Exactly what is a dominatrix?

The term "Dominatrix" has caused much confusion in the D/s community. It seems that one can be too professional but never lifestyle enough. My definition of the word Domina means lifestyle as well as professional, but a lot of lifestyle Dominas call themselves Mistresses. Our vocabulary to describe such things is vast, and these words mean different things to everyone who uses them. A Domina may choose to have a submissive address her as ‘Mistress’ , ‘Priestess’, ‘Goddess’, ‘my Lady’, 'Ms', 'Miss', or some other epitaph during a scene. There are women who specialize in providing a fantasy service where ‘domination upon request’ is provided - a ‘Dominatrix’. There are women who adopt a lifestyle based on the patterns of their professions and enjoy the scene enough to take things to the next level and begin training slaves, or they become a scene professional after amassing personal experience training slaves. These are the ‘Dominas’. More tends to be expected of the Domina. These women generally don’t accept scripts, and don’t perform domination upon request. It is more difficult to be a Domina, but more fulfilling in the long run as a lifestyle choice, because a woman defines her own boundaries and can get very good at doing specific things, as well as a sense of accomplishment at developing her own style.


In what city/country are you located?

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - United States

Can you describe your weirdest scenes?

When I first began I was very experimental and played with many different types of individuals before I honed my craft as a Domina.

1). Billy had a Star Treck Fetish for "The Gamesters of Triskelion" episode. I liked to whip him to track 22 of the CD, and I often put him in jail and brought him 'nourishment'. The 'providers' bid on him and I made him call Me his 'Drill Thrall', and I trained him as My 'thrall'. He had to do a lot of jumping jacks and situps, and I made him wear a 'training harness' he fashioned out of electrical tape and pantyhose. I wore a silver outfit (which I liked) and I made him wear a collar with a shock devise just like Captain Kirk did in the episode. I even have a special Star Treck outfit that I wore. 2). Robin had a comic reenactment fantasy, where he got to play the boy wonder, and Anastasia and I chased him around the studio and we would catch him in a net. He said keywords like "gadzukes" a lot, and "holy domination!". We wore rubber catsuits, and I was usually Cat Woman, and She was Spider Woman. We would catch robin and tell him he's 'wimpy'. To make it more difficult for him, we would make him wear heels with his outfit which also included a cape. Sometimes I would give him 10 minutes to hide, and We would sneak around looking for him. He usually wound up hog tied at the end.

Has anything / anybody ever frightened you?


No, I had to play 'bouncer' though and throw people out a few times. I am a small Woman with a loud voice. I can be pretty scary!


What do you do in your spare time / what’s fun?


I am a yogini (female yogi). I enjoy films, travel, and reading.



Describe the best play partners you ever had in your life. Why?


The play partners I have are fantastic in their own individual ways. They are spiritual people, most of whom have faced their issues, and they are comfortable being around Me. They do not expect Me to be 'on' all the time, nor do I expect them to be either.


How do you choose your play partners?

How do you know they’re not weirder than you are?


I don't think it's possible that they could be weirder than Me. I like being freakier than they are. I like attracting someone more conservative so I can really rock their world.

Has a play partner ever turned you on?


What did you do about it?


Playing affects my sex drive in a very positive and intense way for days afterwards, and my play partners say I have the same effect upon them!


The emphasis at The Compound is on training. I do not mix straight sex with the training.


My style of domination (and filmmaking) is about emotional connection, psychological journeys, bondage, corporeal training, medical procedures, and role play. While these activities may (or may not) stimulate sexual feelings, they are not sex.


What turns me on is the knowledge that I’m playing with someone who trusts Me so much (irregardless of the activities) to push them as far as I want once we know each other.


A submissive who wants to watch and hear Me laugh at their predicaments, and know that I am genuinely amused at their struggles, be they physical or mental and knows that I am enjoying their journey is my ideal play partner.

Tell us a little about your background / family.


In childhood I had sexual feelings towards fabrics, shoes, makeup, and ‘scenes’ involving props, highly charged drama, and personal catharsis.


My first orientation was towards women. We would play in groups, doing dress up, spanking and restriction games.


All of my childhood games before this had also included bondage, humiliation, and some form of psychological head space (i.e. entering role)


Favorites were ‘mean teacher’ and ‘guard’. Very early on I was also an exhibitionist.


The world of theater interested me in my mid teens, and for the next four years I had finally found an outlet for all of my peculiar energies that could now be considered socially acceptable.


On a personal note - behind closed doors I began doing ‘scenes’ with the man I was dating.


Later I went on to college where I studied theater, art and psychology. I eventually finished a degree from CMU in video production (art).

What was your funniest Fem Dom experience?


I took a slave to the park naked under a trench coat. He was wearing combat boots. He had on vibrating nipple clamps, and an electric ball shocker. I handcuffed him to the bench, and put the key in his boot (so he knew it was there). Then I stood 30 feet away. I kept shocking him with an electric ball shocker every time someone sat next to him. If they questioned him he had to say "i am not permitted to speak".


I went to pick up a slave at the airport. He wasn't at the gate as I instructed him, so he was made to go into the bathroom and change into a 'punishment outfit' (An insane asylum jumpsuit and underneath that - all of the vibrating/shock equipment). His original clothes went into the suitcase. He was also made to wear a giant foam yellow cowboy hat that had a huge star on it. We chided him and called him 'tex'. We made him sit on a bench outside of a restaurant facing away from Me so I could see everyone point and laugh at him while I ate dinner. (My photographer captured all of this and it was obviously way before 911)


I do a lot of extended and overnight scenes. I also like public spectacle. I used to be an artist. I am very creative when I play.

What is your favorite equipment to use?

I’ve been administering many electrical "treatments". I get a new electrical devise every month or so. I am primarily a bondage enthusiast so I enjoy restricting the movements of my play partners and watching them struggle. Electricity accentuates this. Recent equipment acquisitions include an electric stretching cross (only one of it's kind in the world), custom cbt chair, and suspendable leather body bag and everything made by Rimba in the electrical department. Additionally I have an auto clave and take excellent care of my equipment. I have the best equipped play space in the tri Stat area hands down - no fooling.


Do you like inflicting pain? Why?

A Domina is strong, in control, and able to inflict "punishments". She is compassionate and truly cares about the physical and emotional condition of those she plays with. It’s important to a successful scene that you understand someone's interests and limits, and then construct the scene along those borders. It's a dance. You must be aware of your scene partners emotional and physical state, and use those as a guide to proceed; how far to push, and when to wind down.


What is the most satisfying thing about your job?

Choosing what I want to do every day. Waking up with the knowledge that I have power, and people trust me with their secrets.      Would you like to read another interview?