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Presenting Madame Nadine! Look for Her in new up and coming full feature DVDs (The Cock Mommy series) by MIB Productions!

Writing in members..."A Fourth Overnight Session  with Irene Boss, and Madame Nadine (aka Cock Mommy)".

When I arrived at the Compound at the appointed time, Mistress Irene, looking gorgeous as always, greeted me at the door in another one of her very sexy outfits, i.e., wearing dark nylons held up by garters, and a beautiful top. I soon found myself on the third floor, Mistress ordering me to put on a bra, a garter panty, nylons, a black ladies top, and a black skirt.  I then found myself kneeling, looking at a beaker of Mistress Irene’s golden nectar, which I was ordered to drink.  It took awhile, but I managed to swallow all of it, after which I was secured face down on a unique new bench which Mistress had acquired.  I was also gagged.  Mistress Irene tied and separate my balls, then tied the cord to the collar she had placed around my neck.  She wanted to watch me torturing and stretching my balls while she worked my ass over with various instruments....When Mistress decided that she had whipped my cock enough, I found myself kneeling on the floor again, but this time I was looking into the eyes of Madame Nadine, who likes to be addressed as “Cock Mommy;”  I wasn’t sure how to greet her, not knowing which name I should use to introduce myself, but finally told her that it was a pleasure to meet her, using my new slave name in the process.  Meanwhile, Mistress Irene decided she needed to pee again, so she filled up the beaker with her golden nectar, then spit in it for a little further humiliation, then asked Madame Nadine to spit in it, which she did.  I was then forced to drink the entire beaker full of piss and spit.

continued in members

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Humor from the Compound!

"Master George's" full toilet training demonstration.  (4.38 .wmv)

During a session the other day the toilet on the 3rd floor was broken. I was not amused. Since George had been a master plumber for 20 years he volunteered to replace it and the following clip is a hilarious rendition of just that. Be prepared to split your sides. You will laugh so hard that you will cry. I know I did!

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DVD RELEASE double feature!
"Branded by the Boss" and "Irene Boss presents Mistress Fawn - Punishment for fun!"
2 TRAILERS IN  MEMBERS - DVD Release Double Feature! Film one - Branded by the Boss Irene's slave is giving her a rickshaw ride in Frick Park at 6 am one cold blustery November day. The park is silent, it's just Irene and her slaves in the cold morning air with the falling leaves and the early morning sun. Giddy up! Then it's time to return to the Compound for his branding reinforcement. He is placed in a straight jacket to prevent any attempts to flee and placed on the floor while Irene tramples his balls for awhile in shoes and then stocking covered feet. He is forced to kiss and worship her feet after some ball kicking, and he must lick her gorgeous black patent platform fetish shoes. Irene looks very sexy with her long flowing hair, black leather Colette corset, and seamed stockings. She is in a very bitchy mood however because she is on her period. It is a perfect day for a branding reinforcement! Irene draws the design quickly with a hot cautery pen. As a reward for taking the pain, he is brought down and allowed to worship her bare feet. She has French pedicured toe nails and alabaster skin. Fim two - Irene Boss presents Mistress Fawn - Punishment for fun! This is the gorgeous blonde Mistress Fawn's debut with MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com)  Irene's branded boy is hosted upside down in the air for Mistress Fawn's pleasure. His arms are bound with hemp rope and attached to the whipping post. A most uncomfortable position! But it's not Irene's slave we are concerned with here - it is rather providing pleasure to the sadistic lusts of Mistress Fawn. She uses many implements upon his ass and balls - a rug beater, mahogany spanking stick, cane, crop, sand paper slapper, pin hammer, hard plastic martinet and finally a pink plastic paddle. Ouch! He is caned, strapped and slapped while she laughs! He is also bent over the punishment box for her amusement. Mistress Fawn wears a beautiful red leather custom corset and patterned stockings with calf length black leather stiletto boots. Filmed by Irene Boss. Order DVD  Join to view clips

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DVD RELEASE and VIDEO UPDATE  "The Lesson"  (30 minutes, 36 action shots and 40 still images in members!) Consensual/nonconsensual play. A real lesson to be learned! "Domination Deliverance style" Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid. Truly rough and brutal - don't try this at home. Irene decided to let cum dumpster cum in for a filmed session, even though she knew it would be a disaster. She wanted to teach him a lesson! Her friends Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid were visiting and the Ladies needed some amusement. You have to see this to believe it. Extreme strap on, showers, verbal admonishment, corporal, and a slave who cries. The overpowerment was so intense the slave ended the session. Don't ever pester 3 Dominant Mistresses over the phone or Internet, or this could be you! Order DVD  Join to view entire feature

Updated FYI!

DVD RELEASE - double feature!

Film 1 - Rubber Dream Introducing Mistress Anastasia and submissive nadine in their first appearence! Mistress Anastasia and The Boss decide to give this 21 year old girl a heavy orientation into the world of bondage, rubber, spanking, suspension, high heeled punishment shoes, and electricity. Violet wand, shock pads, flogging, breast bondage, sensuous torment, inflatable rubber body bag, and rubber hobble skirt. A fetishist/bondage enthusiasts 'dream come true'!

Film 2 - Leather Girls Eve's debut on film. Mistress Anastasia and The Boss give a hapless lady professor a formal "education". Incredible bondage scenes including a remarkable suspension in a chair... light to moderate spanking and humiliation. Single tailed whipping, dildo training, spanking, flogging and verbal humiliation.

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"Hang out"
3 scenes
Extreme electrical entertainment by the Boss! Irene is diabolical, and wears the clothes to prove it. This several scene production features her in tight black vinyl and spandex cat suits with different black leather face masks, spiked corset, leather gloves and very high black vinyl fetish boots. Hot Hot Hot! Her slave is on the ground and she is preparing him for upside down suspension. She digs her heels into his balls and hoists him up like a side of beef, and now it's time for some remote controlled electric ball shocking! (Irene loves using her toys and abusing her boys.) A fantastic scene follows with 2 signal whips - one long and one short. Irene is very skilled and thrashes him severely without breaking his skin! His balls are shocked repeatedly. He is gagged by Irene's leather gloves while he is whipped. He is brought down to the ground for high heel worship and face sitting. She shocks him again too, while administering extreme electric nipple play, and forces his balls into an extremely tight metal electric cbt devise. The slave is restrained to a low black leather bondage couch in black leather bondage mitts, and Irene starts right in on him with nipple play and an electric C&B vice. His balls are clamped down securely! Next what occurs is the most diabolical and hilarious torture of a slave you will ever witness, guaranteed! Irene outdoes her self by administering voice and sound activated electro shock to his C&B and nipple areas, while he is experiencing forced psychological subspace with the nova pro. You really have to see this to believe it! Lots of foot dangling, verbal humiliation, and a vibrating surprise! Macho slave puts on a weight lifting show to impress the Mistress! He is attached securely to the St. Andrew's Cross. He is forced to wear a spiked sheathed "punishment bra" and matching ball stretcher. His nipples are pierced and weighted and his balls are weighted too! Irene teases him sensuously during his torment. Order DVD  Join to view clips

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Double Feature! Film 1 - "Goddess Claudia and the Hee Haw bitch"  Strict discipline in the Compound's OWK room. Filmed by Boss and slave girl whisper. Watch Goddess Claudia give former Compound houseboy little johnny proper discipline for being late to his session. She had planned a sensuous session, but Johnny had disrespected her time. There is a lot of spanking and paddling in this video, as well as intense boot worship. Claudia wears gorgeous custom made corset and thigh high leather boots. There is a lot of humor! Find out the rest of the story! Excellent camera angles. Film 2 - "Boot Camp" 2 slaves compete in a contest of hairbrush spanking to see who earns the right to worship Irene’s boots! One slave shows up early and gets a good slap across the face! Spanking, caning, and bondage. The special caning stockade and spanking bench are used. Boss in supple skintight black leather pants boots and bra. Takes place in lobby and schoolroom. Order DVD  Join to view clips 

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