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 Updates, announcements, and statistics for September 2007!     (August 2007 here)

Part nine (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation" in members.

The vicious caning continues! Domina Danielle gives slave a Dave a strict paddling while he is restrained over a new spanking horse. If you think Dave has too been too stoic in the past you will enjoy watching him struggle and react to every single swat. A strict and savage caning follows!  Join to view

Renovations are complete.  The Compound has reopened.  New photographs of the theme rooms!

Part eight (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation" in members.

Domina Danielle gives slave a Dave a strict paddling while he is restrained over a new spanking horse (special thanks to slave vassal for building it). If you think Dave has too been too stoic in the past you will enjoy watching him struggle and react to every single swat. A strict and savage caning follows! She bites his ear and canes him again! Join to view

Domina Irene Boss visiting Atlanta

Presenting Lady Jillian! Look for Her in new up and coming full feature DVDs (The Cock Mommy series and other new DVD releases) by MIB Productions and BossDVD.Com!

Writing in members..."An extended session at the Compound with Irene Boss and Lady Jillian", by slave dave

Mistress Irene had emailed me earlier in the week about coming in for a session and some filming. She had perfect timing I had been thinking about visiting the compound for a session recently. I thought the compound was closed until after September 5th for renovations but little did I know at the time I would be breaking in the new medical room with Dr. Boss. I arrived for my session at the scheduled time, Mistress Irene answered the door looking wonderful. Mistress Irene had a white medical jacket on and at the time I didn't think anything of it even after reading about the new medical room being added to the Compound on the new message board.

Mistress Irene asked if I ever had a scrotal infusion I replied that I had not....A gag was placed in my mouth. The needle looked kind of scary...Some iodine was placed on my balls to keep everything sterile then the needle was placed into my ball sac. Once the initial sting wore off it didn't seem too bad. I had a half bag of saline solution to take for the Mistress. She sat down and stuck Her feet in my face and played with the settings on the electric boxes. My balls began to swell up quickly...Mistress had me massage Her feet first, then kiss them all over, suck on Her toes one by one and ended with me licking the soles of Her feet. The foot worship definitely made the medical scene well worth it. I was ordered to shower and to get ready for the filming with Lady Jillian. The filming with Lady Jillian was fun. She is very sadistic and beautiful...I was allowed to rub the Mistress Irene's  feet again at the end of the night. I must have done a good job because She dosed off...continued in members

Updated FYI and FAQ

Part seven (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation" in members.

Domina Danielle pulls out a collection of paddles to spank the upside down suspended slave! The CBT and nipple play continues. He is taken out of suspension and punished for wasting her time by being bent over a horse and spanked with a heavy wooden paddle. Join to view

Newsletter added - 30 pages. Over 100 DVD titles total

Part six (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation" in members.

For those of you who think this slave never reacts - think again! Domina Danielle has him hollering at her various diabolical predicaments. Extreme face spitting while she pinches his nose shut while he hangs upside down! She clamps his balls and weights them. Join to view

Search feature added to the cart - Find your fetish

Part five (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation" in members.

New video content starring Domina Danielle! Physical domination of of a male's nipples and CBT with upside down suspension!

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 Irene's schedule

Part four (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation" in members.

New video content starring Domina Danielle!

Clamps are added to his nipples and his cock and balls are tied tighter.

How on earth are his nipples going to hold up with all of this biting?

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                                                            OWK page - updated

New video content - Part three (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation"! 

While he is suspended his hands are placed in bondage behind his back and Domina Danielle continues to work on his poor nipples - biting them, pinching them, ect - this is brutal! Find out the rest of the story!

                    New Message Board! Register a screen name and introduce yourself!

New video content - Part two (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation"! 

Upside down suspension and spanking. The slave must suffer for Domina Danielle's entertainment! She bites his nipples. Gorgeous views of this sexy Argentinean stunner. Nipple play and coaxing of the slave to take even more. His cock and balls are tied off and stretched. Find out the rest of the story!

                                                               Testimonials updated

New video content - Part one (of nine parts) from "The Fetish Interrogation"! Starring the gorgeous Domina Danielle. Danielle rented slave dave from the Compoud for a weekend of fetish fun and stage shows in another country. She needed someone who could perform and take a lot of heavy corporal and cbt, and Dave seemed to fit the bill...except there was the question of his appearance. Dave arrived in  jeans, a doo rag, and manly combat boots. This angers Domina Danielle greatly because she wanted a suave submissive traveling companion! She decides correction is in order, and Dave must be punished. They are staying in, and the whole thing will be filmed! Split screen views. Dave is stripped naked except for his manly combat boots and Danielle pulls out all the stops. Danielle in custom latex, opera length red rubber gloves, and red leather thigh high stiletto boots. Watch him go into suspension and then find out the rest of the story!

                                            Links pages updated - add your links now!

91 images of the gorgeous Domina Danielle in Member's Guest Mistress Galleries!

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Feature length DVDs are high definition, contain menus, and 30 minutes of trailers from other films

The four most popular features being viewed in the DomBoss.Com member's area  (according to Clips.Com)


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Ranked number 1 - "Your appearance is in question" Three scenes! Scene 1: ‘Office boy’ Dave is being scolded about his appearance by CEO Irene Boss. Dave has been stripped down to his black boxers, but Irene looks sharp and snazzy in her expensive suit, lace topped stockings, and sexy pinstriped pumps. Her hair is long and flowing too. Dave’s hair is the problem here, and his nails. His appearance is substandard and an embarrassment to the Boss. He is forced to indulge in an extremely humiliating foot worship scene with creative verbal onslaught, as only Irene can do. Irene removes her jacket. He is restrained over the punishment box for intense paddling, caning, and strapping (razor strap and tawse). Many different rattan canes are used upon him, including the white lightening, nasty bastard, and carbonite (indestructible) implements. Irene finishes with a steel martinet. He must either shape up, or it’s a head shaving for him on the auction block next summer at the OWK! He is given a timeline to make the corporate changes, and he fails to achieve them. Scene 2: Enter Mistress Gemini, Irene’s British friend visiting from Los Angeles. The following scene opens in the Compound’s Gothic dungeon: Both Ladies are decked out in rubber. Irene is in a pewter cat suit with fetish boots, and Gemini in a shiny black one piece, short red rubber skirt, black corset, garters, clear rubber stockings and red knee high boots. Va va voom! Dave is restrained on the OBGYN table in the smother box with a giant funnel gag and must endure one of Irene’s voluminous showers. Gemini uses him next. He is completely unable to swallow the enormous amount and gags. The Ladies then decide that it is time for Dave’s ‘medical treatment’. He is placed in a stainless steel chastity devise and gagged to prevent any erections and noise. The Ladies warm his nipples up with lots of piercing suspension. Then they decide to play a voice activated electroshock CBT game with him! Many electrical boxes are demonstrated. You can also see that Irene decided to paint Dave’s toenails since he refused to keep them trim. Scene 3: The Ladies are seated on a small couch in the school room with Dave kneeling before them, questioning his appearance. Birching and face slapping takes place. Dave strips and removes his jewelry upon command of the two Mistresses. He is humiliated with an embarrassing hairstyle and sheer black panties. He is restrained over the punishment box for tandem paddling, strapping, and the tawse. The Ladies are wearing lingerie, girdles, hose and heels. Sexy and strict! They move Dave into the caning stockade for reform school style discipline. His ankles and wrists are cuffed in steel and he is made to wear another steel chastity devise. The discipline is extreme and frequently goes over 100 with each implement. Tandem caning and tandem birching take place! Don’t ever let your appearance be called into question!

Ranked number 2 - "Unemployed by the Boss" The Compound employees have been very competitive with each other lately, and causing friction. This problem is frequently a disciplinary issue. See spanking, caning, paddling, verbal admonishment, and eventual atonement from the employees. 







Ranked number 3 - "The claiming of orchid / whipping of john" The most intense Female/male whipping scene imaginable! 3 scenes with 4 beautiful Mistresses, a female slave, and a male masochist. Presenting (the never before seen in an MIB Productions video) the onscreen debuts of: Lady Sage, Goddess Claudia, orchid and john. Filmed during the Ohio Leatherfest in Columbus. A Compound on location extravaganza! 1). Our story begins when Boss and friends - Lady Cheyenne, Lady Sage, and Goddess Claudia decide to visit a little slut named orchid. Naughty orchid is put through her paces by Goddess Claudia and Lady Sage with severe genital and nipple play in some very interesting positions. Orchid is very emotional and even cries at one point, which just encourages the Ladies even more! Boss and Cheyenne look on approvingly. 2). The 4 Ladies take turns on brat john with some incredibly heavy paddling, spanking, and whipping. Boss actually breaks a wooden paddle on his backside. All the Ladies take turns with this miscreant and Goddess Claudia and the Boss end this scene with a tandem bullwhipping on john's back and ass. 3). The Ladies return to orchid 'the bondage lovely'. She is restrained and tormented with electricity and then placed in an arm binder with a gag and blindfold while the 4 Ladies go out to dinner. The sight of the naked orchid squirming on the leather couch while the 4 Ladies abandon her is a spectacle to be remembered! Join to view trailers and clips  Order DVD
Ranked number 4 - "Terror in Tokyo" (Signal whip) "He thought he was gonna get some sex, but I had other things in mind..." Punishment for making a Mistress wait by the phone! If you like heavy CP, then this is definitely for you! I cannot believe how much I got off on terrorizing this slave for a week. I was wet to my knees. LOL Extreme CP, whipping, suspension (I brought my portable suspension unit) electric CBT (sparklers and flexible electro bands) electric dildo, electro nuero wheel, creative predicament bondage, slave hoods, slave corsetry, chopsticks on the cock (rubber band torment) inflatable gags, slave crying for mercy, piss bathing, and cock whipping. I really made him EARN the privilege of drinking a bottle of Opus 1 with me. Great electric CBT closeups!  Join to view entire feature  Order DVD

The four most popular features being viewed in the DomBoss.Com member's area  (according to Dominity Shop)








Ranked number 1 - "OWK American Style" Filmed at the Compound. The video debut of Lady Sage. Boss invites Her Friends over - Mistress Anastasia, Lady Cheyenne, and Lady Sage to see Her new OWK room at the Compound, and experiment on a living figurine with implements. Unfortunately, the slave Irene summoned for the Ladies entertainment is behaving in a rude and sullen manner. Boss sequesters him in the jail cell area, and you get a worms eye view of each Lady ascending the stairs to lend Boss a hand in his discipline. Since he refused to eat his dinner, the Ladies take turns with his food bowl and mouth; making use of them as an ashtray. The slave is made to lick the ashtray, and the bottoms of the Ladies shoes to atone for his sullen behavior. Fantastic smoking scenes! The film is backlit with glass block windows, allowing you to see all of the smoke, smoke rings, and sexy lipstick stains on the butts. Didn't your Mother tell you that bad women like to smoke? The prisoner is marched downstairs into the new Interrogation room to undergo some of the heaviest corporal discipline imaginable! Extreme heavy paddling, tawsing, caning, smacking, and bullwhipping will cause you to wonder how this slave will ever be able to sit properly again! The Ladies all take turns with the subject, who is securely fastened over a high black spanking bench, and then tied to a punishment box with his posterior in the air. If you liked "Smoking Nuns", this ones for you! The male creature is forced to worship feet, shoes, and boots after his discipline. Boss in exotic colorful tight full body rubber, boots, and military hat. Sage in sexy supple black leather and thigh high boots, Anastasia and Cheyenne in miniskirts, see through fetish costumes, fetish boots and shoes. Join to view trailer and clips  Order DVD





Ranked number 2 - "Caned, whipped, kicked, and fucked!" (Bullwhip and signal whip) Filmed at Lady Cheyenne's studio in Rhode Island. Lady Cheyenne wears a custom made rubber outfit and Irene in black leather corset with 8" high fetish boots. slave Chris is attached face down to the leaning St. Andrew's Cross in the center of Lady Cheyenne's dungeon. He is taking a caning while in nipple play predicament bondage; his nipple clamps are attached to the cross, and every time he moves from the caning he gives himself a nice painful sensation. He is also placed in predicament cbt ball bondage by Irene and Cheyenne uses the lash on him. Irene holds him to the cross while Cheyenne continues to give him the lash. He takes the cane one more time, and then Irene begin to discipline him with her signal whip. Irene warms him up while Cheyenne watches. A branding is discussed. Then Irene begins using her bullwhip. The slave is inspected and more bullwhipping occurs. He is then moved to a kneeling suspension position, with his arms overhead. Cheyenne begins kicking his balls. Then, it is Irene's turn. The slave is made to "present "his balls to the two Mistresses from more kicking. He is also kicked in the ass. Lady Cheyenne then engages the slave in some shaft kicking, first from behind and then in front. He is then moved to the large bondage frame for strap on play. He sucks Cheyenne's cock while Irene scolds and spanks him. He is reprimanded by Irene about his unkempt hole and asshole manners. Irene spanks him, leaves him plugged, and then watches him as he continues to suck Cheyenne's big black cock. Join to view entire feature  Order DVD



Ranked number 3 - "Internment at Studio Avalon" (Bullwhips and signal whips) Dom Boss hi definition theatre! Filmed at studio Avalon in Berlin Germany! Irene Boss and Lady Marlon terrorize a slave in one of the top FemDom studios in the world. You will drool over this equipment! Our "prisoner" finds out what's in store for him after flying out from America to visit Irene while she is in Germany. He is placed on a stage in front of hundreds of screaming Germans at the Venus Fair during a live S/m show, and then the next day he was asked to be in this web movie. What a life! Hey - you follow the Boss - you get "used". He is whipped, cropped, electrocuted and placed on 2 very interesting pieces of bondage furniture - one a tall wall that spins, and the other a rotating table that he is hung from. Eventually the Ladies tire of him, and inter him in a large standing coffin and go off for a lengthy lunch. Leather and whips galore! Gorgeous corsets and sexy boots. Don't you wish it was you? Join to view entire feature Order DVD
Ranked number 4 -  "Terror in Tokyo" (Signal whip) "He thought he was gonna get some sex, but I had other things in mind..." Punishment for making a Mistress wait by the phone! If you like heavy CP, then this is definitely for you! I cannot believe how much I got off on terrorizing this slave for a week. I was wet to my knees. LOL Extreme CP, whipping, suspension (I brought my portable suspension unit) electric CBT (sparklers and flexible electro bands) electric dildo, electro nuero wheel, creative predicament bondage, slave hoods, slave corsetry, chopsticks on the cock (rubber band torment) inflatable gags, slave crying for mercy, piss bathing, and cock whipping. I really made him EARN the privilege of drinking a bottle of Opus 1 with me. Great electric CBT closeups!  Join to view entire feature  Order DVD

The four most popular features being viewed in the DomBoss.Com member's area  (according to Cips4Sale)

Ranked #1 - "Irene Boss meets Mistress Denetra" Brutal breathless bondage! The Boss and Denetra conquer former Compound houseboy "little johnny" with the most extreme tickling and brutal bondage imaginable! Highlights include: 2 Duct tape mummification bondage scenes with breath control, feet tickling, side tickling, nipple tickling, face sitting, and foot smothering. The Mistresses are very verbal throughout. Mistress Denetra is the Black Power Ultimatrix! Johnny is restrained over the punishment box so the Ladies can enjoy his tender back and bottom. He is spanked, humiliated about his dirty ass, and treated like a sissy fairy. He is very verbal and animated throughout. Intense play! (M2F cross dresser - Extreme Tickling) Join to view trailers  Order DVD

Electrical, heavy bondage and signal whipping.

macho male slave

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Ranked #2 - "Hang out" Scene one - Extreme electrical entertainment by the Boss! Irene is diabolical, and wears the clothes to prove it. This several scene production features her in tight black vinyl and spandex cat suits with different black leather face masks, spiked corset, leather gloves and very high black vinyl fetish boots. Hot Hot Hot! Her slave is on the ground and she is preparing him for upside down suspension. She digs her heels into his balls and hoists him up like a side of beef, and now it's time for some remote controlled electric ball shocking! (Irene loves using her toys and abusing her boys.) A fantastic scene follows with 2 signal whips - one long and one short. Irene is very skilled and thrashes him severely without breaking his skin! His balls are shocked repeatedly. He is gagged by Irene's leather gloves while he is whipped. He is brought down to the ground for high heel worship and face sitting. She shocks him again too, while administering extreme electric nipple play, and forces his balls into an extremely tight metal electric cbt devise. Scene two - The slave is restrained to a low black leather bondage couch in black leather bondage mitts, and Irene starts right in on him with nipple play and an electric C&B vice. His balls are clamped down securely! Next what occurs is the most diabolical and hilarious torture of a slave you will ever witness, guaranteed! Irene outdoes her self by administering voice and sound activated electro shock to his C&B and nipple areas, while he is experiencing forced psychological subspace with the nova pro. You really have to see this to believe it! Lots of foot dangling, verbal humiliation, and a vibrating surprise! Scene three - Macho slave puts on a weight lifting show to impress the Mistress! He is attached securely to the St. Andrew's Cross. He is forced to wear a spiked sheathed "punishment bra" and matching ball stretcher. His nipples are pierced and weighted (no blood) and his balls are weighted too! Irene teases him sensuously during his torment.
Ranked #3 - "The Lesson" (30 minutes, 36 action shots and 40 still images in members!) Consensual/nonconsensual play. A real lesson to be learned! "Domination Deliverance style" Starring Irene Boss, Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid. Truly rough and brutal - don't try this at home. Irene decided to let cum dumpster cum in for a filmed session, even though she knew it would be a disaster. She wanted to teach him a lesson! Her friends Lady Cheyenne and Madame Ingrid were visiting and the Ladies needed some amusement. You have to see this to believe it. Extreme strap on, showers, verbal admonishment, corporal, and a slave who cries. The overpowerment was so intense the slave ended the session. Don't ever pester 3 Dominant Mistresses over the phone or Internet, or this could be you! Join to view feature  Order DVD

Double feature!



Ranked #4 - "Irene Boss presents Mistress Amrita - Authentic Japanese Rope Bondage" and "Hanging Whore" (First feature macho male slave and second feature transexiual slave) This is the beautiful Japanese Mistress Amrita's debut with MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) He will never be the same after experiencing this, and neither will you after viewing it! The Japanese siren approaches the slave boy by grabbing his nipples and pulling him towards her. She is strong and ties him quickly with his hands behind his back. She is quiet, so you here the ropes being pulled, his breath and her heels. The first suspension position is a spread eagle upside down. She tortures his nipples with her heels. She pulls him by his C&B and make him kiss her gorgeous ass! Then, nipple torture with the twisting ropes. He is very loud. Much bare handed spanking! In position 2 the slave is suspended face downwards and Mistress Amrita hoists him cruelly and pulls his hair. A nice victory pose - she has bagged a big one! She spins him, continuing to torture his nipples. He is gagged with paper towels. Mistress Amrita wears a gorgeous vinyl flame corset and matching g-string with high heeled open toed platforms in this video. Mistress Amrita was the winner of an FICEB award recently for her rope bondage skills, so don't miss out on watching this! Surprise Double feature too. Filmed by Irene Boss  Join to view trailer  Order DVD

The four most popular films being viewed in the DomBoss.Com member's area (according to BossVOD.Com)

(M2F transvestite)

(Medical fetish)

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Ranked #1 - "Jayne's Sex Change" Imagine being deliberately 15 minutes early to serve your Mistresses, because you were 15 minutes late the last time and want to avoid punishment. Imagine being a slave who finds it difficult to keep your mouth shut. slave jayne bungles again, in this 3 way extravaganza. Dominant Ladies wear leather, nurse outfits, and military gear. 1). Lobby: Mistress Morgana, Mistress Anastasia and the Boss decide to teach jayne a lesson by taking turns raping 'her' mouth for a full 15 minutes in the dark lobby. jayne is forced to sit on a metal spike mat while she sucks the strap ons. 2). Sissy Room: Next sassy jayne is taken upstairs where 'she' is forced to strip in front of all 3 Mistresses and change into a new outfit (jayne is forced to change 3 times during the video). 3). Interrogation chamber: Once properly attired jayne is placed standing in the middle of the room, fastened with 'her' arms in the air and legs spread. The Ladies make 'her' watch with virtual reality glasses, while 'she' takes some heavy corporal, cbt, and nipple play. 4). Clinic: The 'sex change' begins, with some intense cleaning to 'wash away the man'. jayne's tittie size is increased with a cupping set during her 'pregnancy' and 'period'. There is much nipple play and cbt. 5). Gothic Dungeon: jayne's 'treatment' ends in the sit sling, while the 3 Ladies take turns with 'her' poor pussy, and verbal admonishment ensues through out.

(Medical fetish)

Ranked # 2 - "A visit to Dr. Boss" (M2F cross dressed sub) Mistress Anastasia and the Boss dominate little 'Suzie' with some alternative therapies. Very bizarre and humiliating! Inflatable nozzle enema, cascade enema, strap on play, spiting, surgical steel sounds, dildo training, catheterization, electro play and two diabolical golden showers in two different potty chairs. Extremely verbal throughout. For the medical enthusiast.

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Ranked # 3 - "The Easter Egg Cunt" (Medical fetish - M2F transexual sub)

Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Amazon and transfat.  How many hard boiled eggs can a slave's ass take? You will be amazed at transfat! Filmed on Easter, live from the Compound. Irene decides to have an Easter egg hunt. If you liked the film "Cool hand Luke" and enjoy food humiliation, this one's for you! She also demonstrate 2 voice activated shock systems on the poor sluts feet and clitty, and force psychological "subspace" with the Nova Pro system. Riveting! 

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 (Fem/fem CP)

Ranked #4 - "The Female Disciplinary Manual" (Biological fem sub) The Boss and Claudia tag team a brat for a domestic discipline scene. She was caught being naughty again, and was soundly disciplined in this classic school room fantasy.  Over the knee bare bottom spanking, tawsing, paddling, and spanking are just a few of the CP delights that await you.  Filmed in the Compound's school room.  Boss and Claudia in professional business women's attire, and brat in jeans and t-shirt.  Strict spanking. Join to view clips  Order DVD

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