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Written by Irene Boss...


Long before I knew what the scene was I was being approached by men and women to do things to them which involved role play, restriction, kinky games and head space. In other words, was sought out for my dominant energy without being conscious of what it was. In college my performance art experiments, videos, sculptures, and paintings usually had underlying SM themes. In my mid twenties the urge to explore the dark side more intensely became impossible to resist, so I eventually embarked on a professional BDSM career partly out of excitement, fear of the unknown, power gratification, and boredom with the employment choices I had made. I needed a vocation, an obsession and a lifestyle, not a job. Plus I needed to put that creative video production (art degree) from CMU to good use. 

It was a good decision, because I soon came to discover that there is nothing that inspires me as much as this lifestyle. I started in 1994 and I am still at it today. It certainly has not been the easiest thing I have done in my life, but I have never been one to appreciate things that are simple. From reading this far, I am sure you have probably surmised that I am strong enough to give you what you need without compromising myself.

I am a kinky woman with an open mind who is comfortable "leading" in my D/S relationships. I am a Top.

I am not a "man hater". Any humiliation is entirely consensual.  "Man bashing" is not domination. Domination is control. During a D/s exchange there is Mistress/slave, Top/bottom, Sadist/masochist etc, but before and after a scene both parties are people who both happen to be interested in Dominance and submission.


Common interests in the scene make it possible for likeminded people to meet and share intense experiences.


I do not think that dominance is "better" than submission. Like the head and tail of a coin they are opposite things that compliment each other and in some ways they are very similar, and indeed people often start out as one and become the other.


I have a fascination with female supremacy and other extreme forms of domination .I am fascinated by the sexual mind. I study different forms and occasionally practice them consensually with like minded individuals.


My repertoire is fairly honed from years of practice, so know that I am very good at the following activities: Predicament bondage, exceptional whip work, corporal scenarios, various fetishism, role play involving military costumes and interrogation, objectification, electro play, and various kinds of suspension.

There are many other areas of play I find interesting. This is reflected in the member's area and in my films. I own wardrobes of custom rubber costumes. My first fetish was towards boots and I later gravitated towards rubber. People who play with me have creative, erotic, cathartic, psychotherapeutic and stress reducing experiences. Their energy and mine meets, co-mingles, dances, acts out repressed fantasies, and sets off sparks. The chemistry is apparent and the passion is real. I engage the the higher levels of my play partner's psychosexual libido. Certain activities may be carried out for the purpose of desired humiliation, however when the sum of the total experience is reflected upon it is more about a cathartic release in which taboos have been explored in ritualistic fashion rather then a demonstration of base sexual acts. It is important to treat the things we in the community play around with reverence and respect.

Everything is a matter of presentation and perception. Many of the films on this site were created in a building that has been renovated into a fantasy D/s suite, and others are made on location and frequently internationally. My films are meant as extreme depictions of the various alter egos that come together to form the personality known as Irene Boss. They are artistic femdom fantasy tableaus (as memories) frozen in time. They are frequently more extreme and intense than what goes on in a professional session.

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