The Punished Panty Sniffer
Starring the beautiful Mz Fawn!
Transfat gets caught being nosy in Mz Fawn's guest suite while she is visiting Irene Boss at the Compound. Fatty Tran was looking at Mz Fawn's cell phone and rifling through her belongings. Totally unacceptable behavior for a house slave! How was Mz Fawn to know that this creature would soon be dismissed for other intrusive and inappropriate behaviors? The last straw was finding the imbecile with it's nose pressed against a fragrant panty crotch. The bitch is strapped over the caning box and paddled. Next there is nipple play, cock sucking, dildo training, near suspension and floor fucking. Humiliating ass worship. No traditional sex for the hermaphroditic cretin! A sadistic pinwheel and pin hammer are used frequently on the freshly surgically enhanced nipples of the fucktard's fake titties. The itty bitty clitty does not even exist!