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The amazing Domina Irene Boss:

Nearly 12 years after meeting the amazing Domina Irene Boss in Philadelphia while I was in session with my then Mistress, I finally made my way west to the Compound. We had many times interacted via the Internet, but never really emailed or put the wheels in motion, so to speak. During that time, life had kept me very occupied (career, family, health issues, etc), so it’s not like I wasn’t interested in serving this legendary Dominant Domina. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, after a few light-hearted back-and-forths, the time had come for me to trek westward to the Leather City, I mean Steel City. I arrived the night before, bringing my usual 3 duffle bags of fetish/bdsm items. Ms Boss had extended an invitation to me to bring anything I wanted to the session. Initially, I replied that it would be just a couple of things, maybe 2 pairs of boots, a corset, and armbinders. Well, if one is to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods, one does not just bring a 3-wood. One hopes that Tiger will use all your clubs at some point, right? Anyway, I after a few last minute back-and-forth emails, I arrived at the Compound. Even though it had been about a decade since my last Pro Domme session, it felt like it had only been a few months. The anticipation that I felt was not the anxiety that one who was not-so experienced would feel, it was more like a concern that the next two hours might fly by…like the last decade had! Read the rest


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