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BDSM comedy and Hilarious online humiliation

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You need Real Player to view: "Slave no mercy's Bachelorette special"

*Full length video is over an hour. Order full length video here. It's a frat house favorite!

He has never worked out for a session, but at least I have made some money off his worthless pathetic ass for wasting my time.

Voice wavs...~ I'M the BOSS! Here's a few things I say at work in the BIG OLE FEM DOM WRITING SCRIPT! ~

11 pages of freaky emails for you to read inside - from various crazies! If you have been a perpetrator you must join to read your pitiful homily!

It's your Boss! You know - the Dominant One you fantasize about all day long (not that fat balding one with the halitosis). Do you hate your day job? You know - the one you have so you can bring home the bacon (and occasionally visit the Compound)? Well, after you read all this stuff you wont feel so bad. See, I went to college for over 10 years so I could have this job. Gee I must have a pretty good sense of humor to do this damn domination stuff for a living! (he he)

Rants, tirades and famous Irene Boss sayings!

  • It's Sunday. Why don't you guys go out and eat a waffle somewhere!  
  • Oh, you are late. I see. I suppose your sweater got caught in the electric garage door and you couldn't get down until your brother came home from the farm, and your neighbor ate your homework. How many tumers did you say you got on your way over here?  
  • you know what to do at the tone! Now do it!
  • Kiss My butt. I want to hear you kiss it!
  • Don't go anywhere -(when you are in bondage - followed by a maniacal laugh and stomping feet)  
  • I'm gonna' spank you until your teeth shake!  
  • Take your time and hurry up!

Hey! This is not a 'free service', or a 'sexual service'. This is not a 'service' period. you will have the 'type' of session you want (if you are accepted), but I don't go around 'servicing you' during the session. Are you having some trouble understanding all of this? OK, then I will form some analogies. So - you are a professional baseball player! Well - good for you! :) How'd ya like it if ya kept gettin' calls from dorky-doofs askin' ya ta 'play ball fer free' in their backyards? How 'bout on yer day off? Wait a minute! I thought you were 'lifestyle!' So, you are a stockbroker. That's nice. Gee, do you have sex with your clients? Do you make your clients give you bj's? Do your clients ask if they can 'take a peek' at your c***? Do your clients ask you if they can do anything to 'please' you? So, you are a pizza dude. Gee, that sucks. Do your clients ever stare at your breasts, even though they are covered? Do your clients leave filthy balled up washcloths and towels lying around your bathroom? How about skid marks on your toilet? Do your clients leave your toilet seat up? They do!?! Your kidding. Well then, you should make them eat sushi off the toilet rim. * Now that I have made you see how ridiculous this type of behavior is, you will understand that it is possible to be a professional Domina Who has scruples. No, you will never be a professional Domina (I know most of you would love to be one - you are forever trying to control instead of giving up control), though I am sure you are accomplished at what you do. Respect Me, and what I do. *

Hey, I get away with everything on this page!


I suppose I've ruined the fantasy for many of you now. That shrieking you hear coming from the other side of the building on rare occasions is My macaw - not some other slave. 

By the way, if I see pictures of boo-bird on any other websites, or if his name is used illegally to promote other sites, I will prosecute.

This Boss Rant is long overdue!

If you don't like humiliation that's too bad because this is free! harrumph!

The following situations are turning Me into a crankmiester! Listen to your artistic Queen stomp Her Foot in irritation!

It appears that I cannot stress the importance of not sending a script.

Today a foolish doofus snail mailed Me a script the size of a phone book.

Since I was doing yard work I ran over it with the lawn mower. he then called to inform Me that money had been in the package as well.

Oh well, whatever. Like I really care. Do it 'My way' boys, and make Me happy. Didn't your Mother ever teach you not to mail a Mistress cash? After all, She might just run over it with Her lawnmower!

If you must send Me something - no 200 act plays (save some trees), and make your letters concise and short. Purchase a money order and call to say it is on its way.

I do realize that some of you pencil neck dweebs pursue 'free humiliation' by calling and annoying Me. I do happen to be quite a verbal person. Those of you who play these games will find out quickly that everything is My Way. If you join My website that does not 'entitle' you to be irritating on the phone towards Me. I will 'waste your time back' by NOT canceling your membership (as you dolts always request through your pitiful rambling emails) - but I will in effect ignore you, causing you to have to fend for yourself with Verotel. Canceling your membership will then take much, much longer. ha ha ha. Ah! Now I feel much better! See? I'm way ahead a all yins! (Pixbergeez)

        Shop 'n slave - Let's go! "Forced buy!"

All stalkers will eventually wake up in the middle of the night to find bowling balls and broken glass in their shabby archie-bunker style living rooms.

Feces will appear at work and home in the most inappropriate places, causing loss of wives, girlfriends or boyfriends, and employment.

Do I make Myself clear?


Then don't 'go ahead and make My Day'.

you know you want to hear more!