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I traveled to Rockville May 4th - 7th and brought back tons of new and interesting metal bondage gear, 10 new hoods, bondage ballet boots, Samurai Cock Cage (Mr S), metal bondage shoes, metal bondage mitts, metal CBT toys.

A hydraulic birthing chair was delivered May 24th. My next trip is in August - contact me if we know each other to schedule!


New writing in members: Irsla at the Compound Days 1 and 2:

"Disciplined on the Berkeley Horse" Since this was my first trip to the Compound, I thought I should dress up.  When Mistress locked me in the bedroom to change, I quickly put on a nice bra, corset, and sequined see-through panties and added all the new items purchased for the visit:  fishnet stockings over new beige stockings with lacy tops, new garter belt, slinky red dress, and multi-strap five inch stack high heels.  I was excitedly primping in front of the gorgeous full-length mirrors when Mistress came in as General Mayhem.  The outfit was military, but the body was luscious and the effect stunning.  While I stared in awe, I was told that the General disapproved of my appearance and I would have to be punished for not dressing more conservatively.  There was no time to protest as a ball gag that matched my dress got inserted into my mouth and pulled tightly “to hold my wig on better.”  Some pictures were taken to document my transgressions and I was told to clear the pillows from the beautiful four-poster bed and assume a face down position with my legs spread.  Mistress had multiple plans for my backside and I... Read the rest

"An Intense visit to the Compound" This session started long before I entered the Compound.  Because I had dressed inappropriately for my last visit, I was given specific items to wear under my man clothes when I arrived:  a beautiful feather bra and thong set from France and the black and cream rubber corset that appears in some of the Mistress’ movies.  I was so excited to be allowed in one of Mistress’ bras that I wore it the whole night before.  Of course, I don’t fill it out like she does, but wearing it and thinking about what is normally in those cups kept me in a state of excitement all night.  Waking to bra lines in my skin created by the Mistress’ bra was also very special to me. Mistress locked me in the bedroom to dress completely as a woman and I was left to hear her high heels moving around the Compound.  Each time the heels came near the door, I would start to tremble and get ready for her entrance.  But then the heels would walk away and I was forced to continue to wait in anticipation.  This happened repeatedly and kept me in a great state of tension.  Finally she unlocked the door and came to inspect me... Read the rest


New writing in members: "Thank you Mistress Irene!"

I want to thank you for the most amazing session. From the time you called to tell me you were in the parking lot waiting on me to come outside for the short ride into the Compound to the time you dropped me back off my mind was racing. The presession butterflies began about 3 hours before the time you were scheduled to pick me up, but quickly resided as soon as I sat down and had to suck all the way back the nastiest pair of hose you had. I could taste the sweat and piss in them as I was ordered to suck on them for the next 30 minutes. The humiliation of not just sucking on those nasty pair of hose, but to be scolded and humiliated about them while cars pass by us. I can only imagine what they think when they see a helpless slave sitting there with a pair of pantyhose hanging out of his mouth. Imagine if they knew what that pair of hose was soaked in. So as I am wandering deep into subspace I am verbalized about my place for the evening. “You are going to be Ms Boss’s bitch boy to be used to please me in any way I see fit”. I am quickly reminded that I will be used, beaten, and humiliated for the pleasure of Mistress Irene. My ultimate job was to have Mistress Irene aroused and excited for her date later that night by accepting her sadism, since her stud was not into pain. I knew it was going to be a long session right then. Read the rest


"The Aussie Cocksucker"! 45 minutes in members

Note: The word "cocksucker" is used for verbal humiliation purposes. This is not a "forced bi" video.

15 years in the planning: Ms Boss and the famous *booty from down under* finally get together while She is visiting Sydney at Ms Servalan's Carisbrook studio. 2 camera shoot for both amateur and professional footage. (Filmed by Ms Servalan's slave skott who was in recovery from paintball torture.) Extreme Sadism and Masochism - Swearing, Spitting, Strapon on Sucking, Whipping, Face Slapping, Facial Abuse and Verbal Abuse. The slave loves it all! On the cross face out with legs spread our adventure begins with nipple play, cock slapping and the whipping of clothespins off the inner arms. Ms Boss engages in cock and full frontal body whipping. He is turned for a nipple bondage predicament in conjunction with more corporal. Very intense and rough treatment of a screaming slave. Ms Servalan sticks her head in the room and ask the players to cool it! Extreme bull whipping of the ass along with bagging (breath play) and caning. Stick out your can! Final scene: A sit sling predicament with bondage and a prince albert piercing, needles, large toys, and vertical and horizontal caning of the ass with spitting and swearing. A golden surprise in the loo and a good vibrating fuck at the end - pierced and milked!


New writing in members: Punished by Mistress Kat and Liz Whitman

I recently had a scene with Mistress Kat and Ms. Whitman for the first time. I had been doing some fantasizing about a strictly corporal scene (a bit out of my normal range of kink). Both Ladies are awesome in their own ways and worked well together to bring this fantasy to reality. I was ordered by Ms. Boss to report to Mistress Kat and Ms. Liz Whitman at the Compound for corrective discipline while she was traveling. In advance I was required to submit a letter to these Ladies introducing myself and highlighting my many offenses and shortcoming in both kink and vanilla life. The evening before I was to report I receive a curt note from Ms. Boss that I was to present upon my arrival to the Ladies commissioned to administer my punishment. It read: “Young man, you are being sent to my Lady Colleagues for your recalcitrant ways! You are henceforth instructed that "it's not over till it's over (and only when I say so)" - you must write about your experience before I return.” I approached the familiar door with trepidation. Not only have I not submitted to another Lady without Ms. Boss participating in the play for over 15 years, I had never reported for what would be a punishment scene. To say I was nervous would be an understatement as I knock on the door to present myself to these unfamiliar Dommes... Read the rest



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