Hello! Thank You for all the thought and effort You have put into Your very Dynamic Web site. You seem to have an established World that is kind of like an American OWK. And Great Style and humor, plus a coolness that is refreshing. Love Mistress Anastasia's pictures also. You may laugh, but to lil ole me, You two feel like real Dom's.

Its easy to find You don't seem to oversell Yourselves which is really really nice cause i believe You get what that's about and are just quality people. (formerly from the east coast)


dear ms. irene i got my dvd today in the mail. thank you.also thanks for the card that was with the dvd.that was nice .i gotto see some of the dvd.but i had to stop to go work.i going to finish watching it tonight when i get home.thankyou your videos are hot. hot I received your DVD Dr. Boss and would like to say that I had a mess in my pants just watching it, I can only dream that it would be me in that medical room. Thank You again .  Slave bill  


Dear Irene, I received your DVD "For Women Only" this a.m. Thank you so very much! My girlfriend especially loves all of your work. Thanks again! You're the greatest!  With warmest regards,  Jerry

Hi Ms. Irene, I LOVE the 4 videos i recently purchased!! i watch them over and over again.Your videos are the real thing! i really enjoy the way You thoroughly abuse Your slave's ass, whipping and whipping until it's filled with red marks and bruises. i also enjoy the cruelty of Mistress Morgan so much. She has such a wicked smile as She blisters Her slave's ass without mercy. i hope to be adding to my budding collection soon.


Dear Dr. Boss; I received the DVD yesterday, and watched it last nite. I feel I would like to have a complete medical exam done by You. I really do enjoy all types of 'a' exploration, urethral exams, etc. Keep up the good work with the videos! Thank You


Ms. Boss, I recently received the following five videos from you: Private Sessions Bondage, Poking and Piercing, Jayne's Addiction, Jayne's Sex Change, and Pig Boy. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them all. The first four are replete with 'a' abuse. In Poking and Piercing, I really liked the way you gently prod the slave "there" with the 'e' nozzle as you describe to him what is going to happen and the way you loosen him up is great. The cock piercing is very brutal - 23 needles is definitely a lot. The long scene in Jayne's Addiction with you as the doctor and Mistresses Anastasia and Morgana as the nurses is fantastic. I love the way you three totally violate and torture the slave. You and Mistress Cheyenne in Pig Boy make a great duo. Thanks again. Most humbly.

Dear Ms.Boss, all the videos were received this morning in my country of India in great shape. I spent time seeing each one of them before getting back to you. I would like to say that they are among the very best videos I have seen or own, both in terms of content, duration and video quality. I have not seen better picture quality in any of the videos that I have. I wish I can soon meet you and submit to you like Edwina. You may have to push my limits some what but I feel I can make the grade. Your domineering physical and over all personality added to your extreme merciless cruelty enhance your beauty and being the way I am, a true masochist since is such as you that I have seeked all my life...Venus in Furs. Anyway, I don't wish to take your time unnecessarily and right now would like to simply thank you for some wonderful quality videos and the care and precautions you take to protect your video customers. No one else has ever gone through the pains of taping half an hour of regular stuff before the start of the videos. You excell in your videos and while watching them I had two feeling running through me, one that you would never stop bullwhipping and that I was on the receiving end, no matter how much I would be screaming. The white lightening cane was mind boggling. Yours truly


Dear Ms Boss, I received my cd video order today and am very impressed with your speed of service to Hong Kong. Loved the video/recording. Will be in touch soon for some more.


Dear Mistress, I feel compelled to write a review of the video I have just received:  I have just finished watching "A visit to Dr. Boss 2000". I love gs, and I was in heaven. The video offers two great gs scenes. Medical treatment is also used on "suzie(TV)", catheterization and e. There is also spitting another of my favorites and electroplay. I could not believe all that was in this one non stop action video, amazing stuff. It is clear from the quality of the video, the work that was involved. Sometimes when you order a video from a Mistress, you are very often disappointed. I was ecstatic with this one! The videos are quality and are a very good value as well. As with everything You do, this video is quality all the way, and Your high standards and attention to detail shows. Thank you, Mistress!


Greetings Mistress, The DVD's that you were kind enough to send are really intense, the production values and content are some of the best that i have, and i have a lot of good F.D.stuff. Just like you to be on the cutting edge!

thank you.


Dear BOSS (Top Secret Commander), As you requested, I am e-mailing to let you know that I received your video. I know that I am not supposed to waste your time with nonsense, but I must tell you that I thought it was very well done. I have been in the scene for about twenty years, I have seen videos and I have been in a few, but not this type of quality. (I am not really a video watcher or magazine reader).  Thanks again. Respectfully, your prisoner

Ms Boss i just got your videos in the mail. im watching JAYNES SEX CHANGE right now. ITS HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!ive seen tons of fetish videos but your dialog kills. keep up the great work!!!!=)oh kill to be a fly on the wall in that house!im convinced that in a previous life you were man and possibly a use a s/o way to well =)


Dear Irene Boss 

Thank you for your note. The DVD's both view and play perfectly and I think the quality is absolutely excellent. I am very impressed. There are so many shoddy products around unfortunately and usually at exorbitantly high prices! Perhaps I may get the chance to see you in reality one of these days. I have trips to India, Pakistan and Africa coming up and then hope to be in the USA later in the year. The videos I have from there I bought when I visited just after they opened a couple of years ago. Many thanks and I look forward to making more purchases from you.


Dear Ms. Boss, Many thanks for processing my order so swiftly. As requested i'm e-mailing to confirm they arrived safely and the DVDs play on UK equipment. May i also take this opportunity to congratulate you on the quality of the DVDs - they're far superior to most recordings i've found on the net. i'll certainly be ordering some more!

With best wishes for the New Year


Dom Boss, i received the DVD's today. AWESOME!! i just started watching Extreme Caning and Whipping and can already tell these are without a doubt the best BDSM videos i've ever seen. Top shelf quality. Keep up the GREAT work! bob


Dear Mistress Boss, I received the DVDs and the whipping scenes are among the very best I have ever seen. Best Regards, Jean from France

Dear Ms. Boss: Thank You, again, for the phone call. A (very) nice surprise! As i'm sure You know, customer service levels vary wildly over the net, but it gets pretty narrow when it comes to high-quality videos, produced by Mistresses.  Over the course of the last few years, as opportunities to buy over the web have increased, i, along with every other member of my gender, have been there to happily fuel the growth! And while i have made some good buys and a few not-so-good ones. i'm 47, and i now take care where i go on the web, what i purchase. The quality of the material You offer, in that format, is quite unique, it seems to me. i will be very happy to support You and Your site. i ' ve talked with my buddy down in the mailroom, and he will be setting aside my package where it will be secure. The only reason i bring this up is that i will very likely be off towards the end of the week, to take an extended week. So i may not be back until the 5th, but i will then e-mail You directly and let You know that the package is in my hot (and yes, sadly, sticky.....) little hands. No one will have access to it. i take special care in keeping good relationships with the mailroom staff, otherwise, i would not choose to use my personal e-mail for contacting (carefully) selected sites. Thank You for being discreet.


Dear Boss, I finally had a chance to view those two DVDs I purchased ("Rubber Dream" and "Over Her Knee") -- and they are great! So, I just thought you might like knowing you now have another very satisfied customer. I'm sure I'll be buying more after the New Year as well... :) Take care!  Alaska

I watched the video last night and I must say it is one of the hottest videos that I have ever seen. I was aroused during the whole video. You were absolutely fantastic and I particularly enjoyed how sadistic you were and gave the slave no mercy. I am also a masochist and play with some very heavy sadistic Mistresses in the Los Angeles area. I would love to feel your cane and bullwhip on my ass. I have been caned severely many times but have yet to experience a good bullwhipping on my ass. That is a real art and there are very few who can do it. Maybe I will make it to Pittsburgh someday and you can give me a good working over with those two instruments and perform some heavy CBT. Thanks for making a sensational video.  New York


Dear Mistress, I received OWK American style today. Per your enclosed note concerning new software. Actually I noticed this video is extremely sharp and the colors very vivid. Your videos are excellent. It just amazes me that the slaves are just so stoic.  I know your whippings are very intense but to me, one of your most brutal videos was tickle treat smell my feet. Mistress Morgana and Mistress Anastasia were just plain merciless to his cries. I also thought, what would be interesting is the way orchid was treated in claiming of orchid. Intense but she was obviously treated with a sense of loving care. Now image some guy in that same pipe contraption. I could just see him pleading for mercy. But in any event all you videos are excellent and I do love the new DVD format. Pittsburgh

I am writing you this message, Ma'am from Israel to tell you how much I enjoyed the videos you sent me. Those are the best real spanking videos I have ever watched. You have a special way of giving the spankings and treating those naughty boys to discipline that is somewhere between a very strict, severe 'school ma'am disciplinarian' and a 'loving but punishing mother or aunt' and I really enjoyed that. I have never seen this attitude in any other movie. I watched the 2 videos ( private spanking session and smoking nuns ) half the night, over and over and couldn't stop the vcr, it was absolutely amazing.

1. Smoking Nuns - This must be the most severe spanking I have ever seen in my life! Those 2 bloody cheeks at the end of the punishment! It was the first time I have seen a spanking ending with real bloody bottom cheeks. Would you please explain Ma'am, how this young man could receive it with so few moans? I would have crying long ago! It was even more special to me because I was brought up in Israel and England in convent schools - so being over a nun's lap being beaten means memories to me. We were paddled, spanked, hairbrushed, slippered, tawsed and caned but never to the point of blood! 2. Private Sessions - Splendid video. Pure spanking over your lap, Ma'am,the best of best and plenty of it. I was imagining myself over you lap every minute of it ! Once again I can see how this gentlemen can take such a beating I hope to be over your lap one day like this! Thank you!

Dear Boss, Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that my strapon videos arrived and that I absolutely love them. The look is great and interaction between you and the Mistresses is fantastic. It is obvious you are comfortable with yourself and love what you do. This comes out in your interactions with your slaves. I am just totally impressed compared to the other shit videos I have seen out there. Keep up the good work. I can not wait to see more s/o g/b on video. Also, I mean this with all do respect, your ass is totally hot. I am a buttman and love seeing you in tight shiny stuff. One day I hope to meet you in person to here that sinister laugh first hand. Take care,

Your fan


Yesterday i received the video, "Tickle Treat, Smell My Feet" and it's an excellent video. I give it two thumbs up. It's great to see two mistresses dominate a tv slave and tickle torture him. The best scene was when he was on the swing, i thought you were going to tickle torture him to death. He just could'nt take it anymore, however the tickling continue. Next week i am going to order "The Taming Of bess", i can't wait to see her tied and tickled-torture as well. I also enjoyed the video clips at the end of the video. You're right, bess has a delicious butt, very sexy. Take care and continue success. Once again, thank you very much!


Dear Boss, 

Received your package contain the five discs I ordered. Package and contents were in excellent shape.  Thanks for such "Super Service."  Best Wishes

Dear Boss,

I received the three DVDs today. Thank you! I was very excited and was going to indulge myself by watching them all in a roll. But just before I finished the first DVD "Victim", I couldn't hold on anymore and had to release myself (I think you know what I mean :-)). I guess I have to take it easy and finish watching the other two films later. I took some quick views of the other two and know they are also very good. The quality of the DVDs are awesome. I really love your voice and pose in the films, which constantly reminded me who is the Boss! It sort of make me jealous of the slaves in the films. *_*  Thank you very much for the DVDs!  Yes..i liked it very very much and i also liked your prompt replies to each of my emails...i have to say that i'm really impressed for the attention you gave to me and my order. It was the first time i purchase something from you and i didn't expected so much kindness from you, that's why i decided to reply again to show my gratitude. Well that's really all for know, thanks again and see you next order. :) Humbly Yours


From a whipping enthusiast

Dear Irene, I wanted to give you my sincerest gratitude for meeting with me on Thursday.  The experience was positive, enjoyable, and fulfilling.  I appreciate your toleration of me from the outset.  Of course, your persona, prowess and skills are legendary.  But what befitted me most was your demeanor, candor, and the respect that you afforded me.  Quite honestly, this is the exception, not the norm, in such scenes.  More often than not, the money is quickly collected at the outset and things steadily deteriorate from that point on.  Thank you so very much.  I hope that I wasn't too much of a disappointment to you, but I try to give my best, as well.  I feel a comfort/trust level was established in the very least, and subsequent 'lessons' can only progressively improve.  The bottom line is that you are 100% top-notch, authentic, and I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to finally meet you in person. 

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the videos I recently ordered from you. Mistresses Anastasia and Morgana are great in Over Her Knee and Tickle Treat. Mistress Anastasia is very beautiful and mean, and knows how to inflict a lot of pain. And you can tell how much Mistress Morgana enjoys dominating slaves. The way she cruelly smiles and laughs at the slave is very degrading. And her lectures, delivered in her scolding voice and harsh reprimanding style, are wickedly sexy.

The mixture of intense over the knee discipline you give and demeaning foot worship you demand in Private Sessions Spanking is a total turn-on. The scene with the slave lying over a your lap and you making him hand you the slipper off your foot for you to use to beat his rear is humiliatingly erotic. I do not think I could survive the punishment of one-thousand whaps with your hairbrush like you sentence the slave in this video to for swearing - speaking of violating the eighth amendment - this is definitely cruel and unusual punishment.

The beatings you give this slave are merciless and you still keep adding punishment on top of punishment even though you have already turned his rear into a bloody pulp. And the mixture of humiliation and pure sexiness in the foot worship scene is great. The close-up images (and sounds) of your slinky mule slipper dangling on your beautiful foot as you swing it back and forth colliding it against the bottom of your heel are immensely erotic, especially considering that it is the foot of a goddess who has just pulverized a slave's rear end. Thank you, -foot slut Canada

Dear Ms. Boss,

i just wanted to express my total admiration for the quality of the two DVD's i ordered recently, "The Boss's Bitch" and "Gang Bang." i thought the intensity and production were really wonderful. And the digital clarity! i knew they would be good, but i was really impressed with every aspect of Your productions. Very enjoyable! After viewing many, many B&D videos of many different companies over the years, i can honestly say that i've not seen anything like what You offer. ESPECIALLY in DVD. Waaay too many grainy videos out there. Poor production values. Plus...i'm not dealing with an outfit that will send my e-mail out to be come Spam-Bait! So, i'm back for 2 more of Your Totally Excellent DVD's! (Goddess Claudia and the Hee-Haw Bitch and Sissy for Morgana; i think these may be the two DVDs i can show my Significant Other, to try and coax her along into being a Domestic Disciplinarian...She's quite fussy about quality. The grainy stuff would never fly with her). So, Thank You and Keep it Up! (so to speak....). Sincerly,  "whap-boy"   : - ) 


Thank you very much for the video tape: "Irene Boss meets Ember Burns". It is the best Fem Dom male slave tickle torture scene I have ever witness on video tape. The poor slave had no choice but to laugh as you and Ember Burns wickedly tickled tortured him. Too bad the other slave had ropes tied around her body, if her ankles were locked in a spreader bar, I'm sure her feet and body would have gotten the same treatment.

Once again, thank you. You made my day.

Keep up the terrific work.

Dear Miss Boss, I received your DVD in the mail yesterday and thank You once again. I got to watch the DVD tonight and wanted to comment on the "Claiming of Orchid/Whipping of John". First off, I was very impressed with the overall quality and production of the video. The picture in picture and "slo mo" shots were a nice touch. What really impressed me was the quality like I said above, but also the "realness" of the video. Usually when looking for a bdsm video, you either have to choose some Hollywood production which can seem "scripted" a lot of times. Then at other times, a homemade video, which I tend to like more for the genuine feel of it, but you lose the obvious production qualities. With a DVD from You, I get both! But enough about the technical aspects, the actual movie is amazing. First having not one, but four beautiful Dommes in it, makes it worth watching by itself. Being a big wuss myself when it comes to pain, I was hurting just watching the pain the four of You inflicted on John.  A drummer at a concert gets a huge ovation when he/she does a 10-15 mintute drum solo, but You two deserve a thunderous ovation for Your "drumming" talents! (Perhaps a sound effect of 20,000 cheering fans?, lol) The parts with Orchid were great too. Don't tell my Domme (lol), but I enjoy female on female bdsm play. There's really just something for everyone in this video. The previews of other movies was great too and 25 minutes long too! It was like getting an extra video. I can't indulge myself with purchasing too many s/m videos, but if I only buy a few each year, they will be from You Miss Boss. I'm going to for my video shopping! You are setting a new standard for Fem Dom videos. Thank You again.  Australia

Dear Domina: I just received and viewed your video "Extreme Caning and Whipping". I received it within two days of when I ordered it. Wow!. I was extremely impressed by the severe punishment that you and Mistress Anastasia meted out to the two unfortunate slaves. Wait a minute, "unfortunate", I take that back because I wished I was in their place. You are both artists. How does one prove his worthiness to be able to come to the Compound? Your obedient servant. I can be reached at ...Thank you again and again.  New York


Hello Boss Dear Boss: The video arrived. You and your voice are simply amazing. Once again, I'm very happy with my purchase. You are now three for three. There were times I was scared and I wasn't the one these things were happening to. Although, at certain times I wished it was me being lucky enough to be in the presence of such dominant beauty. You and your Domina friend are both very beautiful. You both did a super job in the video. I wish you a wonderful trip to the OWK.


Dear Boss: I was very happy to find my brand new VCD in the mail today. I have already viewed it twice. I now believe that I am officially obsessed with making the pilgrimage to Pittsburgh -- more so than before if that is possible. I know that I will also be purchasing more VCDs/DVDs in the future. LET'S BE GIRLS TOGETHER looks exquisite, as do most of the others!!! I am very much into rubber. Anyhow, thank you again for the VCD, and I hope to make it there soon. Seattle

Dear Dr. Boss: I received the DVD and, after viewing it, have decided you should be nominated for the following Emmys this year: Most Wicked Bed Side Manner in a BD/SM Video: Dr. Boss! Most Fiendish Punishment in a BD/SM Video: Inserting a surgical steel sound and zapping it with a violet wand! Best Dialogue in a BD/SM Video: "Did she tell you to shove a coat hanger down your little ***** ***?" Best Technical Presentation in a BD/SM Video: The fact that the DVD menu is organized by punishment makes it easy to search for ones favorite bits! The overall production qualities are splendid. Most Wicked Laugh in a BD/SM Video: Dr. Boss! All in all it was very impressive. I am now officially a fan and will definitely be a repeat customer!

Warm Regards, England


hey Ms Boss i just wanted to thank you again for your handling of my sorry if i sounded a little nervous on the phone but i had just gotten home from working a 24 at the firehouse and was in the middle of a nap.then to hear your voice on the phone(yes u do have the greatest voice and lines in bdsm video lol!)....lets just say i was a little more than nervous. In any case i cant heap enough praise on you and your operation.ive been buying fetish vids for years and have been through the ringer with most of the main stream distributors on the market.your company operates on a level of professionalism unparalleled.please keep up the great work and know you definitely have a customer here for life! I just love your Strapon videos!

sincerely, slave  Chicago

Dear Ms. Boss, I thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed the five videos (You Were Late, Punished Houseboy, Employee Blues, Morgan's Revenge, and Sent To The Boss) I received from you last Friday. Your unique erotic, but businesslike approach to discipline and humiliation is great (This is what you did and this is what is what I'm going to do you.). You come off as being totally dominant and brutal, yet very sexy. You don't even need to raise your voice to exhibit the control you have over your slaves. You radiate so much natural female power and beauty and the way you mix sternness and sensuality when you administer corporal punishment and humiliation is perfect. Your OTK bare-handed and hair brush spankings are about as hard as I've seen any mistress deliver - mmmh. The sense of mistress control and of slave humiliation seems to always be present throughout your videos, but your explicit humiliation techniques are especially diabolically erotic. And when you cruelly laugh at your groveling abased slaves, it is ominously seductive. I appreciate the trailers of the videos you included with my purchase and they helped me select the three additional videos that I ordered earlier today. Thanks!  England


I received my dvd yesterday and couldn't wait to watch it , it is truly the best video that i have ever purchased . It is a must have video for the submissive male who believes in being owen by a femdom such as mistress Irene, who was just great and beautiful in the video .  Thank you for giving so much enjoyment and wish it was me that was having the honor being your slave.    

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting and talking to you at Dom Con and how much I enjoyed the three videos I got from you. It was a real honor. You recommended Mark of Amazon to me and I am glad you did. You and Goddess Amazon make a great team, especially since both of you are so proficient with the whip. There is definitely a lot of extreme brutality in this video. The simultaneous tickling and beating in Tickled Stan the Stockroom SAM  is fantastic. It is a great combination that seems like it would be complete sensory overload. Come to think of it, I have not seen simultaneous tickling and corporal in any other videos, which is rather surprising to me because it doesn’t seem like that off-the-wall of a concept. It would be great to see her as a dominant (you said she was mostly submissive) in other videos, especially dressed in a fetish costume. I also really enjoyed Pissboy. The slave sure drinks a lot of piss in a lot of different ways. He is really treated in a humiliating way by you and Mistress Anastasia, such as squeezing a piss-sicle in your latex-gloved hand so it melts and drips into his mouth. Yet you two do give him some pleasure, slapping and stroking his cock, here and there. The inflatable butt plug seems quite brutal. The scene of you dildoing the slave is excellent. It is some of the most graphic and well-filmed dildoing I have seen in your videos, and I really like the way you swing him on the sling back and forth to you. Thanks again. Most humbly.


Irene, This is to confirm the receipt of the DVDs. The delivery process is working very well...I enjoyed "Bond Con NYC"  Your were awesome along with the guest Mistresses and whisper is an awesome subbie. I would be interested in additional DVDs like that with whisper. Any Suggestions? Films featuring whisper

I received my order on Wednesday. Thank you.

Since I enjoy watching and experiencing very heavy play, I really enjoyed these videos.


You must spend a fortune on all your costumes. Keep up the fantastic work you do and I look forward to receiving my next purchase.

Mistress Irene Boss, Your "Mark Of The Amazon" is a most intoxicating and illuminating pilgrimage of deep delerious demeaning debasing degraging desecrating demented divinizing delectible devastating dominating delight!  :) Pennsylvania outdoors was the "purrrrrfect" setting for the outdoor bondage/suspension -- i especially identified with the "inverted" suspension by the heels from the tree -- the perceived threat and danger of being seen, watched or discovered hanging upside down and naked from a tree outdoors adds such excitement and tension to anyone imagining himself as the slave in that scene . . .to be either slave in that scene would be a life's dream accomplished for many. the caning is delectible.  :) but, then, the indoor electro-play with the "electric butterfly-board" is most devious and creative . . . You certainly know how to produce "the magic" . . .these scenes are electric! and electrifying!  You are truly a credit to "Penn's Woods"  . . . truly a creative mind  . . .You take us on a spiritual pilgrimage . . . . a journey to enlightenment  . . .You paint real religious "icons" which are windows through which we can peer and catch a real glimpse of the divine . . . a glimpse of our true selves . . .a glimpse of our true spiritual reality -- we see ourselves as we actually are . . .and as we actually want to be. Mistress Irene Boss -- You are magique incarnate! Thank You Mistress Irene Boss!           in respect and reverence, a devotee and fan from afar (i'm on a visit away from home and on someone else's computer . . . i will only be here until Tuesday, September 21st . . . so please if You plan to send an e-mail response, please do NOT send one after september 21st as i will not have access to this computer nor e-mail address after that date. thank You so much.)

my lover and I like the bondage DVD we bought from you at BoundCon (your first sale to the blushing boy in rubber shorts and sailor hat), since it has great rigging combined with hot interaction between the top and the bottom.

- Munich

I remember Your strictness 4 years ago when I visited You. You were in complete control, and I was putty in Your hands, and You did not show any bitterness toward me. You were ironically nice to me while You were stripping my masculinity and putting me into the depth of humiliation! I have relived that night many many times since then. I have visited 2 other Mistresses, but my session with You was by far the best. It just so happens that You were the prettiest and the best at what You did, but Your calm, controlling personality, patience, and humanity were what made it that way. It was unscripted, and Your beauty, intelligence, and self confidence spoke for themselves. I am not taking anything away from the videos. I am in a delirious state of arousal after watching them, and yes, You were right, I do desperately want another session. You are an indescribably beautiful woman. I hope that I will have the chance to please You in this way again. I can get to Pittsburgh. Hope to soon. Thank You again so much for that intense session in 1997. It was wonderful to read Your card and know that You enjoyed the emails. I would love to send more but don't want to bug You. I will write as often as You want me to until I can serve You again. Submissively


I very much look forward to receive all of the order, including the one you selected for me. All of the tapes/DVD's I have ordered so far have been excellent. They are truly at a standard the industry should strive to attain. Very real yet entertaining, not so easy a combination I would think. Thank you for your personal efforts in this regard with the additional is acknowledged and appreciated.

Dear Mistress Irene, Thank You for the videos! I watched Gang Bang and about half of Victim of a Brutal Raping. It is exciting beyond any words to watch You use Your slave with a s/o. You enjoy feminizing and humiliating Your slave. This is the greatest turn on of all. Any woman can go through the motions of dominating, using the strap on, etc., but Your enthusiasm makes me melt with submission. The humiliation is mortifying, but hearing Your laughter, knowing You are excited by the significance of this act - like I said, there are no words to describe the multitude of emotions that arise. I dreadfully fear the physical pain of the initial stretching (it does hurt), and the embarassment that I will feel while having this done to me and for days following. What an intense experience. The emotions that I feel when I see Your body from every angle in the video are instinctively sexual - I want You - to tenderly hold You and kiss You. To touch Your body the only way I knew before finding out that there are women like You. Then I am acutely aware of who you are and am driven to a new level of eroticism. It is more important to satisfy Your desire to dominate and humiliate than it is to fulfill my own.


Dear Domina Irene Boss, WOW!!! Dial 9-1-1 ... and bring an AED ... STAT!!! I could NOT resist the temptation of watching your DVD with some of the more  dedicated surgeons who work with me in sports medicine and surgery. Anyway, we watched some of the trailers ...Ooh-la-la!!! Thanks to you, I enjoyed HOURS of passionately wild dreams last night featuring YOUR enviable skills!  I'm still deliriously intoxicated with many naughty thoughts, fantasies and desires!  :-) YOU ARE A SUPER-HOT DOMINA, that's for sure!!!  :-) This week, Mistress "D" will have the distinct pleasure of watching your DVD, too.  After all, it was originally intended as a gift for her anyway!  :-) As always, thank you for your gracious time and courtesy!  :-) You're the BEST!!!!  

Ms. Boss, On your confirmation email of my order for four videos with you last week - Katattack, Gang Bang, Victim of a Brutal Raping, Extreme Caning and Whipping - you asked me to email you when I got them. I got them last Friday and liked them all. I figured I couldn't go wrong. It turns out that I really liked it. From the beatings to the dt to the butt worshipping to the foot worshipping to the face standing. Victim of a Brutal Raping is very similar in plot to Gang Bang. The Mistress Morgana cameos are a great addition. Something about her style is particularly degrading to slaves. It is such a treat it is to see Mistress Anastasia get involved in the dildoing action along with you. The foot worship scenes in Gang Bang and Victim of a Brutal Whipping are great. You, especially have a way of keeping it very humiliating even though it is something the slave wants. And the way you rotate your ankle and flex your foot and toes as you sit there cross-legged is fantastic. I totally loved Extreme Caning and Whipping, especially the main sequence with the male slave. The slow sadistic cropping of the hundreds of clothespins off his body by you and Mistress Anastasia is very brutal and sexy at the same time. The subsequent whipping scenes are some of your best. You look particularly curvaceous in the outfit you wore, the whipping you deliver is very severe, and the from-the-rear shot angles concentrate more of the picture on you. And the dildoing that you and mistress Anastasia perform is again some of the best - very humiliating, lots of hard movement, and great close up camera angles. I also particularly enjoyed watching Mistress Anastasia matter-of-factly lube up his insides with her surgically gloved hand before the dildoing action begins. Most humbly, - slave P.S I really enjoy sending you these emails. It is a real turn on to write them to you.