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Looking for a new way to spend a holiday? May I suggest a session with Ms. Irene Boss? My recent visit to her Orange County Complex around the Fourth of July had me seeing Stars and Stripes in a new way. I suspect that she can theme any visit around a holiday to give you a new, spectacular, holiday experience. One certain aspect of visiting Ms. Boss is that nothing is certain. Whatever you were accustomed to in the past could change. As I walked though that magical door to her world and it was shut and locked, I heard, "Put your things down and get on your hands and knees. Right now!" This time, there was no friendly greeting or brief chit-chat to discuss my trip to her dungeon as usually happens when I arrive. As ordered, I went right to the floor, on hands and knees, face down in front of the chair in which she was sitting. She put one of her high-heeled camouflage shoes in front of my face and teased me with it. "If you perform well today, you might get to worship these shoes. Would you like that?" "Yes, Mistress." She began crossing and uncrossing her legs as she sat in front of me. Looking down I could only see the heels change from left to right, but I could hear the sensual sound of her nylon-encased legs rubbing over each other. The erotic sound reminded me of the ZZ Top lyrics "The girl's got legs and she knows how to use them." I could already feel a bulge growing in my loose-fitting business pants. "Listen," she commanded as she continued to do left over rights and right over lefts. "These are authentic nylons. If you are good, you will get to worship my nylons as well as my heels." "Yes, Mistress." As the bulge in my pants continued to grow, as she proceeded to interrogate and program me, "How long has it been since your last orgasm?" "Five days, Mistress."  "Well, you will get no orgasm today." "Yes, Mistress." Again she would deny me the chance for the ultimate submission of losing control and releasing my life force to her. She likes to dominate me in this way. By not allowing me to completely submit to her, she achieves more control. Read the rest




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