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Back to Back Compound Domination

Day 2 added!

What is better than an extended session at the Compound?  How about two extended sessions on consecutive days?  


Yes!  This takes one to another level of submission, ecstasy, and transformation! 


Each session with the Mistress is a dream come true.  But knowing there is another amazing session the next day changes the whole dynamic.  Back to back sessions allow time to experience all eight BDSM rooms in the Compound, each with its own special delights.  It is incredible how two days in Pittsburgh can be so transformative.  


Day 1.  My instructions were to enter the door on the left and await the sound of the Mistress' high heels coming down the stairs.  I was glad I was not ordered to wait on the spiked mat!  I have become trained to respond to the sound of her heels.  It focuses my attention, it tells me that complete obedience will immediately be demanded, and it reminds me that I am just as lowly as the bottom of the Mistress' heels.  


This time the sound was conveyed by black, double zipper, high heel, platform boots that accentuated the strength of the Mistress' powerful legs.  I took the liberty to look up and saw a dazzling Mistress in a very short, custom rubber dress with beautiful flowing hair complemented by sparkling earrings. 


All this and a smile as she came down the "stairway to heaven" and within minutes of arrival I was overwhelmed.  It is difficult to describe the exhilaration of being a submissive to this dominant woman.  As soon as she enters the room, my universe changes and I am hers completely.    


I was remanded to the third floor bathroom to change from my vanilla clothes.  I already was wearing my red bra, red garter belt, and red hose underneath, so I could quickly get into a red corset and custom-made black spandex dress for the session.


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