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New writing in members: A 2 hour scene + birthday cake 'after care': "A birthday spanking!"

I wore a sport jacket, my Mercedes was newly cleaned, and I had woken up early that day with a twinkle in my soul.  It’s great to be alive.  That afternoon was going to be an adventure with both Ms. Boss (whom I explicitly trust) and an acolyte of hers (whom I had never met).  My birthday had come recently, and this was to be a present to myself.  There is always fear of the unknown -- but what is life without and adventure, a drop of adrenaline, a mystery to explore?  Needless to say, I was excited. Talking on the phone with Ms. Boss is always reassuring.  She proposed a scene in which I was to play the role of a naughty employee (one who snuck peaks at other’s email and such).  Of course I’d be discovered and duly punished.  There is something alluring about the pre-staging of a scene like this  – it is a play in which I’d be the prop, in which lines are not written or rehearsed, but in which the conclusions are known before-hand.  It’s like watching a movie where you scream for the hero to get out of the house, knowing full well what lurks behind the door.  I’d been to Ms. Boss’s house before.  I knew…  It is a very odd feeling to know that you are clearly choosing to be the object of someone else’s wrath. I knocked on the front door, soon to hear the loud clump of well-healed shoes descending her wooden stair case.  The door opened, I saw Ms. Boss in sexy office attire, and she led me upstairs to the office.  I’ll call it the office for now, because it is well equipped with a book case and books.  Nothing too threatening.  The fear of what is to come only surmounts and swallows one’s soul upon taking one’s clothes are off.  Well, within minutes of being instructed to do so, mine were off and I stood there naked before her -- observed, monitored, almost ashamed. My fear had surmounted, and my soul lay hiding beneath my pile of clothes.  I was soon informed that she and her friend had caught me stealing looks at their emails.  I could either turn myself in and get fired or face the punishment that they were ready to meat out. What could I do?  There were many times that I had read things that I shouldn’t have, that I had ogled women when I shouldn’t have, when I had fantasized about Ms. Boss. I shouldn’t have.  Within seconds of acknowledging my transgressions,  I was bent over her lap, my ass naked and in the air, with her bare hands slapping down hard on each cheek.  Suffice it too say, the number of spanks that I received was well into the hundreds.  Lying over her lap, who can’t fail but get excited?  Even with the stinging redness that soon steamed from my butt cheeks, this fantasy was too much for me. I could feel the heat of her thighs through her stockings.  Of course, this meant that the punishment was only just beginning. Read the rest


My birthday was October 2nd  Here is what I did


New writing in members: A 3 hour scene: "Edwina 6 the beat down fix!" (took place at Dom Con Atlanta 2011)

I am writing this summary of a recent session with Mistress Irene and Mistress Shakti at the behest of my longtime mentor, tutor, master, and owner, Mistress Irene.  As a devoted minion of Mistress Irene, I was honored to be asked to share my experience.  We met at the recent Atlanta Dom Con Convention for yet another reminder of my male inferiority and inner desire to be ravaged and beaten by superior Women.  Mistress Irene and myself go way back and evidence of my complete subjugation and emasculation are evident for all to see in our series of “edwina” tapes made throughout the years.  On the other hand, I had never met Mistress Shakti before and she joined our session on the recommendation of Mistress Irene.  Before I share the details of our time together, let me just say Mistress Irene was as sadistic, cruel, creative, intuitive, and as fantastic as ever.  Mistress Shakti was equally impressive, and besides her stunning pulchritude, she provided the added muscle for a good old-fashioned ass-kicking and beatdown.  I was beaten into such a blissful state of submission I would have done anything these two beautiful Mistresses demanded, and I did. Rather than provide a literal and linear script of our time together, I will instead provide highlights and impressions that are most memorable.  My first impression was that Mistress Irene was as beautiful, as competent, as in control, as powerful as ever.  From the moment I was ordered to lay prostrate at her feet worshipping her shoes, I knew who was in control (she) and who was forever helpless (me).  Not knowing Mistress Shakti from any previous session, my first impression when she entered a little later was of a young, good looking, innocent girl who was certainly athletic, but couldn’t possibly be the Dominatrix that Mistress Irene had said would provide the beatdowns I now love so much.  However, I soon discovered that a muscle-bound behemoth is not necessary to beat a worthless and weak wimp such as myself into submission.  Mistress Shakti proved more than capable and showed me yet again that feminine, petite, shapely Women can also physically dominate, punish, and thoroughly beat-up an inferior male.  After she introduced herself with a series of hard kicks, jumped up and down on me, and foot slapped me silly with her sneaker-clad feet I knew had seriously misjudged her capabilities.  She reminded me of this error, by her actions, many more times throughout the next several hours. Throughout the series of beatings that followed, Mistress Irene acted as ringmaster and provocateur as she directed and guided Mistress Shakti through a thorough and complete ass-kicking that left me at times in tears and for several days afterwards sore and aching.  Lest you think Mistress Irene was a mere observer, she gladly participated with her own kicks, slaps, nipple torture, CBT, and body slams.  One such activity placed me in the position of a soccer ball, on my hands and knees, being prodded forward by hard kicks to my posterior until a goal was scored by placing my head between the thighs of one Mistress and then the other.  Mistress Irene is more than capable of administering a good beating and teaching a poor male such as myself that resistance is futile and total submission is your only salvation.  Her real strength, though, is how she gets into your mind and controls you emotionally, knowing what you want and what you need, and just how far she can go.  She knows when you are broken and totally bereft of any male ego, and then goes just a bit farther until you are beyond emasculated and you will suffer and do anything to please her. Read the rest


"Beach House Bonanza Part 1"


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Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Claudia and assland tom. Introducing the first time appearances of Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian from the Cock Mommie series. Filmed on location in Florida. Find out what happened at MIB Production's famous annual beach house retreat! Strict Female Supremacy. We begin with Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss ravaging a male slave in the bedroom who is wearing a spectacular rubber hood. Big dick gagging strap on training! Irene shaves his ass. He is harnessed in suspension for forced strap on blow jobs, electric plug insertion and spitting. The slave is bent over the dinner table Linda Lovelace style for a DP by the two Ladies. Scene two - Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian place the slave on the metal St. Andrew's cross in a humiliating jock strap mask. The Ladies engage in CBT, nipple torture, and strap on sucking. The slave is forced to worship creamy food off their shoes and boots for his supper. Thank you to The LatexStore.Com for the jock strap gag, and a major thank you to Goddess Claudia and Dom for use of the beach house.

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"Beach House Bonanza Part 2"


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An abomination of domination!

Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Claudia, Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian (from Cock Mommie), assland tom, heelslut and slave dave.

Filmed on location in Florida during MIB Production's famous annual beach house retreat!

Strict Female Supremacy.

4 Doms on 3 subs - the men are outnumbered during 3 simultaneous scenes presented in play party style!


Here is what goes on...

Hooded suspension in the Tetruss system with electric cbt and clothespins, hooded bondage on the St. Andrews Cross with heavy nipple play, hooded strap on sucking with strap on humiliation, foot worship, lots of corporal, a spectacular bullwhipping scene and extreme verbal humiliation.


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Scene 3: Suspended spread tickle prisoner awaits the Boss's evil torments. She is now wearing a business jacket with steel heeled pumps. The attention is placed on his poor cock and ball area while she tickles the balls and the shaft. She walks around the room clicking her high heels constantly while frequently announcing "I think we can make this even better!" Ms Boss C&B's him again with a predicament involving foot tickling. Ms Boss chose this particular slave to be in this video with her because he hates tickling and it is on his top 5 list of dislikes. Ms Boss decides to introduce a weighted electric cock ring in conjunction with electrical pads. Scene 4: Tickle victim is saran wrapped while he is standing in near suspension wearing a tight corset. Ms Boss then goes for his underarms and sides with her long nails. He is placed on the floor in a bondage muff. Extreme and diabolical foot tickling then takes place. She face sits him and tickles his sensitive sides and armpits.

"Tickled, Milked, Whipped and Face sat" DVD 5




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Scene 1: At the Tickle Asylum Irene Boss has a new victim to torment with her luscious long red fingernails, shimmery sexy pantyhose, see through rubber mini dress and custom fetish platform ankle boots. The corseted prisoner is encased in shiny pantyhose while he is fastened to the rack in metal leg restraint braces and a face sitting head bondage box. Ms Boss's ass and your face is worth your next paycheck indeed, especially when she starts tickling your nipples and sides while she is doing it. This is split screen breath play by rubber encased pantyhose ass. Irene is tickled by the slave's beard through her pantyhose. She tickles his cock and balls through his pantyhose and he begins to get quite excited. She tickles his bare cock and balls with her long luscious red fingernails and rubs her sexy shiny pantyhose legs and leather boots against his bare erect cock and balls. She presses her enormous rubber encased breasts and solid encased pantyhose thighs against his bare erect cock and balls while mercilessly tickling his sides. He laughs and moans hysterically! It's time for satin ribbon predicament cbt torture and he is re - face sat for side tickle torture treatment number 2. Another split screen. She is sitting on him, depriving him of breath and mercilessly tickling him to death. Every time he moves from the relentless tickle torture he pulls on his sensitive cock and balls. She interjects cruel and unusual punishment by forced consumption of caffeine by forcing the slave to consume a Red Bull so his nerves are on fire for the duration on the scene.

Scene 2: Prisoner is moved to the tickle bench for a new round of treatments and placed face down secured with rubber straps. His corset is tightened and his sides are savagely tickled again. Tickling is a great way to test bondage to make sure that it's tight enough. It's pantyhose destruction time so Ms Boss can once again have her way. His balls are tied to toes for predicament bondage CBT foot and side tickling, and electric CBT is administered via shock pads and a tens unit. Since Ms Boss has decided to whip this slave today, he is warmed up with 2 new heavy floggers for a double dose of goodness. Excruciating foot tickling. He is so satiated he forgets his speaking manners and Ms Boss must remind him of protocol. There are many rounds of spanking and foot tickling in this scene progressing right up to a good long bare bottom whipping.


"An Officer and her Orifices" DVD 5




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Officer Demore is on leave and she is bored. She has summoned personal trainer Wenona to keep her in tip-top shape before returning to active duty.


Trainer Wenona begins the workout lessons but Officer Demore has something else in mind.


Unable to keep from masturbating while watching the sweating hard body Wenona work out, Officer Demore gets caught and pulls rank on the surprised trainer.


Orders are as follows: Shoe worship, shoe fucking, bare hand spanking, flogging, rubber and glass toy anal insertions with oral, front and reverse face sitting, ass licking, electro pad shock, dual metal vaginal and anal electro insertions, pussy eating push-ups, ass kissing push-ups, double-dong dual vibrator fucking and kissing.


WOW...where do I sign up?


Natali and Wenona are extremely hot in this sex-action packed girl-girl feature.


First time filming for Natali and Wenona together.

First time filming for Wenona with MIB.


Disclaimer: This is an erotic Girl/girl DVD produced by MIB Productions / BossDVD.Com. These activities are not available as a BDSM session with Ms Boss or Compound Ladies.