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4 new writing entries in members, including "Irsla's DomConLA Adventure"

and a "2 day Lesson in Tease and Denial" with photos

Day 1: One of the great things about DomConLA is that there are tutorials in BDSM by experienced practitioners.  One can learn a lot and see live demonstrations of technique.  Even better is a private lesson. Little did I know as I knocked on the Mistress’ door that I was about to get an intense lesson in tease and denial.   Little did I know how appropriate it was that my heart was racing and my hands were shaking as I knocked on the door that opened to the Mistress’ world.  My nervousness increased as the door opened to reveal a table full of shiny metal objects that looked like equipment from a torture chamber.  Large round objects with loops for attachment, shoe-like structures with extended leg straps rigidly directed up the back of a very high heel, an extensive cage structure that looked like a skeleton but did not match the normal human anatomy in any way, and more.  They all looked intimidating to me and they were probably placed in the entrance for that reason. As I walked in and the Mistress closed, locked, and latched the door, I saw another reason to tremble…..Read the rest

Day 2: I thought I had received sufficient instruction in Tease and Denial in my earlier DomConLA private lesson, but in Lesson Two, I found out I had much more to learn.  This lesson started with prior homework. I was instructed to get the Mistress’ rubber corset properly laced, to lace it while wearing a torture bra, and to arrive at my lesson wearing both.  Since the…..Read the rest


MIB = Men in Bondage.Part 3: 2 Days with the Boss (3rd session)   Many more in members!


MIB = Men in Bondage. Part 4: 2 Days with the Boss (4th session)  Join for the full size explicit photos!



The medical room scene from the full feature:

"My Big Greek Pain in the Ass"!  


Free Trailer


36 minutes in members


The Greek patient has an appointment at the CBT clinic of Dr. Boss.


He is put through many procedures including electroplay, sounds and chastity.


He is straight jacketed and mouthy throughout but Dr. Boss prevails in controlling him.


Me think thou doth protest too much!


Goat boy is then teased mercilessly with fragrant foot worship.


His suffering lent fetish is discussed plentifully. Dr. Boss threatens his ass.


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