I would like to ask, what inspired you to become a  Fem Dom filmmaker?


Irene Boss: My inspiration had to do with fetish imagery I had seen at a very early age, consisting of exotic high heels, exotic makeup, smoking, rubber, and verbal taunting. I saw a trailer of a very haughty woman being devious towards the camera dressed up in such finery and I was very attracted to her. I wanted to be just like her! I had fetishes too, which was unusual. I used to daydream all day about corsets and fashions, and spent hours with my friends playing dress up with makeup. (I was also very athletic and spent a great deal of time outdoors.) In my teens I subjected my boyfriends (who were older than me) to my BDSM desires which often consisted of sex in public places (the thrill of possibly being caught), some sort of restriction (usually my pantyhose) and some sort of game or role play. I was quite dramatic. I was also fond of hitting and slapping, etc. This was not the consensual play I do now. I was somewhat abusive towards men in my teenage years. I was sadistic. (I still am, but with more finesse.)


I am someone who has sensual sadism in me, and it surfaces with certain people who are masochists (or masochistic).  I firmly believe that we all have some of the other in all of us (sadism and masochism), but most of the time one overrides the other, and this makes us what we are able to define as mainly. Many of the scenes I enjoy are sadistically and sensuously bondage oriented.


How do you identify with dominance in connection to the female spirit?


Irene Boss: I feel Female energy (which is Matriarchal) is life giving and therefore positive. This contrasts sharply with S/m, which is very close to the energy vibrations of death. Art also has lower energy vibrations, so I am not being hard on S/m, but too much time playing S/m games is not good for anyone.


Interestingly, I was in the arts for many years before BDSM and I have this in common with many other scene people. The Domina is an interesting character, because she is a woman (nurturing life giver) who plays with the lower libidinal energy and ideas of other people who are frequently male. The Domina is therefore a juxtaposition of a woman. The Domina is also infused with male energy.


I feel that the energy of the Domina is more masculine than feminine, though the appearance of the Domina is often glamorous, she can be a beast. She can get away with it because of the beautiful shell. Costumed, perfumed, bejeweled, feathered, ect…She is everything a man should not want about a woman but that is precisely why a man will want her. What attracts a man to Her is this dark mysterious energy that looks like female on the outside, but is the devil on the inside. A Venus flytrap / mantrap. 

My female energy is off hiking somewhere, riding horses, picking flowers, feeding birds, doing yoga, writing this interview... My masculine devil spirit is upstairs on the 3rd floor cracking bullwhips at a crafty mischievous slave tied to my pillory. Yes I look feminine while I am dressed up as the Domina, but there is nothing soft about me in my leather (or rubber) armor. My mind is hard and fixed upon being ahead of my slave and what a dance we are having and what a field trip I am taking him on! I am his commanding officer and he is my warrior. We are in the trenches, and I have been given permission by him to take his soul in order to kiss some death for a short time. How alive he will feel afterwards!


Men and woman are attracted to the Domina to experience the fist in the velvet glove. It’s intellectual too. Female Domination is idea based - more about the brain and less about the sexual body (than the stereotypical male dominant / female submissive scenes), though the body is important. I believe Female Domination exists because of our Patriarchal society and the thing men most want (sex with women) can also be used to control them, and they like this control! Men like to be teased by the Domina. The man wants the Domina precisely because he cannot have her and this makes her desirable. The Domina  turns the following on its head: “Bad girls say yes and good girls say no”. The Domina says no, but she is a bad girl so what does that mean? This is a sexual paradox.

In the BDSM community, the dominant female is often seen as a guide. How about in everyday life? In much of life woman are n charge. We make many small decisions, but men still control more of the money and the bigger decisions. We have the natural ability to multi task, but money equals power in our society. Have we taken on too much and given up on the big picture? It’s easy to blame all the ills of our world on men, and in our country on one (namely our president) but it’s not practical. In the world of Fem Dom females have the advantage in this intellectually sexual arena.

What makes you a survivor?  

My teachers used to tell me that I was a survivor. I once heard a teacher say “You can do anything you set your mind to”. I think it is important to acknowledge those who make us what we are. My teachers were my parents and friends while I was growing up. I always wanted to appear to be special to them. I was very lonely when young and felt a great deal of psychic pain. I had an enormous chip on my shoulder. You could say that I have managed to survive myself. Growing up was painful (it is for many people) and didn’t happen fully until I was in my late twenties. I could not tell time or tie my shoes until I was in the 6th grade. I was reading however, very early on. (I am still a book worm, often working on 3 or 4 books at a time.) What enabled me to survive growing up was my love of reading. I would run away and be eventually found in the school library. They finally stopped looking for me, because at the end of the day I would always get on the bus and go home, so what was the point?


As an adult I only succeed if I compete against myself. Paying too much attention to what others are doing is not the right path for me.  I have spent time on wrong paths, and have learned from them. I have been fortunate in my life to have been surrounded by people who did not give up on me and yet allowed me to have my own way. I am still surrounded by these kinds of people today.

What things do men most underestimate about a woman in your opinion?


Her ability to be strong minded and not be swayed. Men will disrespect you if you let them. They can’t help it. They are men. Be strong, state your opinion and do not waver from it. Men will respect you for it, because they respect this in each other.


What is your description of the ideal and perfect man?


Now we have the new sensitive caring man. Men are affected by the 3 waves of Feminism just as much as women are. We have male poetic writers talking about their feelings and their lovers, just like women do. Men go through "men"-opause. Its called a midlife crises. Men have cycles too.


Male bashing is passé. Its interesting to note that men are doing it too now, even more then women. Do they realize it? The message of the media it that its OK to bash men. “Do it to sell products, its funny!” (Well actually its not.)


The new sensitive caring man is something that has been created in reaction to what has been going on in society in the last twenty years in response to the male bashing.

Look at how men behaved hundreds of years ago. Was there anything sensitive or caring about them then? Watch Stanly Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon a few times. (Yes, Kubrick was a bit of a misogynist but we do live in a Patriarchal society. He happens to be my favorite director anyway, BTW.) The point I am making is that there is no “ideal and/or perfect man”, but the “new sensitive caring man” is supposed to fit that bill, but does not. Men are people just like women. They control more money which means they have more of power, which means we have a patriarchal society.


This is precisely the societal metaphorical exchange of a man visiting the Domina. He gives up a portion of his wealth - some of his power (his money) right away upon entering her domain.

The ideal and perfect “man” would therefore have to be someone quite poor and servile. Not very many men would want to admit to being that, would they?


Dominatrix/submissive is a game played secretly and usually indoors by most of the men who practice it. They feel a certain shame about it, and the Domina feasts upon that. This is a brutal yet honest analogy.

You are a Sublime Lady Of The OWK. How did this historic event happen in your life, and, what are your thoughts on the OWK?


The OWK organization sent me a letter in the early 1990s, inviting me to visit their complex and I eventually went and found my way, with regards to my personal extreme Fem Dom fantasies and filmmaking. A few years later I wanted to become more involved, and so I applied for a citizenship and was granted one. I define as a Fem Dom, and Female Supremacy is an interest of mine. It would be unrealistic to say that it defines my entire way of practicing, however.


OWK was a magical place that encouraged me to study the extreme form of Female domination known as Female Supremacy, and also inspired me to learn how to throw long whips. The OWK organization has been very good to me. They were the first company who distributed my videos, so they really put my name on the map in Europe. I got a lot of confidence from visiting them (10 visits) and observing the other Ladies and Their interactions with their slaves. I have learned a lot from my experiences there. They have done a lot for the confidence of many other Women who are in the adult business as well, and also for lifestyle FemDoms. It is important to know that the OWK was an experience that you made for yourself. It was a giant psychological backdrop against which to live out your extreme Fem Dom fantasies. It was best to have a game plan if you visited.

Who are you to vanilla society?


I get asked the question "Is Irene your real name" fairly frequently. Irene is actually my middle name. Irene is part of me; an alter ego that I created. It was part of an art project that grew and eventually became a vocation. The alter ego became more evolved and now has an entire life of its own - a clone of my own personal dark and mysterious sexual energy.


As a person outside of my vocation (as Irene) I am guarded about my personal life. I am a practicing yogini (female yogi) with many hobbies and interests. Some of them parallel my D/s interests, and others do not.


Do you believe that the BDSM community has progressed in a positive or negative direction since you first were introduced to it?


I feel that the scene has grown due to the Internet!


What are some of the stereotypes that most bother you in regard to a Dominant Female OR females in general?


Referring to Dominant Woman as girls (we are Ladies). Referring to FemDoms as Providers (too generic).

What does female supremacy mean to you? Also, do you believe that a majority of people misunderstand what it represents?


It means the way of the Mistress is supreme. It is matriarchy instead patriarchy. It must be practiced consensually by like minded individuals, or it falls apart like most things when they seem too serious on the outset to outside observers; they become a farcical and ridiculous role-play.

It is the most extreme Fem Dom fantasy out there, and therefore the most difficult one for the Woman to maintain over the man. It can be quite exhausting. The men themselves are very militant about the way they want the Women to behave over them; hence the military uniform style of Female Supremacy. You can go as hard as you like (extreme OWK male punishments at Celebrations, and hard Fem Dom videos) as symbolic as you like (The Essemian society where men are servants and work a farm – no BDSM Fem Dom style “play” is offered), as consensual as you like (a professional Ds “session” where Female Supremacy is role played for a specific amount of time), or as “real” as you like (Female Supremacy practiced in the home as a day to day lifestyle).

How do you desire to warrant admiration from others?


I hope it would be my ability to feel compassion and do the right thing, especially in a negative situation. When faced with adversity, instead of acting out with my own projections I breathe, try to take a step back and recognize what is really happening with the other person. I try to see the world as something bigger than me. Also, I try to follow through on what I say I am going to do, to the best of my ability so I would hope to be admired for having determination.



What are among your other talents in life, besides using the whip?


These things I feel really help and inspire me:


1). Obsessive reading and many years in higher institutions of learning.


2). Practicing yoga (learning about human physical and metaphysical energy fields).


3). Creative arts (writing, video production, installation, performance, poetry, sculpture, painting, singing, music).


What is the most memorable experience you shall always cherish? I went on a spiritual quest in the desert of the American Southwest and peered over the edge of the Grand Canyon. I was at a stagnation point in my life and knew that I needed to do something significant so I could feel powerful, and that it was not to be an actress, or an artist, or a teacher, or torture myself with another advance degree at yet another institution of higher learning. I had already done those things to the best of my ability. It was time to do something else. Shortly after I drove back across the country to Pennsylvania, and figured out that I should be in the BDSM community.


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