Reprogramming At Residenz Avalon
The reprogramming of a slave can only happen if an extreme measure is taken to reduce the ego, and that's exactly what Irene Boss does while She travels with Her slave throughout Europe. The slave's grooming rituals have been throwing off the company schedule each day, so She decides to remove the problem - his hair. He is also interrogated about his slave status and dominated in the large subterranean rooms of the Residenz Avalon in Berlin Germany in order to prove his devotion to Her. There are many remarkable scenes including suspension in a steel ball, caging, whipping, strict corporal punishment and jail cell time. He is straight jacketed and also corrected on the CBT Cross in a kneeling position on the cement floor. Great sound too for fetishists of high heels, as you get to listen to Irene strut Her stuff throughout the bunkers. Bonus footage of the slave's service to Irene in public from the Hotel Estrel to the WIWA booth at the Venus fair in Berlin. The slave is placed in a latex vacuum bed and shorn in public as well. A nice public whipping scene. Irene is at Her finest, so don't miss out. Buy this DVD!

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