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2 Days in Munich, by USB

The slaves writing is completely unedited to preserve the original flavor.

German is his mother tongue and English is his 3rd language. (He also speaks Japanese)

We had seen us the night before on the BoundCon in Munich and I was glad to have a session now with Mistress Irene. It was so wonderful to meet my Mistress again after one year - she was the aim of my fantasies in this time and she would make me an addict her whips again. After she had enter my hotel room I unpacked her two suitcases. I had to do this very accurate, so that the parts are laying together who belong together. I got the first admonition of Mistress Irene to do it better. I did take more care and hoped it would help. My Mistress relaxed in a big armchair and told me to get her long boots and red bootlaces. The black boots had black ones. My task was, to take them off out of the many little wholes and to put the red bootlaces into them...
Mistress had a wonderful dress, a sexy red top and the high black boots. I had to sit on the edge of the bed with wide spread legs. Some moments later I had painful clamps on my nipples, and my balls were full of clamps. My feet and arms were bound at the bed, my Mistress got a kind of a riding crop with a “helping hand” at the end and started to treat the inside of my legs. Then she sat herself on my face and took away the cruel clamps from my nipples and began to treat them with her fingers and the implement. Then my arms were beaten very intense. After this warm up the whipping followed. I was bound very tight in front to the back rest of a chair and Mistress Irene started with the flogging, which was very relaxing… But it knocked two times at the door, maybe the hotel stuff. My Mistress decided to stop the session, we would go on later. After some rest we took a taxi for the BoundCon. On the way I had to smile when I saw the shield of the part of the town where the BoundCon was. “This part of Munich is called “Freimann” (free man)”, I told and Mistress answered dry: “Not you”. I loved it! At her wonderful booth on the BoundCon we soon prepared for the stage. Mistress, with a wonderful bright blue rubber and black high heels, bound a leather collar around my neck, put my arms in long leather gloves without fingers and fixed them very tight at my body. I had worn a string and shoes. Mistress Irene lit some prepared hay on the stage which was glowing and spread a relaxing smell. She called me on the stage now and drew me at my collar around. Through my little eye mask I could see the crowd of people who filled all the big room in front of the stage. What a feeling! We were in the bright floodlight. Mistress Irene ordered me to go in front of the wall at the end of the stage. It was my first free standing during a punishment and I can say: it was the hit! The eyes of the crowd fixed me on my place. Mistress Irene had advised to play the music of “The Passion of the Christ”, very dramatic. Read the rest in members

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"Guess who's coming to Mistress!"

35 minute full feature - online for you right here!


Irene Boss and Mistress Denetra get totally out of control with Transsexual Josie in this extreme journey into masochism. Josie is suspended in a chair, spanked, cropped, paddles, smacked and slapped. Josie is suspended with electroshock to nipples and clitty, with the violet wand and hollers so loud the walls shake! Josie is placed in the sit sling for strap on training and electric dildo treatment. Very heavy play.

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"You don't deserve a break today!"

45 minute full feature - online for you right here!


Scene 1: A naughty slave girl was caught taking a "cigarette break" during Mistress B's visit! Irene had to go outside and hunt her down. She had done a very poor job straightening up Mistress B's guestroom and assisting her with dressing. Scene 2: The slave girl is restrained to the St. Andrews Cross and takes the following punishments: Clothespins, Caning, Cropping, Flogging. Genitorture, Verbal Humiliation and Nipple Torture. Scene 3: The slave girl is moved to the sit sling and undergoes psychological torture with the Nova Pro System and electro genitorture. She manages to spontaneously cumbust, much to the surprise of the two Dominant Ladies!

May 5th -13th I was in LA. (Exhibiting at DOMCON).

May 15th -18th I was in Munich (Exhibiting at BOUNDCON)

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"The Female Disciplinary Manual"

46 minute full feature - online for you right here!


Irene Boss and Goddess Claudia tag team a schoolgirl for a domestic discipline scene. She was caught being naughty again, and was soundly disciplined in this classic school room fantasy.  Over the knee bare bottom spanking, tawsing, paddling, and spanking are just a few of the CP delights that await you.  Filmed in the Compounds school room.  Boss and Claudia in professional business women's attire, and school girl in jeans and t-shirt.  Strict spanking.

(April 2009 archive)