What happened in July of 2009  (June 2009 archive)

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Photos from the first heavy whipping scene at the new Compound South! - join now to view them all!

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"The Unforgiven" The severest whipping  - guaranteed!  53 minutes FREE TRAILER

 EXTREME WHIPPING / ELECTRICITY Filmed in 2 sequences a year apart! Madame Ginger Fyredanzer and Domina Irene Boss outdid themselves in this spectacular  journey into sadism. Slave Dave is hoisted up in the air in a body harness. Madame Ginger pierces his nipples with calipers and both Mistresses apply weights. His feet are whipped (bastinado) by Irene, and his nipples receive electro torture. More severe extreme whipping ensues after he is bound over the punishment box (bullwhips and single tails) and you wonder how this slave will ever be able to sit down properly again. Clothespin torture, genital slapping, cbt (weights, clamps and electric) and spanking with a stainless steel metal paddle. Great boot worship! Several different fetish outfits for the Ladies.

Mistress Servalan visited in mid July from Australia and we had a blast!

Kidnapped, Scrotal Infused and Abused: A scene with Domina Irene, Mistress Chase, and Madame Nadine.

When I started to greet Domina Irene in the hotel lobby that morning during DomCon, I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself gagged with that “jaw breaker” ball gag, which I had no idea Mistress Chase had brought with her.  Mistress Irene had given Mistress Case this gag on our last visit to Pittsburgh together. I was also placed in a straight jacket. Domina Irene and Mistress Chase then led me out to my car. We then left for Lady Hillary’s studio, which I had rented for our session under the direction of Domina Irene. She felt that the "Vault Room" at the Dominion in Los Angeles would be an excellent setting for our interrogation scrotal infusion scene (with it's polished sleek metal interiors). That’s the second time I have been kidnapped in my own car by those two Domnes, being driven around L.A. while being restrained in a straight jacket and ball gagged-very humiliating! Domina Irene had mailed some items to Mistress Chase ahead of time - saline, kali's teeth bracelets (thank you to hardenough from the FemDomScene.com messageboard), sounds, and iodine. Little did I know how prominently the kali's teeth bracelets were to feature in my weekend. We arrived at Lady Hillary’s studio in about half an hour, at which time I was ordered to get undressed and into some clothes that Mistress Chase provided, i.e., a frilly open crotch garter panty and some nylon stockings, one of Mistress Chase’s favorite combinations she likes to have me wear during our sessions.  I have been provided similar outfits to wear by Domina Irene in the past as well. Domina Irene borrowed some from Japanese clover clamps from the lady at the front desk, and I soon found those very painful clamps attached to my nipples. It wasn’t long before I was seated, restrained, ball gagged with a different gag and blindfolded, then suspended a bit so that Domina Irene had excellent access to my balls for the scrotal infusion.  Domina Irene and Mistress Chase started talking about what a huge needle Domina Irene was getting ready to use for the operation, which, needless to say, made me a bit nervous.  Just before the operation commenced, Domina Irene decided that I needed some kali's teeth bracelets placed on my cock, proceeding to lock them into place once they were on, mentioning to Mistress Chase that during a scrotal infusion operation, a penis often becomes erect, the kali's teeth causing a great deal of pain. Read the rest in members

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"For Women Only"  FREE TRAILER   55 minute full feature - online for you right here!

LESBIAN BONDAGE / RUBBER / FORCED SEX Slave Whisper must shine Irene's costume from the tips of her toes to the top of her mask. Whisper is placed in liquid latex on a steel bed for nipple and pussy play with clothes pins, crops and paddles, before being placed in bondage on the floor to sexually service Irene. The sound of Irene walking around in a rubber skirt is awesome! Whisper is restrained in the sit sling suffering hot wax. Mistress Antoinette and Irene laugh. Antoinette in custom made thigh high leather boots, corset, and red latex. Irene in skin tight black latex with leather mask and metal platform shoes. Mistress Antoinette teases the slave girl with breast smothering, pussy cropping and tit torture, while Irene pleasures her. She is forced to wear a dildo gag and her face is put to good use. Lengthy, sexy, and wet. 

(June 2009 archive)