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3 minute clip from the new video "Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne"

23 .rm clips From the new release "Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne" Now available! If you pre ordered your video is on the way!

Lady Cheyenne's video debut at the Compound! Meet the legend from Columbus Ohio who is one of the first Ladies of the Internet! Irene invites one of Her best subs over so She and Cheyenne can work Their magic. The slave is led around on a leash, and is made to play bizarre counting games in the school room. he is completely mummified in the black room - smothered, sat on, trampled, stood on, hung upside down, electrocuted, and forced to endure cbt and nipple play. The scene ends with the slave undergoing psychological torture with the novus system while in stringent bondage, while Boss and Cheyenne discuss selling his sperm to a milking farm in order to make a little money. A nice foot worship scene with the slave and Cheyenne. Boss in skin tight sexy rubber cheek shorts, military hat, platform fetish boots, and exotic makeup. Cheyenne in electric blue rubber mini dress with bare legs and feet. Non stop action! Order

New pics: My boys and I at OWK - story coming soon written by me!

19 images from the new release Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne

The return of the Nasty Nuns! 40 high resolution images and a nice panorama too! Sister Irene and Sister Anastasia team up to give this poor Catholic school girl a hard OTK spanking, strapping and caning. She took quite a bit and is wearing the marks to prove it. The genuine lifestyle spanking enthusiast was very nervous when she showed up at the Compound and the two nuns answered the door. She was promptly grabbed and marched upstairs into the school room, and guess what? She had to wee, but wasnt allowed until she had her discipline! She will be coming back to star in a few videos. She stayed over part of the weekend, and I liked her so much I offered her a job. A warm welcome to her!

Photo gallery: The fisting of the slut! Open up and say ah! How do you whores like the new slutty red outfit?

Enjoy the following!

Enjoy the following! Over 1000 video clips in .rm, .mpg, ..wmv and quick time. All progressive downloads to your hard drive! There are almost 100 pages of clips for easier downloads. There are thousands of photographs and hundreds of stories, with a hilarious humiliation section. You also get special deals on products! My exciting website is constantly updated!

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