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Brand new to members

.mp4 (6 parts) 30 minutes
"The Corrected Crossdresser!" HD


Re-education for disrespect of timeliness.

Over the lap admonishment.

OTK bare bottom warm up.

Many implements are demonstrated.

Paddling, then strapping while plugged.

Reward: Fun in the sling with predicament CBT, electro and strap-on with the Venus 2000!

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Brand new to members (previously only on DVD and C4S)

.mp4 (5 parts) 28 minutes

"Employee Blues"



Find out what happens when Irene leaves her houseboy alone with the new  old intern.

He tries to get over but Missy prevails in controlling him.

OTK hand and hairbrush spanking, face slapping, servitude, humiliation and foot worship.

Very verbal.


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Reloaded into .mp4 (9 parts) 44 minutes

"Irene Boss meets Ilsa Strix


Filmed on location in Los Angeles at the studios of G- Force. Boss and Ilsa take on submissive marnie to have 'conversations about art', and the body as sculpture. Ilsa and Boss begin by pontificating about what turns them on creatively - completely ignoring marnie the bondage lovely who is put to view nude on a Roman pillar. Marnie is eventually given an excruciating workout with tit torture, double flogging, intense genitorture, verbal admonishment, praise for good performance, and strap on dildo training in this sexy Girl/girl romp. marnie is placed in several very interesting bondage positions exposing her secret sexual anatomy for the lustful actions of the two decadent Mistresses.


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Reloaded into .mp4 (9 parts) 40 minutes

"The Female Disciplinary Manuel"



The Boss and Claudia tag team a brat for a domestic discipline scene. She was caught being naughty again, and was soundly disciplined in this classic school room fantasy.

Over the knee bare bottom spanking, tawsing, paddling, and spanking are just a few of the CP delights that await you.

 Filmed in the Compound's school room.

Boss and Claudia in professional business women's attire, and brat in jeans and t-shirt.

Strict spanking!

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In Members: Reloaded into .mp4 (6 parts) 30 minutes

"Kara's Caning"



Kara's debut on film. Two students get caught making out! They get sent to Detention and Sex Education 101! Ms. kara gets caught calling Ms. Boss a bitch, and gets sentenced to a tawsing and a caning. Both are spanked OTK. Reform school style discipline. Paddling, spanking, caning - many implements used, very verbal. The special caning stockade and spanking horse are used. Ms. kara and johnny are dressed as pupils.

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In Members: Reloaded into .mp4 (5 parts) 28 minutes

"The Lesson"



Consensual/nonconsensual play. A real lesson to be learned! "Domination Deliverance style" Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid. Truly rough and brutal - don't try this at home. Irene decided to let cum dumpster cum in for a filmed session, even though she knew it would be a disaster. She wanted to teach him a lesson! Her friends Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid were visiting and the Ladies needed some amusement. You have to see this to believe it. Extreme strap on, brutal humiliation, verbal admonishment, corporal, and a slave who cries. The overpowerment was so intense the slave wanted to end the session and leave. Don't ever pester 3 Dominant Mistresses over the phone or Internet, or this could be you!


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In Members: Reloaded into .mp4 (8 parts) 42 minutes

"Bossing the Big Dick"



Swishy begins his adventure mummified in saran wrap on the hospital bed in the Compound's medical room. He wears a bright red rubber hood throughout.

There is a great deal of laughter! CBT and nipple play occurs while this is going on, with some sarcastic humor directed right at you slaves about how you fantasize about sucking a big beautiful dick.

Lots of humiliating cbt and the slave is forced to eat his own stuff too.

There is some smothering and much forced strap on sucking.

He gets a break in the Schoolroom while strapped over the punishment bench.

He inhales a nice big bucket of you know what while the Ladies take turns flogging him.

He cant get away without his DT and inflatable toy treatment in the sit sling (Gothic dungeon) however.

Irene forces him to consume his nasty cumcocktion at the end.

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Reloaded into .mp4

6 parts - 33 minutes

Members Update: "Irene Boss presents Mistress Amrita - Authentic Japanese Rope Bondage - HD"

This is the beautiful Japanese Mistress Amrita's debut with MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) He will never be the same after experiencing this, and neither will you after viewing it! The Japanese siren approaches the slave boy by grabbing his nipples and pulling him towards her. She is strong and ties him quickly with his hands behind his back. She is quiet, so you here the ropes being pulled, his breath and her heels. The first suspension position is a spread eagle upside down. She tortures his nipples with her heels. She pulls him by his C&B and make him kiss her gorgeous ass! Then, nipple torture with the twisting ropes. He is very loud. Much bare handed spanking! In position 2 the slave is suspended face downwards and Mistress Amrita hoists him cruelly and pulls his hair. A nice victory pose - she has bagged a big one! She spins him, continuing to torture his nipples. He is gagged with paper towels. Mistress Amrita wears a gorgeous vinyl flame corset and matching g-string with high heeled open toed platforms in this video. Mistress Amrita was the winner of an FICEB award recently for her rope bondage skills, so don't miss out on watching this! Filmed by Irene Boss

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Mistress Shane visited the Compound July 11th - 14th


I am the Goddess, Mistress Shane, lifestyle Domina, owner and manipulator of men's souls. I am both your sweetest dream and your darkest nightmare.

I believe in Female Superiority.
This is not to say that men are at all devoid of worth. I like and respect My male slaves, and believe that men have strengths and abilities that are complementary to those of Women. However, in My opinion, male qualities tend to flourish only when harnessed by a Woman.

I am experienced in all aspects of BDSM.

From My childhood in New York, I was fascinated by fetish wear, and discovered My dominance as a teenager. I enjoyed seven years as a professional Mistress in New York where I was very active in the BDSM scene, before moving to Antwerp in 1995, where I enjoy participating in scene events.


For Me, learning is a continuous process, and I am ever curious about new techniques and equipment.


I believe that I have a good reputation in the scene as a heavy player, and enjoy the opportunity to extend My prowess with very experienced masochists or submissives.

I also take special delight in initiating sensitive and respectful novices into the glorious reality of Female Domination, and naturally adopt a gentler approach with them. Many return to continue their training, and some go on to become devoted slaves.



"Bullwhipped in Chicago 31 minutes - view now

Description written by the miscreant: I made sure I rang the bell to the Studio exactly on time. Ms Boss met me at the door wearing a super sexy tight low cut perversion costume. Ms Boss is more awesome in person. She is very strong! I was ordered to strip and present myself on the punishment bench. I knew I was in for trouble. Ms Boss noted that I had pestered her with emails and phone calls and needed corporal punishment. I had mentioned beforehand that I had enjoyed the "Extreme Whipping and Caning" DVD. Bad move. I was now to be that victim. She proceeded to fasten me down securely to the bench. I was totally immobilized and helpless. I asked for a safe word and was told I don't one. Ms Boss is the BOSS when you are immobile. Ms Boss then gave me a warm up with Her flogger. Not so bad I thought. She then rubbed the targeted area with a light massage. Ummhh felt good. I thought a piece of cake. So I saw the light, but I did not see the train. I felt good about this punishment. Not so bad. What happened next after this warm-up was incredible. I was taken off guard. I was in big trouble. Ms Boss then explained that I would take 3 strokes on each side (to make it even) from several nasty implements. Ms Boss then started with excruciating blows from the first implement. She first explained what the implement was and its uses. Ouch 3 strokes on each cheek! Then She placed the implement before me to show me. These were unbelievably hard strokes, but Ms Boss told me these were light. She was going easy on me. I moaned loudly with each excruciating blow. After about five or six paddles and straps I was ready to pass out. I thought maybe that was it and was happy. Not yet-- The worst was yet to come. The bullwhip and the cane were next. I pleaded for mercy to no avail. Next was unbelievable-THE BULLWHIP- the most painful of all. These strokes came so fast and hard ate into my flesh, I was completely shaken and broken and I screamed! Ms Boss whipped the crap out of me! Now I understand the whipping scenes in Her videos. That was it I totally was broken and will not ever pester Ms Boss again. And to top the punishment off Ms Boss brought out the cane. I had thought it was over. 3 more strokes of the cane on each side. Ms Boss said I should be thankful for the punishment because it was light. I thanked Her and I was really thankful that that was finally the end. My ass was extremely red with marks from the bullwhip evident. The most excruciating punishment I have ever taken and my limits were expanded.

Editrix note from Ms Boss: The miscreant has begun pestering Me again, and so is served with a summons to attend the Compound in Pittsburgh for re education.


"The Firey Rule of Domina Snow"

Free Trailer

40 minutes - view now


Slave sally gets a hard lesson in protocol from visiting Domina Snow, when she applies for the position of housegirl. Domina Snow is appalled with Sally’s attire not to mention her smart ass attitude. Strictly questioned and stripped to her horrid green panties, Sally crawls the hard wooden staircase only to be  stopped on the third floor landing just outside the sacred Compound dungeon. A good bare hand spanking starts things off, with Sally being reminded of how to properly address the Mistress. Up against the wall in the prone position, sharp swats are delivered by various paddles culminating into a fine strapping. Panties removed for inspection, Sally is then sent to the medical room for a proper pussy shaving at the steady hands of Domina Snow. Properly prepared, Sally is now ready to be put through her paces in the Gothic Dungeon. Bound to a one of a kind custom tilting St. Andrews cross, Domina Snow delivers a delight of corporal correction to the now reddened rear of the whimpering wench. Flogged birched, cropped, metal paddled, caned and single tailed by Domina Snow...what a rush for a newbie! MIB Productions welcomes Hel Inferna (AKA sally spanks) to the ranks. See more of this masochistic misbehaver in upcoming MIB releases! Domina Snow in long firey-red latex dress with matching high heels and surgical blue-green apron for the shaving scene. Hel wears black leather corset, black fishnets, and black and white piped heels. Great Girl/girl chemistry in this strict and sexy fun corporal feature!


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