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I will not be available in Pittsburgh:

  • January 22nd - 28th

  • February 14th

  • March 2nd - 5th

  • July 15th - 24th

I will be in the following places in 2006.

  • Houston Texas - March 2nd - 5th. The Texas Latex Party - Houston Texas. (Private by invitation only affair) Available the mornings of March 2nd - 5th.

  • DomCon LA - dates TBA.

  • Edinburgh Scotland - July 16th - 18th. The studio of Mistress Ebb.

  • Munich Germany - July 21st - 23rd: BoundCon - Available the mornings of the 21st - 23rd.

  • October 2006 TBA: Venus Fair (Berlin Germany), Filming at Studio Avalon (Berlin Germany), Filming at Mistress Shane's (Antwerp, Belgium), and OWK (one day only for photography.) I am bringing my own slaves on this 3 city European trip.

              412 362 0801

Click here for non-session related inquiries