the magazines. She is forced to taste herself. The Mistresses then decide to carry out some of the depictions from the magazines. (You will have to buy this video to see everything that happens!) Angela is then placed on her back for more fun. Her breasts and pussy are put through some tests (electrical in nature). She is forced to orgasm over and over again with various vibrators and this eventually becomes sexual torture! Some very unusual things are inserted into Angela's pussy, including a solid steel tuning fork. The story ends with Angela wriggling in agony from the forced orgasms! Fawn and Irene as proper Victorian Mistresses (in corsets, blouses. and long skirts) "gone kinky", and Angela nude in corset, black stockings, and ballet boots. Sometimes girls have all the fun!