What's happened in January 2005 for members?   

"A weekend at the Compound, story # 3" by slave Dave: Upon arrival at the Compound I was greeted at the door by the beautiful Domina Danielle. I was ordered to take my shoes off then follow Her upstairs. On the third floor of the Compound, Domina Danielle took me into the schoolroom and told me to undress. I was then ordered to give Her a foot massage to start off. I happily obliged! We/we had a conversation while I was massaging Her feet. It was a pretty nice start. I was told that We/we would come back to it. cont. in members

New for members: 18 brand new high resolution images of the gorgeous Domina Danielle!

New for members: 40 minute web movie "The Spanish Inquisition" in 8 clips. Take a peek through the keyhole as the gorgeous Domina Danielle tortures Josie South American style! Domina Danielle will be visiting soon. You simply have to view this (Filmed by Irene Boss)

New for members: 5 more DVD quality .rmvb clips from "Rope Bondage with Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid", a new DVD release. How can you resist? 

New for members: 6 DVD quality .rmvb clips from "Rope Bondage with Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid". Look at these hot images!

New for members: Domina Danielle video image capture gallery from "The Spanish Inquisition", a web movie exclusive to the members area of DomBoss.Com. (Video image captures by Irene Boss)

New - members writing section! As I drove to my afternoon appointment I was thinking how well things had been working out since I had placed my ad in the City Paper. I had put it in after I had left the services of a certain Mistress a couple of years earlier. I was on the verge of entering a formal contractual arrangement with Her, when She had alluded that my training would include real cock sucking of some of Her male acquaintances. She had told me I didn’t recognize my own bisexual tendencies, but I couldn’t accept that. I mean, yes I had wanted fucked in the ass - but by a woman w/ a strap-on, not by a man.  And yes, I enjoyed “pretending” to suck a strap-on cock...(cont. in members)

Domina Danielle visited!

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