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New for members - DVD release and high resolution image gallery! "Rope Bondage with Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid" - 49 hot images to get your blood boiling. Order your advance copy now!

Madame Ingridís debut on film! Watch Irene Boss and the Super Vixen Bitch suspend Ireneís slave girl fully clothed and then go at the clothes with a pair of sheers. Very nasty things happen to the slave girl while she is tied, suspended and forced to endure multiple orgasms with a vibrator! Whipping, caning, flogging, clothes pin torture, nipple torture, biting, and spanking. Many different types of rope bondage and 3 different types of suspension are demonstrated. She is very surely throughout and deserves everything she gets. You will wish that you were her while watching this too! Madame Ingrid in corset with knee boots and Irene Boss in rubber cat suit. Order online  Mail Order

New for members: "My weekend at the Compound - Part 2" by slave Dave - writing (10 paragraphs) Sample: While I was on my back Mistress Irene did some ball kicking first, Mistress Irene learned a few new things about me with the face slapping turning me on and the ball kicking was also getting me excited this was something different that We/we tried and I'm not really sure that I even knew this would excite me but it was something that did. Next the spreader bar was attached to the chain hoist and I was lifted all the way up upside down. Mistress Irene put on Her rubber gloves and got to work. The first touch of the branding pen had me flinching, I was trying to breathe deeply and relax and block out the pain which I did pretty well the more the branding went on, it wasn't really that bad I think I was getting used to it. The Mistress went through two pens on me, I think She retraced it twice but it was pretty cool. 


Credit Cards, Checks, Direct Debit, 1-900, 1-900 Europe

New for members: 17 brand new images of Irene Boss outdoors in the park, with slave dave and the new rickshaw (ordered from OWK) Full leather for leather freaks, and hot nude pantyhose crotch shots for pantyhose pervs!

New for members: "My weekend at the Compound - Part 1" by slave dave - writing (9 paragraphs) Sample: A ring of the doorbell and the sound of some wicked high heels descending the stairs, I begin to get a little bit nervous and Mistress Irene opens the door and tells me to come in. Mistress Irene looks wonderful as always, I could tell by her look that She has been working out very hard and it is definitely paying off. She tells me to follow her upstairs, with the outfit She had on I couldn't help myself but to watch Her ass going up the steps and of course She caught me and told me that I would pay for that later...

New for members 29 new images of Mistress Anastasia, featured in 18 DVDs!

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