Mistress Kat has been associated with the Compound since it's inception in 1996.


A personal friend of Ms Boss, she would often manage the Compound in the early days.


Mistress Kat is a playful Dominant Fetishist. Other interests include bondage, verbal and light corporal style domination, FemDom BDSM, sensory deprivation, tie and tease, objectification, shoe worship, and cbt. 


She has a fabulous leather and gothic wardrobe, is a genuine fetishist, and is accomplished in many areas of female domination. 


She has attended Bond Con with MIB in order to learn about Fem Dom BDSM techniques and gain acclaim in the community.


Wardrobe: Leather, Corsetry, Suits



Punished by Mistress Kat and Ms Whitman

Mistress Kat in Pittsburgh

Mistress Kat at the Compound

More images of Mistress Kat


Mistress Kat is available to assist Ms Boss in extended sceneries (of one day or more) at the Compound with pre established studio guests.


No illegal activities are implied or provided at the Compound!

Mistress Kat has starred in 5 MIB DVDs